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Belgian weather blog December 2007

Weather news
1 Rainy till 0600, afterwards partly cloudy with Cu. Towards sunset and afterwards a couple of showers. Total rain = 9 mm. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 11,0C, Zaventem had 10,0C. Top gust, early morning Ukkel 41 kt. Late evening some weak thunderstorm activity over province of West-Vlaanderen. 
2 Light rain 0900-1630, between 1630-1700 tempo heavy rain with gusts around 50 kt. Afterwards tempo large breaks, but a blustery shower passed by around 2145. Total rain = 11 mm. Top Tmax: Beitem 12,4C, Zaventem had 11,0C. Top gust: Ostend 55 kt, other stations > 41 kt were: Zaventem 49 kt,  Ukkel 47 kt, Deurne, Charleroi, Ernage 45 kt, Koksijde, Chivres, Florennes, St-Hubert, Beauvechain, Birset 43 kt. Offshore mean speed reached 37 kt, along coast 25 kt. Late evening some weak thunderstorm activity over provinces of Hainaut & Namur.
3 Light rain till 0600, afterwards partly cloudy with Cu Sc. A couple of showers from 1900 on, even with weak thunderstorm activity around 2030. By midnight 8 mm. Top Tmax: Koksijde & Ghent 9,4C, Zaventem had 8,7C. During the evening weak to moderate thunderstorm activity over all provinces except Namur & Luxembourg.  
4 At sunrise a couple of breaks in Ac, but soon overcast and lowering to Sc. Light rain from 1700 giving 2 mm by midnight. Top Tmax: Koksijde 10,6C, Zaventem had 8,2C.
5 Very cloudy to overcast with Sc, later Ns with some (s)light rain between 1300-1800 giving 1 mm. After 2000 large breaks with Cu Sc.Top Tmax: Ghent 13,0C, Zaventem had 12,5C. Late evening some lightning was observed over provinces West- & Oost-Vlaanderen, Hainaut.
6 Last break around sunrise, afterwards Sc overcast and light rain from from 0930 on giving 10 mm by midnight. Top Tmax: Beitem 13,4C, Zaventem 11,8C.
7 Rainy till 0500, afterwards breaking clouds with Cu Sc. Around noon, a blustery rain shower with gusts peaking 50 kt. Afterwards partly cloudy with Cu. Total rain = 10 mm. Top Tmax: Deurne, Zaventem & Diest 12,7C. Quite gusty conditions between midnight & forenoon with a top gust at Ostend of 56 kt. Rest of stations with gusts > 41 kt were: Koksijde, Betem & Elsenborn 52 kt, Zaventem, Charleroi, Ukkel 49 kt, Ernage, Florennes & Spa 47 kt, Birset, Beauvechain & Mont-Rigi 45 kt, Deurne & Chivres 43 kt. During forenoon, mean speed reached tempo 40 kt along coast.
8 Some sunny spells morning early forenoon, later the classic items of an upcoming warm front: Ci, Cs, As, Ac, finally Ns with light rain from 1400 on giving 7 mm by midnight. Top Tmax: Ghent 7,1C, Zaventem had 6,6C. Top gust: Ukkel & Birset 41 kt.
9 At first partly cloudy to cloudy with Cu, Sc, sometimes also some Cb remnants with virga. After 1430 turning overcast with showery rain from 1600 on giving 3 mm by midnight. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 9,2C, Zaventem had 8,3C.  
10 Very cloudy with rain, after 1500 breaks with at sunset some far distant Cb 's in the west. Later a couple of light showers turning into light rain drizzle from 2300 on. Total rain 10 mm. Top Tmax: Koksijde 9,8C, Zaventem had 7,9C.
11 Light rain eased of around 0100, but again light rain between 0200-0300. Afterwards large breaks in Cu Sc. During the day also some nice Cb skies with a couple of light showers, sometimes with small hail. Total 1 mm. Top Tmax: Deurne 8,1C, Zaventem 7,4C. This morning/forenoon a couple light thunderstorms over provinces West- and Oost-Vlaanderen.
