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Boeing 707-331 (17686/124)


20/03/60 - Boeing Rolled out at Renton
22/04/60 - - Made its first flight from Renton
00/00/60 (N774TW) Trans World Airlines Not taken up
29/04/60 N705PA Pan American Delivered. Named "Jet Clipper Wings of the Morning"
10/10/67 - - Diverted from Guam due to a sick passenger, fuel dumped in order to land safely at Manila. Landed with a  leaking fuel dump valve. Pax evacuated via escape slides, no fire 
31/03/68 - - TAT 29652 hrs
14/05/72 - World Airways Leased in full colors
15/06/72 - Air Florida Purchased but leased to World Airways
06/10/72 - Air Florida Returned
15/06/73 - L and S Leasing Purchased
15/06/73 - Alaska Airlines Leased
23/06/73 - L and S Leasing Returned
23/06/73 - Air Holiday Leased with Air Florida colors and "Air Holiday" titles
00/07/73 - L and S Leasing Returned
00/07/74 - Globe Air Lines Leased with Air Florida colors and "Globe Air Lines" titles
00/12/74 - L and S Leasing Returned
00/12/74 - Air Manila Leased with titles
00/06/75 - L and S Leasing Returned
00/06/75 - Aero America Leased
00/11/75 - L and S Leasing Returned
00/11/75 - Egyptair Leased
00/12/75 - L and S Leasing Returned
00/12/75 - Aero America Purchased and given the original Pan Am name "Wing of the Morning". Ferried Hurn and stored
30/10/76 - L and S Leasing Repossessed at Hurn
01/04/77 - Sobelair Leased
24/06/77 OO-SJP - Reregistered with CoA 2762.
29/06/77 - - Seen at Brussels in basic Sabena c/s with no titles.
00/07/77 - - Operational in full Sabena colors with "Sabena" titles.
00/00/77 - Air Portugal Operated with American crew and mostly operated Lisbon-Maputo service
03/11/77 - L and S Leasing Returned
00/11/77 - - Noted at Ostend in basic Sabena colors with "African Air Charter" titles
03/11/77 - - Canx from Belgian register
03/11/77 9Q-CMA African Air Charter Leased and reregistered. Sabena colors with small "African Air Charter" titles
07/11/77 - - Entered service to Jeddah
00/02/78 N705PA L and S Leasing Returned and reregistered. Placed in storage at Ostend 
00/03/78 - Aero America Leased and placed in storage Ostend
00/06/78 - PIA Subleased, with all white colors and blue tail. PIA sticker placed next to pax door. Ferried to Karachi
08/02/79 - Aero America Returned and ferried Karachi-Cairo-Shannon
03/04/79 - Charles F Willis III Subleased, with "CFW III" titles. Used for carrying Vietnamese refugees from Malaysia to USA
00/08/79 - Aero America Returned
03/08/79 - Royal Fiji Military Forces Subleased to carry Fijian peace forces to Middle East. Arrived Nadi and stored
03/10/79 - - Landed at Kuala Lumpur after engine trouble en route from Nadi to Beirut. Placed in storage
23/08/80 - Malaysian Civil Aviation Impounded at Kuala Lumpur due to unpaid fees. Devoid of titles and wearing a green cheatline and tail fin, retained from PIA lease. TAT 47734 hrs
00/05/81 - - Canx from register
00/00/82 - - Seen Kuala Lumpur with "RFMF" titles
00/08/84 - - Still stored Kuala Lumpur
00/00/84 - - Moved to Kelaua Jaya Park for display
00/05/91 - - Broken up

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