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Boeing 707-329C (18890/416)


02/03/65 - Boeing Rolled out at Renton
05/04/65 - - Made its first flight from Renton
09/04/65 OO-SJH Sabena Registered with Belgian CoA 1560
17/04/65 - - Handed over. First convertible pax-cargo B707 for Sabena
18/04/65 - - Ferried to Brussels
00/00/65 - Air Congo Leased several short periods till early 1967 in Sabena colors with Air Congo titles
14/12/75 - Air India Leased with full Sabena colors and small "Air India" sticker
00/11/76 - Sabena Returned
25/02/77 - Trans Arabian Group Leased in full green colors with "TAG" tail titles, transporting staff and cargo between Brussels and Saudi Arabia (Riyadh and Tabuk) for prefab construction works of hospitals, offices and residential quarters. Sabena was responsible for handling costs  In between these operations it was leased back to Sabena with "TAG" titles removed.
01/03/79 - Sabena Returned with TAG colors and "Sabena" titles
10/08/79 - Air Zaire Leased in Sabena colors with white belly and "Air Zaire" titles
00/10/79 - Sabena Returned
30/03/80 - ZICAS Leased in basic Sabena colors with "ZICAS" titles and tail logo
00/05/80 - Sabena Returned
00/05/80 - Air Cameron Leased
11/05/80 - - Damaged beyond repair on landing at Douala on cargo flight UY10035 from Orly when hit landing lights and skidded off wet runway. Crew of three survived. TAT 47109 hrs
24/09/80 - - Canx from register

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