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Young Cargo

Taken at Ostend, the photo shows both B707's in the last c/s, based on its previous operator "Qantas".  (Photo: collection Skystef)    



Base: Charleroi, Ostend
Fleet: 1x CL-44 (OO-ELJ) + 1x leased from SOACO Gabon (TR-LWF), 5x Britannia (OO-YCA, OO-YCB, OO-YCE, OO-YCG, OO-YCH) + 3x Britannia used for spares (OO-YCC, OO-YCD, OO-YCF), 2x B707 (OO-YCK, OO-YCL)
History: the company was formed on September 9 1974 by a former TEA chief pilot Edouard Le Jeune, hence the name "Young" and a Charleroi business man Robert Laurent. They intented to operate cargo charters on world-wide basis and contract flights for other airlines with B707's. However at that time these jets were difficult to find, so instead a swing-tail CL-44 was leased from Cargolux making on March 4 1975 its first revenue flight between Milan and Stavanger. This lease was ended sooner then expected as during 1975-1976 second hand Bristol Britannia's became available in large quantities for cheap and eight were bought from the RAF of which five became operational and the rest was used for spares. These turboprops were still an intermediate solution untill the arrival of the desired B707's and during its stay with Young only marginal profits were established. Finally in 1977 a couple ex Qantas B707's became available, initially to be operated under the umbrella of a proposed sub division called "Young Ostend" as these jets were to be solely operated from this coastal airport. But due to its marginal financial situation and heavy concurrence in this market, Young kept on struggling, finally ceasing all activities on July 16 1979 being declared bankrupt on July 25 1979.


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