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Taken at Brussels in April 1981, the sole B727-100 of Transjet wore the basic colors of previous operator "Lufthansa".  (Photo: collection Skystef)


Base: Brussels, Ostend
Fleet: 1x B727-100 (OO-ATJ)
History: Transjet was formed on September 24 1979 by some Belgian and Swiss shareholders to provide cargo charters from Belgian airports to points in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. On November 21 1980, an ex Lufthansa B727-100C was delivered and services started during February 1981 specializing in movement of livestock, hazardous and oil related cargos. The first year of operation was quite successful, but afterwards business declined significantly due to heavy competition in this market segment and on April 1 1983 the company ceased altogether.  


Belgian Airlines