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Belgian weather blog March 2008

Weather news
TxBE (°C)
TxBR (°C)
1 Light (showery) rain till 0500. Around 0515 a blustery shower with three rumbles of thunder and also accompanied by some small hail (<0,5 mm). Total rain: 6 mm. The gusts reached values of around 50 kt. Afterwards cloudy with a variable amount of Cu, Sc, till noon also remaining rather windy (gusts 35-40 kt). This morning weak to moderate thunderstorms over provinces of Oost-Vlaanderen, Antwerp, Limbourg, Liège & Brabant. Also this morning, the gusts exceeded in every station the mark of 41 kt. Top was Ernage with 60 kt, followed by Ghent, 52 kt, Mont-Rigi, Ostend, Beitem & Zaventem 51 kt, Koksijde 49 kt,  Deurne & Spa 47 kt.
Below METAR's & SPECI's at Steenokkerzeel (EBBR) during passage of the active trough (times in UTC):
010350Z 25026G37KT 9999 -SHRA BKN010 BKN014 11/09 Q0994 TEMPO 26026G45KT 4000 SHRA RA BKN007
010413Z 27025G44KT 250V330 4500 +SHRA SCT008 BKN012 10/08 Q//// TEMPO 29026G45KT 4000 SHRA RA BKN007
010419Z 30030G51KT 250V340 3000 +SHRA TS SCT008 BKN012CB 05/03 Q0997 TEMPO 29026G45KT 4000 SHRA RA BKN007
010422Z 31032G51KT 280V340 3000 R25L/P1500N R25R/P1500N R02/1400N +SHRAGR TS SCT008 BKN012CB 05/04 Q0997 NOSIG
010424Z 31030G49KT 280V340 3000 SHRA TS SCT008 BKN012CB 05/05 Q0997 RESHGR NOSIG
010433Z 30024G34KT 6000 SHRA FEW006 FEW012CB BKN020 06/05 Q0996 RESHGR RETS NOSIG
bt 11,8
2 Light rain eased off around 0600 giving 2 mm, afterwards remaining very cloudy with Cu, Sc. Top gust Mont Rigi 41 kt, Ostend 39 kt. bl 14,4 13,5
3 Light rain 0200-0500 giving 2 mm. Partly cloudy with Cu. Light rain showers from 2130 on. During the evening a weak thunderstorm over province of West-Vlaanderen. 10,0 8,8
4 Light rain eased off around 0300: 1 mm. Afterwards partly cloudy with Cu,Sc. From 1300 also Cb's with "graupel" showers around 1330 & 1420, the last one also with two rumbles of thunder on board. Renewal of a couple showers with rain, sleet and soft hail between 1800-2100. All showers gave 2 mm. Today, the hills had their first descent cover of snow of the entire winter season: Elsenborn 18 cm. Other stations with snow were Liège & Beauvechain 3 cm, Florennes 2 cm. Also today, a few weak thunderstorms over all provinces except Namur & Luxembourg.    bl 9,9 8,4
5 Tmin garden -3,1°C & hoar frost. Partly cloudy with Cu, Sc, Ci. Elsenborn still a snow cover of 17 cm. bl 8,9 6,9
6 Very cloudy to overcast with Sc. Snow Elsenborn dwindled to less than 10 cm. fn 10,5 8,6
7 Some breaks in forenoon with Cu Sc. Afternoon very cloudy to overcast with Sc, Ac. Snow Elsenborn dwindled to less than 3 cm. gh 10,7 9,5
8 Tmin 0,7°C and hoar frost. Quite sunny but withs lots of Ci and a few Cu. After 1600 very cloudy with Sc. bl 11,6 10,2
9 Sc overcast, light rain 1230-1900 giving 3 mm. Clearing skies after sunset. bl 10,6 9,4
10 Starting with a few sunrays, soon As, As, Sc overcast and light rain 1130-1400 = 3 mm. Afterwards Cu, Sc with large breaks from 1700 on. A couple of showers after 1900. Quite windy: top gust: Charleroi 49 kt, Ukkel 47 kt, Ostend, Koksijde & Ernage 45 kt, Chièvres, Beitem, Zaventem 43 kt,  Mont Rigi, Ghent & Liège 41 kt. During the evening one weak thunderstorm over province of West-Vlaanderen. fn 9,3 7,8
11 Starting with sun, before noon turning Sc overcast with light rain 1330-1800 giving 3 mm. Then a couple of breaks, but also some moderate to heavy showers 2000-2200 giving 14 mm. Quite windy during these showers with gust of 40 kt. Top gusts in Belgium were: Florennes 47kt, Ernage 45kt, Ostend, Koksijde, Elsenborn & Mont Rigi 43 kt, Ghent, Chièvres, Charleroi, Zaventem, St-Hubert & Spa 41 kt.  bt 12,2 11,0
12 A couple of blustery showers till 0700 giving 3 mm. Starting with sun, but soon Sc overcast lasting till sunset, afterwards again large breaks. First part of period quite windy with top gusts: Koksijde 52 kt, Ernage & Beitem 49 kt, Ostend, Ukkel, Zaventem & Ghent 47 kt, Semmerzake, Liège, Florennes & Deurne 45 kt, Beauvechain, Diest, Charleroi, Mont Rigi & Elsenborn 43 kt, Chièvres, Kleine Brogel & St-Hubert 41 kt. Early morning also a weak thunderstorm over the extreme north of province Antwerp. gh 10,4 8,9
13 Partly cloudy to cloudy with Cu Sc Ci, after 1700 becoming As overcast & light rain from 2000 = 4 mm. bl 12,5 10,8
