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Pictures of airlines & airliners at Brussels airport 2012


Below you will find 61 pictures of common and special foreign visitors which were intercepted with my Canon 7D and 50-500 mm zoom lens. They have been taken from the office or from my home at Kampenhout and are sorted by date. Date read as: day/month/year and are Skystef. Pics of other years including a dropdown list of all operators: here.

25/11/12. EAT Leipzig A300-622R(F) D-AEAR


30/10/12. Thai B777-35R(ER) HS-TKG


22/10/12. Ukraine International B737-5Y0(WL) UR-GAU


22/10/12. JAT Airways B737-3H9 YU-ANK


16/10/12. myCargo Airlines B747-481(BDSF) TC-ACF


15/10/12. Turkish Airlines B777-3F2(ER) TC-JJI


15/10/12. Blue Air B737-48Q YR-BAM


15/10/12. Onur Air A320-232  TC-OBL


15/10/12. Air Baltic B737-36Q(WL) YL-BBY


10/10/12. Adria Airways A319-132 S5-AAP


10/10/12. Finnair A319-112 HB-AFV


10/10/12. Quickjet India ATR72-202 HB-AFV


10/10/12. British Midland ERJ145 G-EMBJ


10/10/12. MHS Aviation DO328-110 D-CIRD


28/09/12. Thomsonfly B737-8K5(WL) G-FDZD


28/09/12. Etihad Airways A330-343X A6-AFD


28/09/12. Orbest Orizonia A320-214 EC-LRT


28/09/12. Austrian B737-8Z9(WL) OE-LNQ


16/09/12. Delta Air Lines B767-324(ER) N394DL


16/09/12. Delta Air Lines B767-332(ER) N1609


26/07/12. Alitalia ERJ190 EI-RND


25/07/12. British Midland ERJ145 G-RJXI


25/07/12. Bulgaria Air ERJ190 LZ-VAR


25/07/12. Korean Air B777-FB5 HL8252


25/07/12. Air Transat A330-342 C-GCTS


22/07/12. Egyptair A321-231 SU-GBT


22/07/12. Transavia B737-8K2(WL) PH-HZV


22/07/12. Portugalia ERJ145 CS-TPG


22/07/12. Qatar Airways A330-202 A7-ACA


22/07/12. Jet Airways B737-86N(WL) VT-JFA


22/07/12. Alitalia A321-112 EI-IXI


22/07/12. easyJet A319-111 G-EZEZ


22/07/12. TAP Air Portugal A320-214 CS-TNP


22/07/12. Austrian B737-8Z9(WL) OE-LNT


22/07/12. Royal Air Maroc B737-7B6(WL) CN-RNR


12/07/12. Blue Dart Aviation B757-204(PCF) N226EA


12/07/12. Germanwings A319-112 D-AKNQ


26/06/12. DHL Air B767-3JHF(WL) G-DHLF


22/06/12. Belle Air A320-214 EI-LIS


11/06/12. Hungarian Air Force An26 406


18/05/12. LOT ERJ170 SP-LIC


18/04/12. Royal Air Maroc B737-3M8(SF) CN-ROX


18/04/12. EL AL B737-758 4X-EKE


18/04/12. Blue Air B737-46N YR-BAE


18/04/12. Slovak Air Force An26 2506


18/04/12. OLT Saab 340 D-COLE


06/04/12. Saudi Arabian B747-281F(SCD) N783SA


02/04/12. LOT ERJ190 SP-LND


02/04/12. Estonian Air CRJ900 ES-ACC


02/04/12. Finncomm Airlines ERJ170 OH-LEI


02/04/12. Alitalia A321 I-BIXA


02/04/12. Brussels Airlines (Flybe) DHC-8-402Q G-ECOH


02/04/12. Contact Air F100 D-AFKC


11/03/12. SAS MD87 SE-DHK


04/03/12. Austrian F100 OE-LVM


27/02/12. LOT ERJ175 SP-LII


22/02/12. CSA B737-55S OK-XGB


18/01/12. Swiss A330-343X HB-JHF


09/01/12. Meridian Air An12 UR-CAJ