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Belgian weather blog November 2005

Weather news
1 Remaining dry but very cloudy. From noon on "small" Cb clouds with a few slight rain showers. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 16,8C. Zaventem had 15,1C. A weak thunderstorm did occur in afternoon over north of province Antwerp.
2 Slight between 0400-1030. Besides a large break around noon remaining very cloudy with Sc and a renewal of intermittent light rain from 1800 on. At 2400 a total of 3 mm was collected. Top Tmax: Koksijde 17,5C. Zaventem had 16,3C.  
3 Between 0100-0230 rain, tempo moderate giving 3 mm. Afterwards breaking clouds with in general a partly cloudy day with some Cumulus. Very windy with gusts up to 35KT. Towards sunset incoming Cirrus from SW giving some nice parhelia. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 19,8C. Zaventem had 18,5C.  
4 Very cloudy night with Cs, As and Ac. Remaining very cloudy in forenoon, but more and more cumuliform. A light rain shower around 1300. Afterwards some small breaks from SW. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 15,3C. Zaventem had 14,6C.
5 Sunny start, from forenoon on scattered Cu Sc passed by, during afternoon also a few Cirrus clouds. Top Tmax: Koksijde 12,9C. Zaventem had 11,8C.
6 Quite sunny day with Cirrus and a few Cumulus clouds. Towards evening further increasing cirriform cloudiness from W. Top Tmax: Koksijde 15,3C. Zaventem had 14,1C.
7 Light rain between 0200-0900 giving 5mm. Afterwards breaking clouds with scattered Cu Sc. A slight rain shower around 1730. Top Tmax: Koksijde 16,1C. Zaventem had 14,3C.
8 Starting with a lot of Ac fields, during forenoon becoming almost sky clear and this for the rest of the day. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 18,7C followed by Diest 18,3C, Beauvechain & Deurne 18,2C,  Brasschaat 18,0C, Ukkel & Ghent 17,8. Zaventem had 17,4C.
9 During the morning becoming overcast with Sc. Tempo slight rain around 1200 and between 1400-1600. Later on some gaps with further clearing skies during the evening. Top Tmax: Bierset & Koksijde 12,9C. Zaventem had 11,3C.
10 Clear night with cool temperatures: 1,3C in the air with a touch of hoar frost. Brasschaat was the sole station in Belgium with a negative Tmin: -0,4C. After a sunny start the classic sequence of warm front cloudiness: Ci, Cs, Ac, As, Sc and finally rain and drizzle with Stratus from 1700 on. Top Tmax: Kleine Bogel 12,3C. Zaventem had 11,9C.
11 Drizzle till 0300. Total of rain amount was 2 mm. Remaining very cloudy with Sc. A few gaps around 1100 and some large breaks between 1630-1730 on. Top Tmax: Ostend 13,9C. Zaventem had 12,7C.  
12 Light rain & drizzle between 0500-0700. Very Sc cloudy with some minor breaks around 0945. Light rain between 1100-1400. Total 2 mm. Breaking clouds towards sunset. Top Tmax: Koksijde 11,2C. Zaventem had 8,9C.
13 Very cloudy with Ac fields. During forenoon enlarging breaks with Cirrus and trailing Ac is S. Also some Cu in N. Top Tmax: Ostend Pier 13,3C. Zaventem had 11,4C.
14 T dropped to 0,8C when fog came in around 0300 lasting till 1130. From 1300 on clearing skies with Ci Cs remaining. The fog returned from 2030 on. Top Tmax: Brasschaat 12,7C. Zaventem had 8,8C. One station had this morning frost in the air: Brasschaat with -0,2C.
15 Fog disappeared around 0130 with increasing wind. Remaining whole day long St Sc & Ns overcast with light rain between 0800-1700 giving 7 mm. Top Tmax: Koksijde 12,3C. Zaventem had 7,6C.
16 Cu Sc cloudy day with showers starting from 0700 on giving 3 mm at end of day. Top Tmax Ostend Pier 10,0C. Zaventem had 7,3C. First sleet/snow of the season fell over Hautes-Fagnes.
17 A rumble of thunder around 0100, continuous rain showers till 0900 giving 7 mm.. Mostly dry with Sc, Cu &  Cb Calvus skies till 1930. Afterwards more rain showers came in. Top Tmax: Koksijde 9,3C. Zaventem had 6,3C. Mont Rigi 0,6C. At Elsenborn a snow coat of 1 cm was briefly formed. Also another weak thunderstorm over province of West-Vlaanderen did occur during early night. 
18 Partly cloudy Cu Sc day, during afternoon  a few Cb virga came along. Top Tmax: Koksijde 9,4C. Zaventem had 8,3C. Mont Rigi 0,8C.
19 First air frost in garden: Tmin -2,9C together with hoar frost. Last time with negative screen T was back on April 21. Partly cloudy and rather misty day with a few Ac fields. From 1640 fog came in, lifting an hour later when Sc fields arrived. Top Tmin: Brasschaat -3,4C.  Top Tmax: Koksijde 11,5C, Zaventem had 6,3C, in my garden 4,2C, lowest Tmax at Chivres 1,5C. 
