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Belgian weather blog March 2007

Weather news
1 Light rain between 0100-0700 = 7 mm. Daytime was partly cloudy to cloudy with Cu, Sc. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 12,8C, Zaventem had 10,9C. Top gust stations >40KT: Ostend & Ernage 47KT, Spa, Charleroi & Beauvechain 43KT, Zaventem 41KT. 
2 Partly cloudy with Cu, after sunset increasing clouds from SW followed by light rain from 2200 on. Top Tmax: Ukkel 11,3C, Zaventem had 10,1C.
3 Rain eased of around 0300. Renewal of showery rain between 0500-1500. Total rain amount was 12 mm. Breaking cloudiness after 1500 leaving some Cu Sc. Top Tmax: Ostend & Koksijde 9,9C, Zaventem had 9,3C. During morning & forenoon a little low passed just north of our region giving tempo a strong wind field. It reached strong gale force along the coast with mean speed of 41KT, offshore even storm force with mean speed 50KT. Top gust: Koksijde & Spa 56KT, Lige & Beauvechain 51KT, Zaventem, Florennes & Koksijde  49KT, Charleroi & Semmerzake 47KT, Deurne, Ukkel, Elsenborn 45KT, Ghent & St-Hubert 43KT, Diest & Chivres 41KT.      
4 Sunny spells during morning, soon afterwards very cloudy with Cs, As, Ac. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 15,8C, Zaventem 13,0C.
5 Rain between 0230-0700 = 7 mm. Afterwards partly cloudy with Cu, around noon passage of a rain shower with smaal hail and a rumble of thunder = 1 mm. Late afternoon increasing Cs clouds. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel & Charleroi 11,7C, Zaventem had 10,7C. Today, around noon, some weak thunderstorm activity over provinces of Hainaut & Brabant.  
6 Further increasing Cs, As, Ac clouds & (light) rain from 0300 on = 12 mm. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 11,9C, Zaventem 10,7C. Top gust: Ukkel 43KT.
7 Rain eased of around 0200. Becoming (partly) Cu Sc cloudy with some (s)light rain showers between 0400-2400. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 12,3C, Zaventem had 11,0C.  
8 Tmin in garden 2,0C and a bit hoar frost. Partly Cu cloudy + some Ci. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 14,4C, Zaventem had 12,5C.
9 Increasing Cs, As, Ac clouds & light rain 0830-1500 = 6 mm, later clearing skies. Top Tmax: Koksijde 10,4C, Zaventem 8,8C.
10 Tmin in garden 0,8C and hoar frost. Partly Ci cloudy, during afternoon tempo Cu, Sc fields. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 13,6C, Zaventem had 11,6C.
11 Between 0400-1030 St, later Cu & disappearing in afternoon leaving Ci. Top Tmax: Charleroi 15,8C, Zaventem 14,6C. 
12 Tmin in garden 1,0C and hoar frost. Sunny with some Ci. Top Tmax: Diest 18,3C, Zaventem had 17,2C.
13 Tmin garden 2,5C with a bit of hoar frost. Sunny but hazy, afternoon some Sc fields along Ci. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 17,3C, Zaventem had 14,3C.
14 Tmin garden 0,5C with hoar frost. Quite sunny with during afternoon tempo some fair weather Cu. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 15,0C, Zaventem had 13,1C.
15 Tmin garden -0,6C with hoar frost. Quite sunny with during afternoon tempo a few fair weather Cu. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 17,9C, Zaventem had 13,5C.
16 Tmin garden 0,9C with hoar frost. Becoming very cloudy with Sc from 0600 on, breaking after 2000. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 13,9C, Zaventem had 11,0C.
17 Increasing Sc cloudiness after 0600, some spots of rain around 1330 & 1600. Top Tmax: Ghent 14,2C, Zaventem 12,4C.
18 Becoming quite windy with light to moderate rain between 0330-1130 giving 7 mm. Afterwards breaking cloudiness & a couple of light rain showers. Some lightning in the far north towards midnight. Top Tmax: Koksijde 10,9C, Zaventem had 9,3C. Top gust: Ostend 47KT, Ukkel 45KT, Zaventem, Deurne & Charleroi 41KT. Today, during the afternoon & evening, a couple of weak thunderstorms over provinces of West & Oost-Vlaanderen, Hainaut & Limbourg.
