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Pictures of airlines & airliners at Brussels airport 2014


Below you will find 39 pictures of common and special foreign visitors which were intercepted with my Canon 7D and 50-500 mm zoom lens. They have been taken from the office or from my home at Kampenhout and are sorted by date. Date read as: day/month/year and are Skystef. Pics of other years including a dropdown list of all operators: here.

10/11/14. SAS B737-783(WL) LN-RNU


08/11/14. Turkish Airlines A330-243 TC-JNV


08/11/14. Nas Air A330-243 CS-TFZ


08/11/14. easyJet Airline A320-214 G-EZUI


18/08/14. Air Serbia A320-232 YU-APH


18/08/14. Olympic Air A319-112 SX-OAF


18/08/14. Blue Air B737-377 YR-BAC


18/08/14. EAT Leipzig A300-600B4-622R(F) D-AEAC


18/08/14. Estonian Air ERJ170 ES-AEC


18/08/14. Swifair MD83 EC-JUG


24/06/14. Denim Air F100 PH-LND


24/06/14. Iberia A321-211 EC-JLI


07/06/14. Avion Express A320-233 LY-VEP


07/06/14. Air Contractors B737-476(SF) EI-STB


25/05/14. Saudi Arabian B747-481(BDSF) TC-ACF


25/05/14. SATA International A320-214 CS-TKP


25/05/14. Ryanair B737-8AS(WL) EI-DAK


20/05/14. Eurolot DHC8-402Q SP-EQC


23/04/14. Saudi Arabian B747-87U(F) HZ-AI3


16/04/14. Belgian Air Force A321-231 CS-TRJ


16/04/14. British Airways A319-131 G-EUOH


16/04/14. CSA A319-112 OK-NEP


16/04/14. Romanian Air Force Alenia C-27J Spartan 2701


16/04/14. HiFly A340-642 9H-SEA


31/03/14. Ryanair B737-8AS(WL) EI-ENA


30/03/14. Air China B747-4J6 B-2472


30/03/14. Astra Airlines A320-232 SX-DIO


30/03/14. Air Canada A330-343 C-GFAH


30/03/14. KLM ERJ190 PH-EZH


29/03/14. Air Europa ERJ195LR EC-LRK


29/03/14. Blue 1 B717-23S OH-BLQ


29/03/14. Qatar Airways B787-8 A7-BCB


29/03/14. Nordic Global Airlines MD11(F) OH-LGC


29/03/14. Ryanair B737-8AS(WL) EI-DYF


19/03/14. SAS B737-883 LN-RRW


19/03/14. Air Europa ERJ195LR EC-KXD


19/03/14. Ryanair B737-8AS(WL) EI-EFX


23/02/14. DHL Air B767-3JHF(WL) G-DHLG


19/01/14. EAT Leipzig B757-23APF D-ALEJ