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Pictures of airlines & airliners at Brussels airport 2008


Below you will find 97 pictures of common and special foreign visitors which were intercepted with my Canon 300D/30D 50-500 mm zoom lens. They have been taken from the office or from my home at Kampenhout and are sorted by date. Pictures © SkyStef. Date read as: day/month/year. Pics of other years including a dropdown list of all operators: here.



25/11/08. Iberia A319-111 EC-KKS


06/11/08. Cargolux B747-4R7F(SCD) LX-GCV


06/11/08. ex Futura B737-8FH(WL) EI-DMZ


06/11/08. French Air Force A340-212 F-RAJA


29/10/08. Royal Jordanian A321-231 JY-AYJ


29/10/08. Croatia Airlines A319-112 9A-CTG


29/10/08. United Airlines B777-222 N773UA


29/10/08. EVA Air B777-35E(ER) B-16702


29/10/08. Jetairfly B767-306(ER) EI-DMJ


29/10/08. Delta Airlines B757-2Q8(WL) N709TW


20/10/08. Ukraine International B737-4Z9 UR-GAO


20/10/08. CSA A319-112 OK-NEP


20/10/08. Canadian Air Force CC-177 177703g


20/10/08. United States Air Force C-32A 98-0002


12/10/08. Turkish Airlines B737-8F2(WL) TC-JGP


12/10/08. Blue Line MD83 F-GMLX


12/10/08. British Airways A319-131 G-EUPV


12/10/08. British Midland ERJ145 G-RJXB


12/10/08. Asiana Cargo B747-48EF(SCD) HL7420


12/10/08. Iberworld A320-214 EC-INZ


12/10/08. Austrian arrows F100 OE-LVJ


12/10/08. Yangtze River Express B747-409F(SCD) B-2431


12/10/08. Nouvelair A320-214 TS-INC


12/10/08. Sterling B737-5L9 OY-MAA


12/10/08. Pegasus Airlines B737-86N(WL) TC-AAP


12/10/08. Alitalia MD82 I-DATB


12/10/08. Egyptair A321-231 SU-GBW


12/10/08. Helvetic Airways F100 HB-JVF


12/10/08. United Airlines B777-222 N775UA


11/10/08. Tunis Air A300B4-605R TS-IPC


11/10/08. Sky Airlines B737-4Q8 TC-SKD


06/09/08. Silk Way Airlines IL76TD-90VD 4K-AZ100


19/08/08. Sky Airlines B737-430 TC-SKB


19/08/08. Vueling A320-214 EC-KDH


19/08/08. Croatia Government CL600 9A-CRO


19/08/08. Southern Air B747-2F6B(SCD) N765SA


19/08/08. Royal Air Maroc B747-428 CN-RGA


19/08/08. Swiss RJ100 HB-IYS


19/08/08. LOT B737-45D SP-LLD


18/08/08. Continental Airlines B767-424(ER) N66057


18/08/08. British Midland A320-232 G-MEDE


18/08/08. Air One CRJ900 EI-DVT


16/08/08. UB Group (Kingfisher) A319-133X(CJ) VT-VJM


14/08/08. Gemini Air Cargo MD11(F) N703GC


14/08/08. Sky Airlines B737-4Q8 TC-SKF


14/08/08. Pegasus Airlines B737-82R TC-APU


14/08/08. Travel Service Airlines B737-8CX(WL) OK-TVB


04/08/08. Jetairfly B737-46J EC-IZG


04/08/08. West Air Europe BAe ATP LX-WAV


04/08/08. Kalitta Air B747-4H6(SCD) N740CK


04/08/08. Croatia Airlines DHC8-402Q 9A-CQB


04/08/08. Tunis Air A320-211 TS-IMC


04/08/08. El Al B767-258(ER) 4X-EAD


04/08/08. Clickair A320-216 EC-KJD


06/07/08. US Airways B757-2B7(WL) N202UW


06/07/08. HBA B767-266(ER) 9Q-CJD


06/07/08. Sky Airlines B737-4Q8 TC-SKE


06/07/08. DAT ATR42 OY-JRJ


06/07/08. Adria Airways CRJ900 S5-AAL


06/07/08. Bulgarian Air Charter MD82 LZ-LDK


06/07/08. Air Transat A310-304 C-GTSK


05/07/08. Adria Airways CRJ200 S5-AAI


05/07/08. Austrian A320-214 OE-LBP


05/07/08. Ankair MD83 TC-AKN


25/06/08. Dragonair B747-412(BCF) B-KAG


17/06/08. Slovak Government Tu154M OM-BYR


14/06/08. Titan Airways BAe146-200(QC) G-ZAPO


13/06/08. Rossiya IL62M RA-86572


13/06/08. United States Air Force C-20H 90-0300


13/06/08. Norwegian B737-31S LN-KHC


11/06/08. Pronair B747-245(F) EC-KRP


28/04/08. Hellenic Imperial Airways B747-230B SX-TIB


19/03/08. IsraŽl Air Force B707-3P1C 275


19/03/08. Turkish Air Force Transall 68-023


13/03/08. Carpatair F100 YR-FKB


05/03/08. Ural Airlines A320-211 VP-BQY


05/03/08. Kalitta Air B747-221F(SCD) N747CK


18/02/08. Delta Air Lines B767-332(ER) N1609


18/02/08. Lithuanian Airlines B737-548 LY-AZY


18/02/08. Flybe ERJ195 G-FBEI


18/02/08. British Midland ERJ135 G-CDFS


18/02/08. Eastern Airways BAe41 G-MAJB


18/02/08. Adria Airways CRJ200 S5-AAG


18/02/08. Hemus Air BAe146-200 LZ-HBC


10/02/08. US Airways B767-2B7(ER) N251AY


10/02/08. Turkish Airlines A321-231 TC-JRA


09/02/08. Bulgaria Air B737-322 LZ-BOT


09/02/08. Afriqiyah Airways A320-214 5A-ONB


09/02/08. PrivatAir A319-132 D-APAA


31/01/08. Jet Airways A330-243 VT-JWE


30/01/08. Yemen Government B747SP-27 7O-YMN


25/01/08. Mali Government BAC111-401AK TZ-BSB


25/01/08. Swiss A320-214 HB-IJM


22/01/08. Saudia Arabian Cargo B747-268(F)(SCD) HZ-AIU


16/01/08. ABX Air B767-223(F) N714AX


14/01/08. Aeroflot Don B737-528 VP-BWY