Weather pictures & report of March 14 2005


Trip to Bütgenbach-Elsenborn.

The higher parts of the Ardennes had for a month a thick deposit of snow with a maximum height of 61 cm on March 13. I decided to go for a small walk with my family to the Bütgenbach-Elsenborn area where for the last day could be enjoyed from lots of snow. Temperature under an overcast sky was almost 5°C in the afternoon, but condition for skiing or to langlauf were still excellent. A salute of a remarkable long winter in the Ardennes. Photos taken in Central European Time (CET).


14:46 Driving on E42 to Spa, the first signs of snow.


15:03. Driving trough Spa with a cover of around 20 cm.


15:30. Driving trough the village of Bütgenbach where snow was + 40 cm.


15:30. At Elsenborn a small walk in the snow (41 cm) was on the program.


15:35. There we go.


16:42. On the way back I decided to stop on this interesting spot at Elsenborn. Snow has shifted from the roof giving the ice pins a weird looking effect.


16:44. Another view.


17:08. Bye bye to the winter in the "Hautes-Fagnes". 


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