14 Light rain eased off 0600 = 4 mm, afterwards very cloudy with Sc. From 1000 partly cloudy with Cu, Ac, Ci. bl 13,1 12,3
15 Starting very cloudy with St Sc, from noon clearing with a few Cu but lots of Ci. From 2230 light rain = 2 mm. bl 16,4 14,5
16 Rain (light to moderate) till 0700 giving 16 mm. Very cloudy with Sc Ac Ci. Sometimes light showers, light rain 1900-2100 giving 4 mm.  Late afternoon weak thunderstorm activity over province of Limbourg. cv 13,4 12,5
17 Very cloudy with Sc, sometimes a few mini breaks, sometimes a few drops fell out of the clouds. bl 8,1 6,9
18 Tmin garden -0,2°C and some hoar frost. Cloudy with a mixture of Sc, Cu, TCu, sometimes accompanied with slight showers of rain and soft hail.  bl 9,8 7,6
19 Partly cloudy (Cu, TCu, Cb) with tempo some showers of rain & snow pellets, last one at 1500. Total 4 mm. bl 9,4 7,7
20 A couple of rain showers till 0700. Afterwards very cloudy with Sc Ci. From 1500 on (light) rain = 14 mm. Elsenborn a couple cm of snow. bl 8,6 7,4
21 Rain eased off around 0200. From 0800 showers of rain (soft) hail, sleet & snow pellets with between 0800-0830 also three rumbles of thunder. From 2200 more continuous light rain, all 8 mm by midnight. Elsenborn 15 cm snow. Today all provinces, except Oost-Vlaanderen, Namur & Hainaut, a few rumbles of thunder. Top gust: Ostend & Ernage 45 kt.  fn 7,9 6,7
22 Rain, sometimes with some wet snow, eased off around 0600. After some breaks showery rain ,again sometimes with wet snow, 1530-1930. Total 5 mm.  Elsenborn 20 cm of snow. Top gust: Koksijde 41 kt. bl 9,2 7,4
23 Tmin garden -4,1°C. Starting sunny, from noon Ci, Cs, As, Sc. From 1900 light rain, bit later sleet, from 2200 snow with from 2300 formation of a wet thin snow cover of around 0,5 cm. Elsenborn still 20 cm of snow. bl 7,8 5,8
24 Light snow eased off around 0500 giving less than 1 cm with Tmin of 0,2°C. After nice breaks, from noon half a dozen showers of sleet & snow(pellets), sometimes turning the landscape a bit white. Around 1545 also 2 rumbles of thunder were heard. Last snow shower around 1900 gave again a coat of 0,5 cm which holded after sunset. Today's snow covers were: Elsenborn around 20 cm, Florennes 7 cm, Kleine Brogel 4 cm, Liège 1 cm. Weak thunderstorms did occur over province of Brabant (Flemish & Walloon).  bl 7,7 5,1
25 During the night a couple of snow(pellets) showers, even a rumble of thunder was heard around 0200, and these showers gave in my garden by the morning a snow cover of 4 cm. Tmin garden -1,3°C. Also in the forenoon half a dozen, sometimes moderate, snow(pellets) showers passed by, around 1100 again with one rumble of thunder. These showers faded away in the afternoon with the last flakes around 1900. Snow cover was gone by the evening. Top snow covers (official stations) of today were: Mont Rigi 39 cm, Elsenborn 33 cm, Ukkel 12 cm, Zaventem, Kleine Brogel, Liège & Florennes 3 cm. In province of Oost-Vlaanderen locally also around 10 cm was measured. Full pictorial report at my location overhere. cv 5,8 4,4
26 Some rain and sleet till 0200. Again light rain-drizzle 0500-0900, 1600-2000, 2200-2330. Total 2 mm. Top snow cover: Mont Rigi 46 cm, Elsenborn 41 cm. cv 9,9 8,4
27 Fog 0200-0800 with light rain 0400-1100, afterwards very cloudy to overcast with again light rain from 1300 on = 14 mm by midnight. Top snow cover: Mont Rigi 42 cm, by the evening melted to 33 cm. bl 9,5 8,6
28 Very cloudy with Cs, later Ac Sc, light rain 1200-1500 & 1700-2100 = 5 mm. Snow Mont Rigi dwindled 23 cm. gh 10,6 9,9
29 Partly cloudy with Cu, later in afternoon invading Ci Cs. Snow Mont Rigi dwindled 16 cm. bl 14,1 12,6
30 Around 0930 a couple rumbles of thunder with hail and rain. Again light rain 1100-1500. Total = 2 mm. Snow Mont Rigi dwindled 8 cm. lb 14,4 11,5
31 Light rain eased off around 0200. Cloudy (partly) with Cu Sc. Last snow disappeared over the hills. bl 15,2 14,1

Note: all times are Central European Time

Legend: TxBE (°C) = Top Tmax Belgium, TxBR (°C) = Tmax Zaventem. aw = Deurne, be = Beauvechain, bl = Kleine Brogel, br = Zaventem, bt = Beitem, ci = Charleroi, cv = Chièvres, dt = Diest, er = Ernage, fn = Koksijde, fs = Florennes, gh = Ghent, lb = Elsenborn, lg = Bièrset, mr = Mont-Rigi, os = Ostend, sh = Saint-Hubert, sp = Spa, sz = Semmerzake, uk = Ukkel.


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