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Taken at Antwerp in July 1977, the sole DC6 of IFA.  (Photo: collection Skystef)


Base: Ostend
Fleet: 1x DC6 (OO-IFA)
History: International Freight Airways (IFA) was formed on April 22 1976 for proposed cargo services. Operations of passenger charters within Europe started on April 1 1977, one day after its sole DC6 was delivered at Ostend. This airframe had indeed a cargo door, but in the end only passengers were carried from its base at Ostend and sometimes also from Antwerp. During 1977 this airframe was leased out for one month to British Air Ferries. Plans to lease a couple B707s and a DC10-30CF never materialized. On May 31 1978 IFA was declared bankrupt and its aircraft was laid up at Ostend until sold in September 1978.   


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