Weather pictures & report of December 21-22 2007


Rime and industrial snow

Synopsis: persisting high pressure dominating western Europe. Lot's of moist and industrial dust was trapped below a very strong inversion with top around 300 meters. Temperature below this inversion was subzero, above it reached 13C. The Stratus layer was at many locations seeded by industrial particles inducing light falls of snow, locally resulting in a couple cm of industrial snow. Pics taken at Steenokkerzeel or Kampenhout, local time (CET). 


Satellite picture of Aqua showing a large white blanket of Stratus covering almost the entire lower parts of the Benelux. (Source satpicture: Image courtesy of MODIS Rapid Response Project at NASA/GSFC)


Satellite picture of Terra showing an almost cloud free Benelux. The white plumes are areas covered by snow, most of them are situated on the leeward side of industrial zones or cities, in this case with prevailing easterlies to be found on the western side. The red arrow points the location of Steenokkerzeel where most of the shots below were taken. (Source satpicture: Image courtesy of MODIS Rapid Response Project at NASA/GSFC)


Observed sounding of Beauvechain (near Brussels) showing a very pronounced inversion of more then 14 C between the surface and 257 meter height. In the lower dozen meters, the air was still saturated. But the subsidence inversion descended resulting the remaining Stratus clouds were soon cleared. Legend: red line = temperature, blue line = dewpoint. (Source sounding: Belgocontrol)


21/12/2007 1110. Previous day gave persisting fog, low Stratus and sometimes light flurries of industrial snow. When the sun came out, opportunity was taken to make some photographs, this one shows a row of rimed poplar trees.


21/12/2007 1118. Although the sun came out, ice crystals or so called "diamont dust" was still falling out of an almost cloudless sky.


21/12/2007 1120. This fence was of interest to show the rather severe rime after more then 24 hours of freezing fog.


21/12/2007 1136. The botanical garden was entirely covered by rime and products of (s)light snow.


21/12/2007 1145. Detail of rime on the balcony of Brussels Airport tower.


21/12/2007 1146. View of a rimed landscape.


21/12/2007 1155. Shadow of tower in a beautiful landscape.


21/12/2007 1156. Gradually visibility improved giving a nice view on the village of Steenokkerzeel.


21/12/2007 1201. Another detail of the rime deposit.


21/12/2007 1236. Not a single tree or leaf escaped from rime.


21/12/2007 1312. A walk in the park of Steenokkerzeel, same scenery.


21/12/2007 1312. Opposite view in the park.


21/12/2007 2242. Near my home, there was hardly any industrial snow, but the rime was also present, here taken during the late evening.


22/12/2007 0845. Next day during sunrise, a magnificent view on a wintry landscape.


22/12/2007 0847. Two giants in the back surrounded by a fantastic wintry landscape.


22/12/2007 0929. Panoramic view, with in the back of the horizon a rather dark area.


22/12/2007 0945. Tele shot of the darker area, which was in fact polluted air below the strong subsidence inversion.


22/12/2007 0946. Another tele shot of the pollution below the inversion.


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