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Pictures of aircraft inducing vortices & condensation


Below some pictures I took when aircraft interacts with the atmosphere producing vortices and condensation due to decrease of pressure. Included are wingtip, wingflap and propeller vortices, condensation on the upper wing surface and in the area around the intake of turbo-fan engines. They were intercepted with my Canon 300D/30D/7D 50-500 mm zoom lens and have been taken at various locations near Brussels Airport. Date read as: day/month/year.

Pictures  SkyStef.  

13/09/12. easyJet A319 G-EZAZ


13/09/12. Jet Airways A330-202 VT-JWL


18/08/11. easyJet Airline A319-111 G-EZIJ


17/08/11. Jet Airways A330-202 VT-JWP


17/08/11. Jet Airways A330-243 VT-JWD


17/08/11. American Airlines B757-223(WL) N174AA


15/12/10. Brussels Airlines RJ85 OO-DJK


10/05/10. Jet Airways A330-202 VT-JWP


10/05/10. American Airlines B767-323(ER) N352AA


10/04/10. Singapore Airlines Cargo B747-412(F) 9V-SFQ


06/02/10. Jade Cargo International B747-4EV(ERF) B-2423


06/02/10. Jade Cargo International B747-4EV(ERF) B-2423


06/02/10. Saudi Arabian B747-48E(SCD) TF-AMU


30/01/10. Saudi Arabian MD11(F) HZ-ANA


30/01/10. Singapore Airlines Cargo B747-412(F) 9V-SFP


30/01/10. Jet Airways A330-202 VT-JWQ


10/10/09. Brussels Airlines B737-36N OO-VEN


09/08/09. Malev F70 HA-LME


09/08/09. Brussels Airlines RJ85 OO-DJV


09/08/09. LOT ERJ170 SP-LIA


09/08/09. Etihad Airways A330-243 A6-EYI


09/08/09. Air Transat A310-308 C-GPAT


09/08/09. Jet Airways A330-202 VT-JWL


09/08/09. Jet Airways A330-202 VT-JWJ


09/08/09. Jet Airways A330-202 VT-JWF


09/08/09. American Airlines B777-223(ER) N756AM


09/08/09. Jet Airways A330-223 VT-JWH


09/08/09. Jet Airways A330-202 VT-JWN


09/08/09. United Airlines B777-222 N771UA


02/05/09. American Airlines B777-223(ER) N781AN


28/02/09. Kalitta Air B747-259B(SF) N701CK


14/02/09. Singapore Airlines Cargo B747-412F (SCD) 9V-SFQ


01/02/09. United Airlines B777-222 N781UA


21/01/09. Royal Jordanian A310-304F JY-AGR


06/01/09. Brussels Airlines RJ85 OO-DJN


06/01/09. Delta Air Lines B757-231(WL) N722TW


06/01/09. Delta Air Lines B757-231(WL) N722TW


12/12/08. Brussels Airlines Avro RJ100 OO-DWC


07/12/08. American Airlines B767-323(ER) N391AA


07/12/08. Kalitta Air B747-4H6(BCF) N741CK


07/12/08. Jet Airways B777-35R(ER) VT-JEJ


07/12/08. Belgian Air Force C130 CH-05


07/12/08. Jet Airways A330-203 VT-JWL


07/12/08. Jet Airways B777-35R(ER) VT-JEK


07/12/08. Jet Airways A330-203 VT-JWF


07/12/08. American Airlines B767-323(ER) N362AA


07/12/08. Jet Airways A330-203 VT-JWM


07/12/08. Jet Airways A330-203 VT-JWG


04/11/08. Air One B737-430 EI-COI


04/11/08. Lufthansa Avro RJ85 D-AVRH


04/11/08. Tunis Air B737-5H3 TS-IOG


04/11/08. Hellas Jet A320-211 SX-BVL


04/11/08. Brussels Airlines Avro RJ100 OO-DWK


04/11/08. Transwede Airlines Avro RJ70 SE-DJP


04/11/08. Brussels Airlines B737-4Q8 OO-VET


21/08/06. Jetairfly F100 OO-TUF


21/08/06. Brussels Airlines B737-36N OO-VEN


23/08/05. SN Brussels Airlines RJ85 OO-DJW



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