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Aviation weather


Rise/set table Sun in local time for Brussels: 





Low level weather forecast

Low level weather Netherlands



Low level weather analysis & forecasts Europe

upper winds FL050

Upper winds FL050

flight conditions

Flight conditions

icing index

Icing Index





Mid and high level forecasted significant weather charts Europe

significant weather chart 00 UTC

00 UTC

significant weather chart 06 UTC

06 UTC

significant weather chart 12 UTC

12 UTC

significant weather chart 18 UTC

18 UTC


More weather & aviation data


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European short/long TAF list
European precipitation radar imagery
Worldwide satellite imagery
Worldwide significant weather charts
Worldwide upper winds
Worldwide sigmet's
Worldwide volcanic ash bulletins
European volcanic ash maps
European volcanic ash maps (concentration)
Weather conversion calculators
Worldwide NOTAM'S
Worldwide Sun & Moon rise/set calculator
Worldwide time zone converter
Aeronautical database
Aviation codes
Synop list of Belgium


Disclamer: all info to be used at your own risk.

Belgiums official aviation weather info provider is Belgocontrol: 

The Netherlands official aviation weather info provider is KNMI: