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ACE Belgium Freighters

Taken at Liege in April 2019, their first Jumbo was all white without titles. (Photo: collection Skystef)


Base: Liege
Fleet: 3x B747-400F (OO-ACE, OO-ACF, OE-LRG)
History: was formed in 2017 with the aid of Cargo Air Lines (Israel). On March 28 2019, a B747 of the Israel company migrated to the Belgian sister one to conducts ACMI cargo charters, sometimes on behalf of C.A.L. itself. The first commercial flight (to Tel Aviv via Larnaca) took place on May 2 2019. They were rebranded to Challenge Airlines on June 25 2020 after a complaint by another American company called "ACE" (Alaska Central Express) which could lead to confusion in the American cargo market.  


Belgian Airlines