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Belgian weather blog March 2005

Weather news
1 Increasing cloudiness during the night. Tmin -4,7C. Between 0600-0900 some slight snow, blowing a bit in the bitterly cold SSW wind. Later on some breaks. Tmax 0,3C. Thickening clouds towards evening and from 1900 intermittent slight snow grains. Lowest Tmin in Belgium this morning: Elsenborn -18,5C with a snow cover of 53 cm.
2 Overcast night with from 0300 intermittent slight snow lasting till noon (<0,5 cm). Tmin -2,0C. In afternoon a few breaks, Tmax 2,8C. Later on again increasing cloudiness with intermittent slight (melting) snow. Temperature subzero from 1930.
3 All night long slight snow, with Tmin -1,5C. A cover of 0,5 cm was noted in my garden this morning. Other official snow reports at 0700: Koksijde 6 cm, Deurne 3 cm, Kleine Brogel 3 cm, Ostend 2 cm, Zaventem 1 cm, Elsenborn 52 cm. Grey misty bitterly cold day, with a few snow grains. Tmax 0,3C (wind chill -13C).
4 Breaking cloudiness from 0200 on, on which Tmin went to -7,8C. A few other official Tmin reports of Flanders: Brasschaat -11,7C, Ostend -11,3C, Kleine Brogel -9,2C, Beitem -8,9C,  Deurne -8,4C, Koksijde -7,6C, Munte -7,2C, Zaventem -6,6C, Ghent -6,1C. In forenoon increasing Cs cloudiness, in afternoon followed by As. Tmax 0,5C. Intermittent slight snow from 1645 on, and subzero from 1800. Towards midnight 1 cm fresh snow and wind shift from SSW to WNW on passage of the warm occlusion.   
5 Tmin was reached last evening with -1,3C. Slight snow till 0200, breaking clouds and a slight snow shower around 0700 with positive T from then on, so snow cover was gone by noon. The same occlusion came back and produced a small hail & sleet shower around 1600 with wind shift NW to ENE. Behind front, very cloudy and misty. Tmax 4,8C. Check also full pictorial report of this day.
6 Breaking clouds and Tmin around -5,0C. After a sunny forenoon, increasing cloudiness in the afternoon, with from 1630 on slight to moderate falls of snow lasting till 2300. A cover of 1 cm was formed. T dropped during snow to 0,6C, after Tmax of around 3,0C.
7 Steadily rising T during an overcast night, sometimes a bit drizzle. In the morning the snow has disappeared, later very cloudy with sometimes a rain or small hail shower. Tmax 7,3C. The end of a rather cold and snow rich period which started mid February. To find such remarkable winter conditions in the first week of March, we must go back as far as 1971. Only the Ardennes remain wintry, Elsenborn still 53 cm, Mont Rigi 52 cm snow cover. 
8 Although sharp inversion around 1,5 km with dry air above, Sc layer was thick enough to produce all day long intermittent light rain from NW, producing 1 mm of water. Higher parts of Ardennes got for the first time since weeks positive T: Elsenborn 1,1C with still a (slightly thawing) snow cover of 50 cm.  
9 A repeat of yesterdays situation with a bit less rain.
10 Large breaks during the night, Tmin -1,6C. After a misty start, cloudy Cu Sc day with hardly any wind. Late afternoon sunny conditions.
11 Tempo a lot of Sc fields this night, so Tmin was positive: 1,6C. Later invasion of high and medium level cloudiness, but besides a few spots in forenoon, remaining dry until the evening. Intensifying rain after 1900, wind shift to NW after 2230 with dropping T. On this cold front there was near Alken even one CC stroke measured by the lightning detection system. 
12 Around 0130 a moderate shower of soft hail followed for 15' by big snowflakes (2-3 cm diameter) which turned the world white for a brief moment with T of 0,7C. Tmin this morning 0,3C, so the snow was gone. Besides a few light showers of rain, sleet and soft hail around 1100, 1330 and 1730 mostly sunny spells with Cu Sc clouds. 
13 This morning 0700 the thickest snow cover of the whole season was recorded at Mont Rigi: 61 cm. Tmin in my garden stayed positive: 1,5C. Today a mixture of sun and clouds with during the afternoon a few light showers of rain and soft hail.
14 Overcast night so T stayed well above freezing with Tmin: 2,8C. Very cloudy day with lots of medium and high level clouds, towards the evening breaking up. Still between 40-50 cm of snow over the higher parts of the Ardennes, but with today's Tmax of almost 5,0C out there and further heating to come, even this coat won't survive the week. A salute to the winter in the Hautes-Fagnes can be found here.
15 Possible the last night frost for a long time to come: Tmin -0,1C. At first a lovely sunny day with cirriform clouds, in the afternoon tempo very cloudy with Sc sheets. Tmax since long reaching double figures with 13C. Elsenborn also 10C and still 36 cm on the ground at 1900.
16 After the double figures of yesterday we went into the twenties today with sun and some cirrus clouds. Observed sounding of Uccle at 1300 showed a small superadiabatic lapse rate in lower levels with T850 hPa 7C. Tmax top in Belgium were: Kleine Brogel 21,7C, Brasschaat 21,2C, Deurne 21,0C, Koksijde, Charlerloi, Bierset 20,7C and Zaventem 20,6C. Elsenborn had 16,6C and still 28 cm snow at 1900.
17  Passage of a weak cold front just after midnight. Today at first very cloudy with Sc, breaking up in afternoon. Quite gusty, at coast even up to 40KT. Tmax around 16C. At 1900: Mont Rigi still 15 cm snow and Elsenborn partly cover between 10-15 cm.
18 Partly cloudy night becoming St overcast in morning, lifting to Sc towards noon and breaking up in afternoon with only a few Ac sheets remaining. In the evening only a partly cover of a few cm was left over highest parts of Ardennes. 
19 Becoming Sc overcast in the morning, tempo St between 0800-1100, lasting whole day long in rather misty and calm weather conditions. In morning last snow trails disappeared over our "hills".
20 Breaking Sc clouds after 1000 and becoming sunny with Cs cloudiness.
21 Sunny day with cirriform cloudiness. Top 3 Tmax Belgium: Chievres 20,2C, Beauvechain 19,5C, Zaventem & Bierset 19,1C. 
22 Passage of a weak cold front this afternoon with a couple of hours rain and 1 mm in my collector. Top 3 Tmax Belgium before front: Kleine Brogel 20,1C, Brasschaat 18,9C and Deurne 18,7C. 
23 Another beautiful spring day. Around noon a few fair weather cumulus, later on invading cirriform cloudiness. Top 3 Belgium Tmax: Kleine Brogel 19,8C, Koksijde 19,3C, Bierset, Dourbes and Uccle 19,0C.
24 Sunny spells but late afternoon followed by showery rain on a cold front producing 4 mm in my collector. Tmax top 3: Kleine Brogel & Diest 19,9C, Brasschaat 19,4C, Deurne & Bierset 19,3C.
25 Discontinued till next month due to holiday.

Note: all times are Central European Time



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