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Belgian weather blog June 2008

Weather news
TxBE (°C)
TxBR (°C)
1 Starting St overcast, lifting to Sc and breaking from noon on. Late afternoon also some Ci.
bl 25,2
2 Starting sunny with some Ci & Ac. From 1500 invading Ci, Cs, As, this was in fact these were the anvils of several exploding Cb's over Wallonia. First rumbles were heard around 1630. Passage of a moderate thunderstorm with heavy rain giving 17 mm. After a break, from 1930 more weak thundery showers passed by giving another 11 mm by midnight. Check also the pictorial report of the events. Today, from 1400 till the late evening, all provinces were affected by moderate to severe thunderstorms (due to isolated large hail. Flash flooding did occur widely and the amount of lightnings were with around 43000 very high, locally with damaging effect. Top rainfall: Diest around 80 mm. bl 30,5 27,4
3 Starting St overcast, breaking and becoming cumuliform during forenoon. One rain shower around 1400 giving 1 mm. Towards the evening some TCu / Cb skies turned up, check also this weather movie. Late afternoon a weak thunderstorm over province Hainaut. bl 24,8 22,8
4 Between 0000-0015 a heavy rain shower giving 5 mm. All period long very cloudy with St. Some small breaks towards sunset. Today, just after midnight, a weak thunderstorm over province Oost-Vlaanderen. bl 23,3 18,6
5 All period long St Sc overcast, tempo Ns with rain 0630-1400 giving 16 mm. bl 16,6 14,5
6 All period long St Sc overcast, tempo Ns with rain & drizzle 0500-2400 giving 19 mm by midnight. Today, late afternoon, some weak thunderstorms over extreme east of provinces Luxembourg & Liège. bl 24,4 14,0
7 All period long St Sc overcast, tempo Ns with slight rain & drizzle 0600-1100 & from 2300 on. bl 17,6 15,5
8 Starting St overcast & misty, from noon breaking clouds and becoming Sc. Towards sunset one TCu in the east. Today, afternoon & evening, some weak thunderstorms over provinces, Limbourg, Liège & Luxembourg. bl 26,3 21,4
9 Staring misty, later quite sunny with few Ac and scattered Ci, tempo also a few fair weather Cu. bl 28,9 26,6
10 Starting sunny, from noon tempo a few fair weather Cu, also some Ci. bl 28,0 24,1
11 Cloudy with Cu, Sc & some Ci. After 2230 very cloudy with Sc. bl 21,5 18,3
12 Rainy 0500-1900 giving 21 mm. Towards sunset breaking clouds with Cu, Sc. fn, os, cv 13,8 11,7
13 Some light showers around 0300 & 0900 giving 2 mm. Further remaining cloudy with Cu, Sc. bl 18,7 16,3
14 Cloudy to very cloudy with Cu, Sc, couple of light rain showers around 1330 & 1800 giving 1 mm. Clearing skies towards sunset. Today, around noon, weak thunderstorms over the province of Antwerp.  bt 17,4 15,5
15 Forenoon partly cloudy with Cu Sc. From noon rumbles of thunder were heard in the north, another weak thunderstorm passed by around 1430. Showers died out by 1600 leaving 4 mm. Check also a time-lapse of the events. Clearing skies towards sunset. Today, from late forenoon on, tempo some weak to moderate thunderstorms over all Flemish provinces.   ci, dt 18,6 17,4
16 Starting sunny, from 1000 Cu, light shower around 1430, clearing skies towards sunset but with Ci. bl 19,7 17,8
17 Sunny with some Ci, from noon till sunset a few fair weather Cu. bl 23,5 20,8
18 Partly cloudy with Ci, Cu, Sc, during the evening increasing Cs. bl 23,3 20,7
19 From 0830 light intermittent rain, moderate around 1530: 5 mm. Clearing skies afterwards with some Cu. aw 21,2 20,0
20 Starting sunny, soon cloudy with Sc, Ac. Light intermittent rain from 1630 on. bl 21,7 19,4
21 Light rain eased off around 0030. Remaining very cloudy with Ac till 1100, when cloudiness broke, but from 1400 tempo cloudy with Cu, Sc. cv 25,1 23,8
22 Starting cloudy with Ac, after 0900 sunny with some Ci, after 1100 Cu, Sc. From 1300 in far north formation of Cb clouds. Nevertheless non reached my location. A magnificent sunset. Today, from late afternoon on, quite a lot of severe thunderstorms (mostly supercells) over provinces Namur, Luxembourg, Liège and also one over Limbourg and extreme north of province Antwerp. Local damage due to large hail and/or strong gails.  bl 29,5 27,2
23 Quite sunny with tempo a few fair weather Cu, towards the evening also some Ci. bl 24,5 21,6
24 Quite sunny with besides Ci tempo a few fair weather Cu.  cv 25,5 24,7
25 During the late night lightning in the far south. Starting very cloudy with Sc, breaking from 1400 & becoming Cu all cleared by sunset. Today, between 0100 and noon, moderate to isolated severe (large hail) thunderstorms over Hainaut, Namur, Luxembourg, Liège, SE Brabant & SE Limbourg.   bl 25,8 23,7
26 Starting sunny, from 0900 some Sc, Ci & between 1100-2000 fair weather Cu. Invading Ci, Cs by sunset. bl 23,7 22,1
27 Some light rain 0300-0530. Starting very cloudy with Sc, from 0900 breaking & becoming cumuliform. bl 24,1 22,1
28 Light rain 0600-1100 giving 2 mm. From 1400 breaking clouds & becoming cumuliform, cleared by sunset.. bl 24,4 22,7
29 Very cloudy with Sc, 0500-0900, afterwards cloudy to partly cloudy with Cu, Sc. bl 23,3 21,7
30 In the early morning a nice NLC display. A few images: pic 1 & pic 2 and a time-lapse. Very cloudy with St, Sc 0500-1000, afterwards partly cloudy to cloudy with Cu, Sc. bl 23,6 22,9

Note: all times are Central European Time

Legend: TxBE (°C) = Top Tmax Belgium, TxBR (°C) = Tmax Zaventem. aw = Deurne, be = Beauvechain, bl = Kleine Brogel, br = Zaventem, bt = Beitem, ci = Charleroi, cv = Chièvres, dt = Diest, er = Ernage, fn = Koksijde, fs = Florennes, gh = Ghent, lb = Elsenborn, lg = Bièrset, mr = Mont-Rigi, os = Ostend, sh = Saint-Hubert, sp = Spa, sz = Semmerzake, uk = Ukkel.


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