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Boeing 707-329 (17624/92)


20/11/59 - Boeing Rolled out at Renton
31/12/59 - - Made its first flight from Renton
04/01/60 - Sabena Handed over at Seattle
11/01/60 OO-SJB - Registered with Belgian CoA 1289
17/01/60 - - Ferried to Brussels
15/02/60 - - Inaugurated Brussels-Rome-Leopoldsville-Johannesburg service
02/04/60 - - Inaugurated Brussels-Leopoldsville-Elizabethville-Johannesburg service
09/07/60 - - Participated Congo airlift (together with SJA, SJC, SJD and SJE: 62 flights with average of 250 pax)
11/01/61 - - Overhaul on which the tail was modified
09/02/61 - - Returned to service
15/02/61 - - Crashed at Berg (Kampenhout) 1005 local time on approach to Brussels from Idlewild (flight SN548). Went into a steep dive after stalling and exploded on the ground. 61 pax, 11 crew and 1 chicory farmer (Théo Delaet) on the ground died instantly. One farmer suffered severe burnings and lost a leg. Crew did consist of: captain Louis Lambrechts, co pilot Jean Roy, navigator Jean-Marie Kindt, flight engineer Leon Eduare, flight attendants Paul Devos, Marcel De Maeyer, Pierre Franc Vandenbussche, Robert Valeppe, Henry Verminnen, Jaqueline Trullemans and Jacqueline Rombaut. Official probable cause was material failure on the flights controls. Most plausible hypothesis was a malfunction of the horizontal stabilizer adjusting mechanism permitting it to run to a 10.5deg nose-up position. TAT 3037 hrs.
00/02/61 - - Remains of the plane were carried to Melsbroek
15/03/61 - - Canx from register
10/02/01 - - Memorial stone was unveiled on the site of the crash at the Lemmekenstraat, Berg-Kampenhout. Inscription says: "Hier stortte op 15 februari 1961 een Boeing 707 van SABENA neer. Wij herdenken de 73 slachtoffers". Freely translated it means: "At this spot, on February 15 1961, a B707 of SABENA went down. We commemorate the 73 victims".
15/02/21 - - Memorial monument was unveiled on the 60th anniversary of the crash on the same site at the Lemmekenstraat, Berg-Kampenhout.

Memorial stone photographed on June 9 2005 (photo Skystef)


Memorial monument photographed on February 23 2022 (photo Skystef)


Memorial monument photographed on February 23 2022 (photo Skystef)


Memorial monument photographed on September 4 2022 (photo Skystef)


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