19 Around 0030 a rumble of thunder. Cloudy to partly Cu Sc cloudy. Towards noon increasing cloudiness with between 1345-1500 passage of a shower of rain, soft hail & large wet snowflakes, once more accompanied by a rumble of thunder. Afterwards some TCu & Cb skies with a couple of (s)light showers. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 8,1C, Zaventem had 6,0C. Top snow cover: St-Hubert 6 cm, Spa 1 cm. Today, just after midnight & early afternoon, weak thunderstorms over province of Vlaams-Brabant, during late evening also over West-Vlaanderen.  
20 Tmin 0,1C and hoar frost. Starting cloudy with lots of Ci, during forenoon Cu, Sc came along. From noon on TCu & Cb cloudiness with a couple of rain & (soft)hail showers, around 1645 even a heavy hail shower with blustery winds up to 35KT. Towards sunset dying shower activity, but around midnight another hail shower. Total rain = 3 mm. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 10,7C, Zaventem had 7,6C. Top snow cover: St-Hubert 4 cm. Today, early morning some weak thunderstorms over province of West Vlaanderen, during afternoon also over Luxembourg, Namur, Limbourg & Lige, towards midnight again over West-Vlaanderen.
21 Starting sunny, but soon invading Cu, Sc cloudiness and from noon on also shower activity. Some of them were quite intense with small hail & "graupel" and between 1330-1345 a couple of (very) nearby rumbles of thunder. T dropped to barely 2,5C. These showers ended around 1800 giving 5 mm. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 9,3C, Zaventem had 7,2C. Top snow: St -Hubert 1 cm. Today, in early morning, some weak thunderstorms over West-Vlaanderen, during  afternoon also over provinces of Antwerp, Brabant, Namur & Hainaut. 
22 Very Sc cloudy but between 1100-1500 tempo some nice breaks. Top Tmax: Deurne 9,5C, Zaventem had 8,9C. Top snow cover: Mont-Rigi 13 cm, Elsenborn 12 cm, St-Hubert 9 cm and Spa 8 cm.
23 Very Sc cloudy with (s)ligt rain and drizzle between 0500-0900. During afternoon again intermittent slight rain, after sunset breaking clouds. Top Tmax: Ostend 7,1C, Zaventem had 5,8C. Top snow cover: Mont-Rigi 15 cm, Elsenborn 10 cm, St-Hubert 7 cm, Spa 5 cm. 
24 Very St, Sc cloudy with (s)ligt rain and drizzle between 0830-1530. Breaking cloudiness towards midnight. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 11,0C, Zaventem had 8,2C. Top snow cover: Mont-Rigi 12 cm, Elsenborn 9 cm, St-Hubert 5 cm, Spa 3 cm. 
25 Starting sunny,  during the daytime some fair weather Cu. Top Tmax: Ghent 14,6C, Zaventem had 13,2C. Top snow cover: Mont-Rigi 7 cm.
26 All day long blue skies. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 19,1C, Zaventem had 17,0C.
27 Hazy sunny, from afternoon some thin Ci as well. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 17,9C, Zaventem had 15,9C.
28 Starting sunny, from afternoon on building Cu, during the evening a couple of slight rain showers. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 19,4C, Zaventem had 17,2C. Today, during the evening, weak thunderstorms over the extreme south of province Hainaut.
29 Quite misty weather with variable cloudiness in form of Sc, St and Cu. Tempo a few few drops around 1600. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 15,4C, Zaventem had 10,6C. Today, in afternoon & early evening some weak thunderstorms over provinces of West & Oost-Vlaanderen, Namur, Luxembourg and Lige.
30 Starting very cloudy & misty with slight rain & drizzle between 0500-1200. Afterwards breaking cloudiness. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 15,2C, Zaventem had 12,6C. Today, in afternoon & evening, weak thunderstorms over provinces Lige, Limbourg & Luxembourg.
31 Starting sunny, afternoon increasing Ci Cs from east, tempo also some Cu. Around 2000 a few spots of rain. Top Tmax: Kleine Bogel 16,4C, Zaventem 15,1C. Today, during afternoon, a couple of weak thunderstorms over the south of provinces Luxembourg & Namur.

Note: all times are Central European Time



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