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John Mahieu Aviation

Taken at Guernsey, this Avro Anson is wearing the full color scheme.  (Photo: Montagu Egerton Weatherall via Michael Deane)


Base: Brussels (Haren) + Léopoldsville (Belgian Congo)
Fleet: 2x SABCA-Avro 504K (OO-APN, OO-APX), 1x Beech D18S (OO-APO), 4x Avro 652 Anson (OO-ANT, OO-APG, OO-APN(2), OO-APX(2), 2x Lockheed Hudson (OO-API, OO-APM), 2x C-47/C-53 (OO-APB, OO-APC).
History: the company was officially founded on March 1 1948 by John Mahieu to conduct pax and cargo charters from Brussels-Haren and within the Belgian Congo. From 1948 on, they cooperated with COBETA, transferring some of its aircraft to them. During 1952 the company ceased operations. Update April 2021: some aircraft namely a de Havilland DH89A Dragon Rapide (OO-JFN) and a de Havilland DH90A Dragonfly (OO-JFN(2)) appear on the register and the literature says they were owned by John Mahieu but this seems in error as another aviator named Louis-Jean Mahieu (not related with John) operated between 1935-1946 these aircraft and the letters stood for J(ean-marie)F(rançois)N(oëlle) the kids of the owner.


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