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Belgian weather blog April 2011

Weather news
TxBE (°C)
TxBR (°C)
1 Very cloudy with St, lifting to Sc. Some times slight drizzle till 1630. From noon tempo a few minor breaks, but only towards sunset low clouds all cleared but still with lots of thick Ci. bt 17,8 16,2
2 Quite sunny with some Ci, thickening from noon, during the evening also a few Ac.  bl 26,4 23,4
3 Between 0100-0300 a few rumbles of thunder with some nice discharges: see pictures 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Showery rain 0150-0300 = 7 mm. Very cloudy to overcast with Ac, As and a few drops 1100-1300. Today, first part of night, some weak thunderstorms over provinces Oost-Vlaanderen, Namur, Antwerp Limbourg & Liège and moderate ones over Hainaut & both Brabants. sz, bt 15,7 14,3
4 Very cloudy with Sc, Ac, breaking from noon with Cu, later invading Cs, As, by sunset clearing but tempo some Ac fields. bl 16,9 14,2
5 By the morning very cloudy to overcast with Cs, Ac, As. Intermittent light rain 1330-2200 = 2 mm. bl 14,3 13,2
6 Quite sunny with lots of thin Ci. bl 24,6 21,7
7 Starting sunny with between 0900-1200 a dirty sky (Sahara dust). From 1100 some Ci, from 1800 a few Sc field, from 2030 very cloudy with Sc. bl 22,6. 19,2
8 The Sc broke from 0830 onwards, clearing during early afternoon, late afternoon tempo Ac fields. bl 21,2 17,9
9 Sunrise with green flash. Some Ci, between 0900-1130 tempo very cloudy with Sc, disappearing via Cu early afternoon. bl 19,8 17,5
10 Starting cloud free but again dirty sky due to Sahara dust. From afternoon on invading thin Ci. bl 22,5 21,1
11 Sunny with some Ci, late afternoon Sc fields. From 2345 wet & windy. bl 25,4 22,0
12 Rain eased off 0100 = 2 mm. Couple showers 0800-1300 = 1 mm. Partly cloudy to cloudy with Cu Sc. Today, early afternoon, a few rumbles of thunder over provinces Namur, Liège & Luxembourg. bl 14,5 11,7
13 Quite sunny with some Ci, thickening from noon with tempo a few Cu as well. Becoming As overcast from 1600 with some drops 1800-2100. bl 17,2 13,7
14 Very cloudy with Sc Ac. bl 15,1 12,6
15 Sc cleared from 0700 leaving some Ci, from noon also Cu, flattening to Sc in evening & disappearing. bl 18,1 15,5
16 Starting cloudy to very cloudy with Ac, clearing by noon but then till evening scattered Cu.  bl 18,1 15,9
17 Starting very cloudy with Ac, Sc, clearing by noon but from 1400 scattered Cu, Sc. bl 20,4 17,7
18 Quite sunny with in morning some Ci & Sc, afternoon tempo a few flat Cu. bl 22,1 20,6
19 Quite sunny, few Cin in afternoon tempo flat Cu. bl 26,7 24,0
20 Sunny with tempo few Ci. bl 26,4 23,6
21 Partly cloudy to cloudy with Ac+ Ci, in afternoon also tempo Cu. bl 27,8 24,5
22 Starting sunny in afternoon Cu, Tcu & Cb with a few rumbles 1730-1800 and some drops. Today, afternoon & evening, weak to moderate thunderstorms over all provinces. bl 28,6 25,5
23 Sunny, towards evening a decaying Cb anvil coming in from the south. Today, afternoon & evening, weak to moderate thunderstorms over all provinces except Antwerp. bl 29,5 26,4
24 Sunny, in afternoon tempo a few Cu. Today, in morning & afternoon / early evening weak to moderate thunderstorms over provinces West- & Oost-Vlaanderen, Brabant, Hainaut & Luxembourg. bl 28,5 26,6
25 Sky clear. bl 26,2 23,9
26 Starting sunny with thin Ci, in afternoon also Cu Sc. bl 24,2 22,1
27 Starting partly cloudy with Ci, Ac, in forenoon also Cu, Sc. From 1330 Sc overcast with from 1600 sometimes a few drops. Rain shower at 2345 = 1 mm. aw 17,2 16,2
28 Showery rain 0400-1000 = 3 mm. Couple light rain showers 1400-1500 and afterwards large breaks Cu, Sc. At 2200 light shower with two rumbles of thunder. Today, from noon till evening, weak to moderate thunderstorms over all provinces. bl 19,5 16,0
29 Starting with fog and low clouds, lifting by 0900 shortly afterwards a light rain shower. Clearing skies but with Cs. Afternoon Cu, TCu and also Cb which produced some rumbles of thunder 1700-1730 with only a few drops as edging its southern side. Today, afternoon till evening, weak to moderate thunderstorms over all provinces. Convective gust came out at 45 kt in Ostend & Koksijde. bl 24,8 22,9
30 Sunny, towards evening a few Cu, Sc and a decaying Cb anvil in the southwest. Today, between afternoon and evening, weak to moderate thunderstorms over all provinces except Limbourg, Antwerp and West- & Oost-Vlaanderen.   bl 23,7 21,9

Note: all times are Central European Time

Legend: TxBE (°C) = Top Tmax Belgium, TxBR (°C) = Tmax Zaventem. aw = Deurne, be = Beauvechain, bl = Kleine Brogel, br = Zaventem, bt = Beitem, ci = Charleroi, cv = Chièvres, dt = Diest, er = Ernage, fn = Koksijde, fs = Florennes, gh = Ghent, lb = Elsenborn, lg = Bièrset, mr = Mont-Rigi, os = Ostend, sh = Saint-Hubert, sp = Spa, sz = Semmerzake, uk = Ukkel.


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