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Benelux Falcon Service

Taken at Brussels in 1993, just before being disposed off, the sole B757 of BFS International.  (Photo: Skystef)


Base: Brussels
Fleet: 1x B757 (OO-TBI), 2x F27 (OO-FEF, OO-FEG), 3x Falcon 20 (OO-DOK, OO-PJB, OO-VPQ) + 3x Falcon 20 operated by Eurojet (OO-DDD, OO-OOO, OO-RRR)
History: Benelux Falcon Service (or BFS International) was formed on May 27 1978 as Unijet Benelux, and changed its name on October 28 1981. From May 4 1979 till April 21 1986 three Falcon 20s, one at a time, were used for air-taxi and/or executive operations. When the last Falcon was sold, commercial flying activities ceased. From 1988 onwards operations restarted via affiliated Eurojet and between August 1991 and April 1992 two F27 freighters were operated on behalf of Fedex in their colors, but by May 1992 this American company dropped the intra European parcel network and the Fokkers went to the USA ceasing commercial flying activities of BFS. On October 5 1992, a B757 was leased which was used on behalf of other operators, with a first revenue flight from Munich on February 6 1993. This B757 was already disposed off on June 15 1993, ceasing again its flying activities. The company was renamed to Constellation International Airlines on February 7 1995 and with the lease of several B727s in June 1995, and later A320s, B737s and a A321, pax charter activities were maintained from its base at Brussels. Financial troubles led to the ceasing of all activities on December 3 1999 and was twelve days later declared bankrupt.   


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