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EBA Eurobelgian Airlines

Taken at Brussels in March 1994, the B737-300 is wearing the full colors of EBA in TEA style.  (Photo: Skystef)


Base: Brussels
Fleet of EBA: 14 x B737 (OO-LTJ, OO-LTL, OO-LTM, OO-LTO, OO-LTP, OO-LTQ, OO-LTR, OO-LTS, OO-LTT, OO-LTU, OO-LTV, OO-LTW, OO-LTX, OO-LTY + 1x leased from Nordic East (SE-DTA)
History: EBA was formed on November 1 1991 by the City Hotels Group and ex-TEA staff from the assets of TEA. On April 1 1992 holiday charters to Mediterranean resorts began with three B737-300. On November 24 1994, under the marketing name of EBA Express, scheduled services were launched to Vienna, Rome and Barcelona, in 1995 followed by Madrid and Milan. Air Provence Charter was formed on November 11 1995, a joint venture between EBA and Air Provence International, to operate charters from Paris with equipment of EBA. On April 4 1996 EBA was sold to the Virgin group, officially changing its name to Virgin Express on August 1 1996. The French subsidiary was renamed to Virgin Express France on March 20 1998 but ceased operations on March 1 1999. Virgin Express was sold to SN Holdings on April 12 2005, which would lead to a merger with SN Brussels Airlines. The new name and corporate identity was unveiled on November 7 2006: Brussels Airlines and the airline became operational on March 25 2007. 


Belgian Airlines