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European Airlift

Taken at Brussels in April 1991, the B707 was the only airframe to wear the full colors of EAL. The attempt to get it into the Belgian register failed. (Photo: Skystef)


Base: Brussels
Fleet: 1x B707 (9Q-CBW) & 1x DC10 (N102UA) both leased from Scibe, 1x DC10 (F-BTDB) leased from Air France
History: European Airlift (EAL) was formed on August 8 1990 by Luc Mellaerts and some business partners in Za´re to operate world-wide pax & cargo charters. Two aircraft were leased from parent company Scibe Za´re and one from Air France. In 1994 flying operations ceased and EAL was declared bankrupt on April 7 1994. The French DC10 would later see life as OO-JOT with another project of Mellaerts: ChallengAir.


Belgian Airlines