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Skytech Helicopter Service

This Mil Mi-26 is captured in full action on one of her duties. (Photo: Skytech)


Base: Brussels, Ostend, Charleroi and overseas
Fleet: Mil Mi-8 leased from Komiaviatrans, Mil Mi-10 leased from Pankh & Komiaviatrans, Mil Mi-12, Mil Mi-17 leased from Kazan Helicopter Plant, Mil Mi-26 leased from Pankh & Komiaviatrans, Kamov Ka-32 leased from Pankh & Nefteyugansk Air Enterprise, 1x Bell JetRanger, 1x Eurocopter Gazelle, 1x Hughes 500
History: Skytech was formed in November 1989 by helicopter pilots Thierry Lakhanisky and Lucienne De Dryver and the aim was to offer helicopters for world-wide utility services. From 1992 onwards they concentrated on heavy lift transports for which a joint venture was signed with Russian helicopter manufacture Mil which provided some robust helicopters. The companies assignments included aerial works, air ambulance/medevac, pax and freight charters, fire services, hazardous freight, offshore, police and survey/surveillance. On February 18 2008 the company was declared bankrupt for so-called unpaid depts, but as this was not the case an appeal against this decision was made, so by June 2008 this action was cancelled. After a ban to use the big Russian helicopters in Europe, some of these were stuck for 13 years in the harbour of Zeebrugge only moving to the Antwerp harbour in October 2021. Despite all this, the company seems to be still active as humanitarian support (in Asia), although its website is not updated anymore.


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