Weather pictures & report of February 22 2005


Snow showers.

Synopsis: advection of unstable polar continental air from the ENE. T 850 hPa was -11C, T 500 hPa was -34C. During the afternoon occasionally light to moderate snow showers were advected on which visibility was reduced to minimal 600 meter.  Photos taken at Kampenhout in Central European Time (CET).


15:19 NNE. Snow flakes captured by flashlight during a light shower.


16:17 NE. During late afternoon this shower turned up with another burst of wintry precipitation.


Corresponding radar picture at 16:15 CET. My position was just NE of the plane at "BR". The showers moved SW-wards with a speed of 25 knots. Echo's in light green produced moderate showers. Most tops of precipitation came little over 2,5 km.


16:22 NNE. "Praecipitatio" coming closer.


16:28 NE. First flurries arrive, in the back more to come.


16:29 WSW. Disappearing sun.


16:36 NE. After 7 minutes precipitation began to ease and breaks showed up.


16:44. This was the result: a thin horizontal & vertical coat.


20:50. Around 20:00 CET another moderate shower passed, turning my little world all white with one cm of snow.



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