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Air Belgium (2)

Taken at Brussels, an A340-300 (OO-ABD) of Air Belgium is wearing the full color scheme. (Photo: Skystef)


Base: Charleroi, Brussels
Fleet: 1x A340 (OO-ABB) + 3x A340 history (OO-ABA, OO-ABD, OO-ABE), 2x A330neo (OO-ABF, OO-ABG), 4x A330F (OO-AIR, OO-CGM, OO-CMA, OO-SEA), 2x B747-8F (OE-LFC, OE-LFD)
History: formed during 2016, it was set up to conduct flights to Asia, initially from Brussels airport, but later it changed to Charleroi which is Brussels South. The first 2 A340's on lease from Airbus were delivered at Brussels airport on March 1 and 2 2018 receiving their markings a couple of weeks later. Their AOC was granted by March 13 and its first flight for a third party "Surinam Airways" from Amsterdam to Paramaribo (and vice versa) took place on March 29-30 2018. After a delay of six weeks own ops started on June 6 with scheduled flights to Hong Kong. These were due to rather poor results again suspended from October 1 2018 onwards and from then onwards solely concentrating on ACMI charter work. But, as a second attempt in the long haul market, on December 7 2019 regular services on their own behalf were started to Guadeloup and Martinique. In January 2021 a contract was signed with French shipment group "CMA CGM" to operate four A330 freighters from Liege which started on March 13 2021 with a flight to Chicago. In December 2021 it was announced they would operate also with B747-8F's and a month later this materialised with aid of the Chinese Hongyuan Group.

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