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Current status Belgian B707/B720





Belgian company
OO-ABA 18746 Abelag Airways Damaged beyond repair Ilorin (Nigeria) 1992.
OO-CDE 19590 AMI Cargo/BIAC Stored Buenos Aires - El Palomar Air Force Base (Argentina) 2004
OO-PSI 19378 CER/Sobelair Broken up Cairo 2009 after destroyed by fire Cairo (Summer 2009) after been retired 1991
OO-SBR 17921 Sobelair Stored Tel Aviv
OO-SBU 19442 Sobelair Active with US Air Force as 94-0285
OO-SBW 17930 Sobelair Broken up at Kisangani (Dem Rep Congo)1990
OO-SJA 17623 Sabena Cockpit and front section displayed in Air Museum of Brussels 1984.
OO-SJB 17624 Sabena Crashed at Berg - Kampenhout (Belgium) 1961
OO-SJC 17625 Sabena Active with Israel Air Force as 4X-JYT
OO-SJD 17626 Sabena Broken up Brussels 1982
OO-SJE 17627 Sabena Damaged beyond repair Tenerife (Spain) 1978
OO-SJF 18374 Sabena Stored Tel Aviv
OO-SJG 18460 Sabena Stored Tel Aviv
OO-SJH 18890 Sabena Damaged beyond repair Douala (Cameron)1980
OO-SJJ 19162 Sabena Damaged beyond repair Goma (Dem Rep Congo) 1990
OO-SJK 19211 Sabena Crashed Lagos (Nigeria) 1968
OO-SJL 19996 Sabena Broken up Naples Capodichino (Italy) 1998
OO-SJM 20198 Sabena Presumable broken up Naples Capodichino (Italy) 2000
OO-SJN 20199 Sabena Broken up Maastricht (Netherlands) 2012
OO-SJO 20200 Sabena Stored Kinshasha (Dem Rep Congo) 2011
OO-SJP 17686 Sabena Broken up Kelaua Jaya Park (Malaysia) 1991
OO-SJR 19706 Sabena Retired Waterkloof AFB 2007
OO-TEA 18155 TEA Broken up Brussels 1980
OO-TEB 18043 TEA Presumable broken up Mbuji-Mayi (Dem Rep Congo) after 1992
OO-TEC 17659 TEA Broken up Brussels 1985
OO-TED 17665 TEA Broken up Brussels 1987
OO-TEE 17666 TEA Partly broken up at Maxton (USA) 1999
OO-TYA 18384 TEA Broken up PHX 2008
OO-TYC 19291 TEA Retired Tel Aviv (IsraŽl) presumable since 2001
OO-VGM 18073 DAT Broken up Miami (USA) 2004
OO-YCK 19621 Young Cargo Retired Melbourne 2014
OO-YCL 19622 Young Cargo Active with US Air Force as 92-3289





SBU (M), SJC (M), YCL (M) 
Out of service 9 CDE (wfu-M), SBR (stored-M), SJA (wfu-C), SJF (stored-M), SJG (wfu-M), SJO (wfu-C), SJR (wfu-M), TYC (wfu-M), YCK (wfu-M)
Broken up 14 PSI (C), SBW (C), SJD (C), SJL (M), SJM (M), SJN (M), SJP (M), TEA (C), TEB (C), TEC (C), TED (C), TEE (M), VGM (C), TYA (T)
Crashed 6 ABA (C), SJB (C), SJE (C), SJH (C), SJJ (C), SJK (C) 

Legend operators: C = commercial, M = military, T = testbed.

Last update: February 8 2019



Following sources are greatly acknowledged.

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Magazines: Aviation Letter, Scramble, Luftfahrt Journal, Jetstream
Various text and photo material to be found on the internet.

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List of Belgian B707-B720