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Belgian weather blog December 2005

Weather news
1 The last Cu Sc clouds disappeared around 0400 leaving Cirrus. During the day a few Ac sheets came along. My Tmin was 0,0C & Tmax 4,1C. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 4,8C, Zaventem 4,1C,  just remaining negative over the hills with -0,1C, so the snow coat is still intact with between 10-25 cm over there.
2 Tmin in garden was 0,2C. After a fantastic sunrise becoming very cloudy with light rain between 1200-1330 and around 1500 giving 1 mm. Some minor breaks afterwards. Top Tmax: Ostend Pier 9,5C. Zaventem had 7,6C, in my garden 7,8C. Over the hills thaw began with rain and temperatures of around 3C. 
3 Cloudy to very cloudy with a light rain shower around 1100 and more showers after 1900. Top Tmax: Ghent 9,4C. Zaventem had 8,9C, in my garden 9,4C. Last snow trails disappeared over the hills. 
4 Very cloudy with showery rain between 0100-0500 and light rain between 1300-1700 & 1900-2330 giving 3 mm. Top Tmax: Ghent, Diest & Kleine Brogel 9,6C. Zaventem had 9,4C, in my garden 10,0C. 
5 Very cloudy with Sc + St rags with only a few mini breaks around 1500. Top Tmax: Zaventem & Bierset & in my garden 8,4C.
6 Overcast with Sc St and tempo light showery rain giving 2 mm. Top Tmax: Ostend 8,9C. Zaventem had 5,6C.
7 Very cloudy (Sc Cu) with light showers between 0200-0400 & 1000-1400 giving 1 mm. Breaking clouds towards sunset. Top Tmax: Ostend Pier 8,5C. Zaventem had 7,8C, in my garden 7,9C. 
8 Slight rain between 0700-0900, afterwards cloudy to partly cloudy with Ac and a few Sc fields. Top Tmax: Ukkel 8,3C, Zaventem had 7,3C, in my garden 7,5C. 
9 Cloudy to partly cloudy night with gardens Tmin of 0,2C. Forenoon cloudy to very cloudy with Sc, afternoon partly cloudy with Sc Cu and Ci. Top Tmax: Ostend Pier 7,1C. Zaventem had 5,0C, in my garden 5,3C. 
10 Freezing fog came in around 0200 lasting all day long.  Sometimes the Sun was visible, during the evening also the Moon. All stations had air frost in morning: lowest in Brasschaat with -4,1C, in my garden  -3,2C. Top Tmax: Chivres 7,3C. Zaventem had 0,0C, in my garden 0,1C. Deurne remained negative with -0,9C.
11 The fog disappeared after 0100, Tmin in garden -4,4C. All station had negative air temperatures with Top Tmin: Elsenborn -6,8C, Kleine Brogel -5,5C. Cloudy with Sc in forenoon, sunny afternoon. From 2000 on, increasing Sc fields, afterwards T started to rise coming from -1,1C. Top Tmax: Ostend Pier 7,6C. Zaventem had 6,3C. In my garden 3,2C. 
12 Very cloudy with further rising temperatures. Moderate drizzle between 1000-1300. Towards sunset breaking clouds from N. Top Tmax: Ostend 9,1C, Zaventem had 8,1C, in my garden 8,3C.
13 Very cloudy with Sc, sometimes thick enough to produce a few spots of rain. Top Tmax: Ostend 8,7C, Zaventem had 8,3C, in my garden 8,4C.
14 Light rain between 0630-0800. During the day cloudy to very cloudy with Cu Sc. Renewal of light rain from 2000 on. Top Tmax: Koksijde 9,8C. Zaventem had 8,4C, in my garden 8,8C. 
15 Very cloudy with Sc St, only a few small breaks in forenoon. Top Tmax Koksijde 9,6C. Zaventem had 7,9C.
16 Light rain between 0400-1100, moderate with gusty wind between 1130-1200. Total 8 mm. Remaining very Sc cloudy, but some gaps in clouds from 1500 on. Soft hail shower around 2230. Top Tmax: Koksijde 10,8C. Zaventem had 9,7C, in my garden 10,0C. 
17 During the night wintry showers, around 0600 a snow shower passed leaving a coat of around 1 cm with Tmin of 0,3C. During forenoon another couple of snow showers passed, with the one around 1030 moderate (800 meter visibility, temperature 0,0C) which turned the world white (<1 cm) for an hour or so. During afternoon some rain & sleet showers, towards sunset a soft hail shower. All snow trails were gone by sunset. During the morning/forenoon, locally a snow coat of a couple of cm was briefly formed over the low parts of Belgium. Maximum was noted at Elsenborn: 12 cm. During the afternoon a couple of weak thunderstorm were observed over provinces of West & Oost-Vlaanderen, Antwerp, Brabant & Limbourg. Top Tmax: Ostend Pier: 5,5C. Zaventem 2,8C, in my garden 3,2C.
18 A couple of wintry showers during the night producing a small snow cover of 0,5 cm. Tmin in garden -0,2C. Cloudy Cu Sc day with a sleet shower around 1100. Clearing skies towards sunset. Invading Sc after 1930. Top Tmax: Koksijde 5,1C. In my garden 3,7C, just like Zaventem. Maximum snow cover at Elsenborn 14 cm, followed by St-Hubert 8 cm, Mont Rigi 6 cm and Spa 5 cm. 
