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Taken at Cologne airport, the Britten-Norman Islander is wearing the colors of Sabena.  (Photo: collection Skystef)


Base: Grimbergen, Namur, Liège
Website: publi-air
Fleet of commercial airliners: 1x DHC-6 Twin Otter (OO-JFP), 3x BN-2A Islander (OO-ARI, OO-AST, OO-GVS), 2x Beech 99 (OO-WAY, OO-WAZ), 1x Swearingen Metro II (OO-LAW)
History: formed in 1959 by Georges Bertrand for air publicity flights but gradually it evolved into air-taxi and general charter operations and was also pioneer in setting up helicopter services. In 1971, Publi-Air signed a contract with SABENA to provide "common market commuter" services from Belgium to short haul destinations. For these operations three Islanders (1971), a Twin Otter (1973), a couple of Beech 99 (1976) and one Metroliner (1983) carried the colors of the Belgian flag carrier. The contract ended in 1986 and Publi-Air returned to the air-taxi & general charter segment, aerial photography & survey work and flying training. 


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