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Telescope setup for contrail photography


Photographs have been taken with a 10" 1200mm (focal ratio = 4,7) Sky-Watcher reflector telescope on a Dobson mount.

This popular scope and accessories can be ordered online or via your local dealer.


1. Sky-Watcher scope.



2. Upper part of 10" tube with Crayford focuser, 2" barlow lens, eyepiece, and viewfinder in the back.



3. Accessories with left 2" to T-thread camera nosepiece or nosepiece 2/T-2, and right T-ring (in this case for Canon)



4. Both accessories repeated with in back a 2x teleconverter, in this case 2" barlow lens.



5. T-ring attached to camera.



6.  T-ring and 2/T-2 attached to camera.



7. Scope ready for attachment of camera (with or without barlow).



8. Camera without barlow attached to scope.



9. T-ring, 2/T-2 and barlow attached to camera.



10. Camera with barlow attached to scope.