19 Light rain and drizzle between 0300-1100, first hours mixed with some wet snow, giving a couple of mm. Breaking clouds from noon on but mostly remaining very cloudy with Sc and St rags. Top Tmax: Brasschaat 8,3C. In my garden 6,3C, just like Zaventem. Maximum snow cover: Elsenborn 14cm.
20 Some breaks during the mornings hours, in garden hoar frost with 0,8C. Becoming very cloudy with Sc St  and rather misty. Top Tmax: Ostend 4,8C, Zaventem had 3,8C. Maximum snow cover: Mont Rigi 9 cm followed by Elsenborn 8 cm.
21 All day long very cloudy with Sc and sometimes St rags. Temporary a few raindrops. Top Tmax: Ostend 6,3C. Zaventem had 5,7C. Maximum snow cover: Elsenborn & Mont Rigi 8 cm.
22 All day long St Sc overcast with between 0400-1600 light drizzle. Top Tmax: Koksijde 9,6C. Zaventem had 7,9C. Top snow cover Mont Rigi & Elsenborn 7 cm.
23 Same old scene: all day long very cloudy with Sc. Top Tmax: Ostend & Koksijde 9,1C. Zaventem had 7,7C. Maximum snow cover St-Hubert 4 cm.
24 All day long very cloudy with Sc and a few St rags. Top Tmax: Koksijde 9,9C. Zaventem had 8,9C. Snow disappeared over hills.
25 Slight rain between 0600-0700. Breaking clouds from 1000 on, even becoming fair around noon. During afternoon tempo Cu Sc fields, clearing towards sunset. T dropped to -0,5C around 2100, then rising with the invasion of broken Sc fields. Top Tmax: Koksijde 8,3C. Zaventem had 6,9C, in my garden 6,7C. So yes, another green, green X-mas.
26 Rain showers around 0300 and 0800. Another rain and hail shower around 1030. Partly Cu cloudy during afternoon. Towards sunset an incoming occlusion from N, preceded by a nice shelf cloud, and colder air behind. Starting around 1720 with a shower of light rain and snow pellets and ending around 1900 with light wet snow. T below 0C from 2000 on. Top Tmax Ostend 7,2C. Zaventem had 5,2C, in my garden 5,0C. Top snow cover St-Hubert  & Mont Rigi 3 cm. Lower parts of Belgium in form of province Limbourg had during the evening also a small snow cover of around 1 cm. 
27 Light snow between 0300-0700 leaving a small cover of 0,5 cm by Tmin of -2,4C. Remaining very Sc St cloudy with tempo a break around noon. Slight snow between 1300-1700 and from 2100 on, but no real accumulation. Top Tmax: Ostend Pier 2,0C. Besides the coastal stations, every location stayed negative. Zaventem had -1,2C. My Tmax was reached during the evening with -0,7C. Top snow cover: Mont Rigi 9 cm, followed by St-Hubert 7 cm & Spa 5 cm.  
28 Light snow(grains) till 1300. Hardly an accumulation of around 1 cm in total. Breaking clouds after 1400 with Ac Ci remaining. Further clearing skies after sunset. Tmin in garden -1,9C. Tmax -0,9C. Top Tmax in Belgium: Ostend Pier 2,5C. Like yesterday all stations, except coastal region, remained negative. Zaventem had: -1,3C. Top snow cover: Mont Rigi 11 cm, St-Hubert 9 cm, Spa 7 cm. In Flanders Kleine Brogel had a maximum cover of 4 cm. 
29 Clear night with Tmin -7,7C in garden. Around 1030 Stratus and first hour also fog came along. The stratus lifted to stratocumulus, and between 1830-1930 a slight snow shower. Tmax was reached at that moment: 0,2C. Afterwards clearing skies and dropping temperatures. Top Tmin: Brasschaat & Charleroi: -9,3C.  Top Tmax: Ostend Pier, Zaventem had 0,2C. Top snow cover Mont Rigi 12 cm. Along the coast a lot of snow was accumulated on showery outbreaks, presumable up to 15 cm near Koksijde. Over north of province West-Vlaanderen a few rumbles of thunder were noted during the evening.
30 Clear radiation night with Tmin garden -4,5C. After a few sunny spells increasing high & medium clouds with first light snow from 1500 on. Tempo moderate snow with blustery winds of 30KT till 1830 giving a nice cover of 5 cm. Then ice pellets for half an hour followed by light freezing rain. Tmax garden was -0,3C. Top Tmax: Diepenbeek 0,3C followed by Koksijde & Retie with 0,1C which were the only stations with positive temperatures before 1900. Zaventem had -0,6C. Snow cover at 1900: Mont Rigi 12 cm, Humain 8 cm, Spa 7 cm, Ukkel 6 cm, Lige, Charleroi & Deurne 5 cm, Zaventem and Ostend 3 cm. After 2130 temperature >0C, and the light freezing rain turned to rain.
31 From midnight on dry. A couple of rain showers starting from 0600. Between 1400-2000 some light rain. Tmax in garden was 7,8C. Top Tmax: Ostend 9,3C, Zaventem had 7,4C. Snow in garden was gone by noon. Maximum cover: Mont Rigi 15 cm going down to 9 cm by the evening. St-Hubert 13 cm going down to 4 cm by the evening.

Note: all times are Central European Time



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