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Antwerp Air

Taken at Antwerp in 1986, freshly delivered Casa 212 Aviocar wearing modified factory colors of Casa with "Hawa Air" titles of the parent company and "Antwerp" titles in the tail (Photo: collection Skystef)


Base: Antwerp
Fleet: 1x Casa 212 (OO-FKY)
History: was founded in 1985 as subsidiary of Hawa Air to operate regional courier and pax services. One aircraft was leased from Finoplease, a Spanish Casa "Aviocar" which was delivered at Antwerp airport on May 20 1986. After some training flights a courier service on behalf of the Belgian Post was established to Sweden. The pax services, initially between Antwerp-Luxembourg, later also between Antwerp-Copenhagen (via Hamburg) waited for approval by the Belgian government, but never materialised. After a dispute between the lessor and Hawa Air about non payments, the airframe was impounded at Antwerp airport in August 1986. Ultimate the Casa was returned to the lessor which leased it to European Air Transport. Without an aircraft the story of Antwerp Air itself came to an end in August 1986 and Hawa Air was declared bankrupt on January 7 1988. 


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