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Boeing 707-328 (17921/160)


26/07/60 - Boeing Rolled out at Renton
03/08/60 - - Made its first flight from Renton
18/09/60 F-BHSN Air France Delivered with name "Chateau de Valency"
28/02/78 - Charlotte Aircraft Corporation Purchased and stored Lauringburg-Maxton
19/05/78 OO-SBR Sobelair Leased and registered with CoA 2859. TAT 46232 hrs
28/05/78 - - Noted at Brussels in Air France colors without titles
00/06/78 - - Noted with white tail and "Sobelair" titles on fuselage
15/11/78 - - End of services with Sobelair
20/11/78 - - Canx from Belgian register
00/01/79 N90287 Charlotte Aircraft Corporation Returned, reregistered and ferried Miami
07/07/79 - Intercontinental Airlines Leased and named "Vivian" in full colors
00/08/79 - - Ferried Lagos
31/01/80 - - End of services with Intercontinental Airlines
03/03/80 - Charlotte Aircraft Corporation Returned and ferried Stansted. Placed in storage
00/09/80 - Israel Aircraft Industries Purchased and ferried to Tel Aviv for modifications. Conversion into RC.707
00/00/85 4X-JYP Israel Air Force Transferred with military code No 120
00/04/05 - - Still in use
00/12/08 - - Seen stored Tel Aviv

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