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Belgian weather blog July 2005

Weather news
1-17 In this period one interesting fact was noted: during the evening, night, morning and noon of July 3 to 4, a waving thundery zone remained almost stationary over provinces of West and Oost-Vlaanderen. It resulted in local flooding: at some locations more than 120 mm of water was collected. A few lightning pictures were captured at Koksijde.
18 Cloudy to very cloudy forenoon with light rain showers. After a few breaks, a weakening thunderstorm did occur around 1730. It was a remainder of a squall alike MCS, which produced some heavy thunderstorms (with hail) over provinces of Hainaut and Oost-Vlaanderen. Later in evening more thunderstorms (mostly moderate) crossed provinces of Lige and Luxembourg. In the morning a weak MCS was also active in West-Vlaanderen. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 28,7C. Top rainfall amount 24 hours 0800-0800: St-Hubert 21 mm which had a severe thunderstorm, followed by Semmerzake 14 mm and Ghent 8 mm. 
19 Partly cloudy to cloudy with Cu Sc and quite windy. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 24,1C. Zaventem had 22,8C.
20 Cloudy with Cu Sc and a few very light rain showers around noon. Even more windy with gusts up to 33KT. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 23,4C followed by Zaventem 23,2C.
21 Starting sunny but after 0900 becoming very cloudy with some slight rain between  2100-2230. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 22,0C followed by Zaventem 20,2C.
22 Very cloudy (Sc) with a few short periods of slight rain. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 19,8C followed by Zaventem 18,8C.
23 Very cloudy Sc Ac, towards the evening breaking. A weak thunderstorm did occur over Poperinge around 1700. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel & Ghent 21,9C. Zaventem 21,3C. 
24 After some sunny spells, becoming overcast with rain between 1200-2000 giving 5 mm. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 24,8C. Zaventem 22,5C. 
25 Slight rain shower around 0500. Partly cloudy forenoon. From noon till 1700 some rain showers giving 5 mm. A few weak thunderstorms did occur from noon on over provinces of Antwerp, Limbourg, Lige and Brabant. Top Tmax: Birset 23,0C. Zaventem had 21,9C. Top rainfall today 08-20: Birset 11 mm. Top rainfall over last 24 hrs 20-20: Florennes 22 mm.
26 Remaining very Sc Ac cloudy with slight intermittent rain from 1800 on. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 20,9C. Zaventem had 19,5C.
27 Light intermittent rain till 0700 with moderate spells between 0400-0600 giving a total of 13 mm. Gradually breaking clouds during forenoon, but becoming very cloudy with Cs As in afternoon with tempo slight rain between 1600-2000. Mamma features we briefly visible around 1600. Thunder clouds in S between 2000-2200 but no sound was heard. Weak to moderate thunderstorms did occur in the afternoon and evening over provinces of Antwerp, Brabant, Limburg, Hainaut, Lige and Luxembourg. Severe thunderstorms development was just east of our border. Top Tmax Kleine Brogel 29,3C. Zaventem had 27,7C.  
28 Around 0500 lightning did occur over the NW. Afterwards clearing skies with a sunny forenoon. During afternoon more clouds of chaotic character Ci Ac Sc castellanus. Between 1800-1900 rumble was heard in the NW, but again remaining dry and clearing skies afterwards. Isolated severe thunderstorms did occur today in practically the whole of Belgium (except for provinces of Namur, Limbourg and almost the entire part of Brabant). In the early morning the west and north had its shear of an MCS. Between 0630-0715 a severe thunderstorm developed over north of province Antwerp. At Weelde (Ravels) damaging downburst winds and hail were observed. Hailstones of 3 cm fell down and locally the ground was accumulated with up to 15cm of hail. In the afternoon the east and again the west and north had some heavy thunderstorms some of them of supercell nature. Near Ronse (Oost-Vlaanderen) there was even a tornado noted (for 5 minutes). Official topmax rainfall in these showers was 16 mm at Deurne. Top Tmax; Kleine Brogel 31,5C. Pictorial weather report in my area to be found here.
29 Starting quite sunny. During afternoon developing Cu TCu Cb with around 1700 heavy shower of rain accompanied by a weak thunderstorm. A total of 24 mm within 35 minutes came down. Afterwards remaining very cloudy with Cs As. From 2000 on another thunderstorm passed by leaving 10 mm of rain, clearing my area around 2200. Today several severe thunderstorms developed over Belgium, especially during the evening over central and eastern parts. Some of them produced local flooding (near Brussels). Officially top rainfall 24 hrs of  0600-0600 (of July 30): Kleine Brogel 47 mm, Bierset 37 mm, Ukkel 27 mm & Spa 26 mm. Top Tmax: Deurne 28,9C. Zaventem had 27,9C
30 Began quite sunny. Around 1400 a first weak thunderstorm passed the area, around 1500 a second one and this left 13 mm within 15 minutes. Afterwards a few light rain showers passed by, further clearing skies after 2000. Some fascinating Cb skies today. Weak to moderate thunderstorms did occur from noon on over entire Belgium except province West-Vlaanderen. Top Tmax: Ghent 22,6C. Zaventem 21,5C.
31 A few light showers of rain this night. Becoming very cloudy in morning with light rain from 0800 on. Moderate rain for 10 minutes around 1200. Dry after 1230 but remaining cloudy to very cloudy with Sc. 6 mm in the collector. Top Tmax: Chievres 20,4C. Zaventem had 19,2C.

Note: all times are Central European Time



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