20 Remaining cloudy to very cloudy with Tmin 0,4C. Fog around 0600 & between 0900-1000. Also some rain around 0630. Very cloudy stratus day with tempo some minor breaks late afternoon. Top Tmax: Ostend Pier 9,9C. Zaventem had 3,1C, in my garden 3,7C.  Lowest Tmax: Chivres 1,6C. Lowest Tmin: Saint-Hubert -2,9C
21 Fog between 0500-1100 and Tmin 1,0C. Remaining very Sc cloudy, misty but mild. Tempo slight rain around 1600 and improving visibilities afterwards. Breaking clouds from 2200 on. Top Tmax: Koksijde 12,7C. Zaventem had 9,7C.
22 Clear radiation night with gardens Tmin -1,1C. After a sunny forenoon, becoming cloudy to very cloudy with Ac fields from N, clearing after sunset. Top Tmax: Koksijde 7,2C. Zaventem had 5,2C, in my garden 5,5C.
23 Cold night with gardens Tmin -2,6C. There was freezing fog between 0300-0400. Sc field invaded from N, around 1000 even thick enough to produce light falls of snow grains, and in fact "my" first wintry precipitation since March 12. From 1400 on clearing skies with Cirrus remaining. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 6,1C. Zaventem had 3,2C, in my garden 3,4C. 
24 Freezing fog between 0200-0530. Tmin was reached before fog: -1,8C. Slight rain around 0600 with T barely above 0C. Remaining very cloudy with more spots of rain between 0900-1000 and continuous rain & drizzle between 1600-2200. Total precipitation was 8 mm. Top Tmax: Ostend Pier 9,5C. Zaventem had 3,9C, in my garden 4,2C.    
25 Rain & sleet showers during the night with Tmin of 2,0C. Some slight snow between 0800-0900. Remaining cloudy to very Sc cloudy till 1730. After a brief spell of light rain, light snow started to fall, even moderate blowing snow from 2100 on with mean speed of 28KT and gusts of 40KT. The world starts to turn white: there comes the winter. This morning at 0700 Mont Rigi had a snow coat of 20 cm, followed by Elsenborn 13 cm, Spa & St-Hubert 4 cm and even Kleine Brogel 2 cm. Top Tmax: Ostend Pier 5,3C. Zaventem had 2,9C, in my garden 2,8C. At midnight a wet snow coat of 1 cm was measured in garden. During afternoon/evening at coast gusts up to 48KT (Ostend), even 50KT at Ostend Pier. 
26 The snow kept on going till 0800. Although Tmin remained positive with 0,3C, a coat of 4 cm was formed in the garden. A light snow shower around 1000, followed by a few mini breaks. Rest of the day remained Stratus overcast, with a light sleet shower around 1300. Tmax in garden 2,4C and by the evening only a few snow patches were left. Top Tmax: Ostend Pier 7,9C. Zaventem had 1,9C.  This morning at 0700 Mont Rigi had a snow coat of 19 cm (by the evening even 27 cm), followed by Ukkel 12 cm, Elsenborn (by evening 20 cm) & Beauvechain 11 cm, Deurne & Zaventem 5 cm, St-Hubert 5 cm Spa 4 cm, Kleine Brogel 3 cm. A few weak thunderstorms went inland over provinces West & Oost-Vlaanderen. During the previous night & early morning,  the wet accumulated snow (locally up to 15 cm) + strong winds had in Flanders some damaging effects. A power pylon collapsed leaving a few thousand people without electricity. Lots of plastic greenhouses collapsed as well. Also the trees had hard times to keep their boughs straight, and lots of them fell finally on the ground. Check also the pictoral report.
27 Slight melting snow between 0530-0700 with a temperature of 0,5C. During the day cloudy to very Cu Sc cloudy with a couple slight rain showers. Top Tmax: Ostend Pier 6,5C. Zaventem had 4,0C, in my garden 4,3C. Top snow depth: Mont Rigi 35 cm, Elsenborn 33 cm with a top Tmax of around -1C. One rumble of thunder was observed over SW of province West-Vlaanderen.
28 Slight rain between 0800-1200. During afternoon remaining very cloudy with a few slight rain showers, during the evening some large breaks and turning misty. Top Tmax: Ostend 6,5C. Zaventem had 5,3C. Maximum snow depth: Mont Rig 34 cm, Elsenborn 33 cm.
29 Mostly cloudy to very cloudy but some large breaks in morning on which Tmin -0,9C. Partly cloudy day with Sc fields + some Ci above. Tmax in garden was 5,3C. Top Tmax: Ostend 7,2C, Zaventem 5,4C.  Maximum snow depth: Elsenborn 33 cm, Mont Rig 32 cm.
30 Mist in morning with hoar frost by Tmin -1,0C. Cloudy day with Sc and a few rags of St. Top Tmax: Koksijde 6,5C. Zaventem had 4,1C, in my garden 4,2C. Elsenborn & Spa stayed negative with respectively -0,3  & -0,1C, thus the snow coat remained in principle unchanged, but did collapse a bit to 25 cm.

Note: all times are Central European Time



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