12 Tmin garden -1,9C and hoar frost. Starting sunny with few Sc, by noon becoming overcast, lowering to St during afternoon and turning misty. After 1800 again Sc, and slightly improving visibilities. Top Tmax: Koksijde 9,5C, Zaventem had 3,3C.
13 Tmin garden -1,8C and hoar frost. Sky cleared from 0300 on with around 0800 invasion of freezing fog lasting till 1000. Afterwards remaining St overcast and misty. Top Tmax: Ostend 4,1C, Zaventem had 2,7C.
14 Tmin garden -0,6C. Overcast, at first with St but from 1000 on with Sc. Top Tmax: Ghent, Koksijde 3,9C, Zaventem had 2,1C.
15 Tmin garden -1,1C. Sc cleared around 0500, sunny till 1300 after which a few Sc fields passed by, giving again a broken layer between 2000-2400. Top Tmax: Ghent 4,1C, Zaventem had 2,4C. 
16 Tmin garden -4,1C. Sc disappeared 0030, afterwards sky clear besides a few Ci. Top Tmax: Deurne 3,5C, Zaventem 2,2C.
17 Tmin garden -3,4C. From 0700 a few St clouds, between 0900-1600 cloudy to very cloudy with Sc fields. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 1,6C, Zaventem 0,4C (my garden had 1,0C).
18 Tmin garden -5,9C. Sunny with sometimes a few Ac shields. Top Tmax: Spa 3,7C, Zaventem 0,8C (garden 1,0C).
19 Tmin garden -5,4C. Sunny but rather misty. Top Tmax: Spa 8,5C, Zaventem had 3,6C.
20 Tmin garden -5,9C. From 0300 freezing fog, lasting all period, sometimes with snow grains. Top Tmax: Elsenborn 10,1C, Zaventem had -3,2C (garden -3,0C). First time this winter season that all Flemish stations had negative Tmax air temperatures. Some locations in Flanders, close to cities or industrial zones, had light snowfall due to smog, some had accumulations up to a couple of cm. This was also the case at Steenokkerzeel were 1 cm was collected.
21 Tmin garden -5,0C. Fog and Stratus overcast till 1100, sometimes with some snowgrains. Afterwards breaks did occur and the sky was cleared by 1600 leaving some Ci. Top Tmax: St-Hubert 6,9C, Zaventem had -1,6C (garden -2,7C). Morning/forenoon at Steenokkerzeel, ice crystals (diamond dust) were (was) falling out the ragged Stratus clouds, later even in a cloudless sky.
22 Tmin garden -8,9C + beautiful hoar frost. Sunny with some trailing Ci over west. Top Tmin: Kleine Brogel -10,7C, Elsenborn -9,7C, Deurne -8,3C, Diest -8,1C. Top Tmax: Elsenborn 11,8C, Spa, 11,1C,  Zaventem had 6,9C.
23 Tmin garden -4,3C. Around 0500 Stratus overcast, lifting to Sc by 1100. Remaining misty, from 1500 large breaks, between 1800-2000 fog, afterwards the Sc returned. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 6,9C, Zaventem had 4,0C.
24 Tmin garden -1,8C. Sc was cleared around noon, leaving some Ci. Top Tmax: Ukkel 7,6C, Zaventem had 6,6C. 
25 Tmin garden 0,4C. Cloudy to very cloudy with Cs, As, Ac, light rain after 2330. Top Tmax: Deurne 6,7C, Zaventem 5,9C.
26 Light rain till 0230 giving 2 mm. Afterwards remaining St, Sc overcast. Top Tmax: Ostend 7,2C, Zaventem had 4,4C.
27 All period long Stratus overcast. Top Tmax: Koksijde 7,5C, Zaventem had 6,4C.
28 Stratus broke around 0830, leaving few Ci. After 1800 Stratus overcast. Top Tmax: Kleine Brogel 9,5C, Zaventem 8,7C.
29 Light rain between 0300-0600 & 0700-1000 giving 3 mm. Afterwards breaks in Cu Sc clouds. Top Tmax: Koksijde 9,8C, Zaventem 8,0C.
30 Light showery rain 0300-0600, during the day mostly very cloudy with Cu Sc and a couple of light showers <1 mm. Top Tmax: Semmerzake 8,9C, Zaventem had 7,4C.
31 Sc overcast with some light rain around 0700. Top Tmax: Ostend 7,8C, Zaventem had 6,5C.

Note: all times are Central European Time



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