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Belgian weather blog May 2011

Weather news
TxBE (°C)
TxBR (°C)
1 Sky clear, later from afternoon some Sc and Ci. bt 21,9 20,6
2 At first in the far southwest some Ci, between 1400-1900 also a few Cu. bt 18,2 16,8
3 Sunny with some Ci in SW, around noon tempo a few Cu. bl 16,9 14,9
4 Tmin garden -0,5°C. Starting sunny, from noon scattered Cu, afternoon also Ci. bl 17,9 15,3
5 Quite sunny but with lots of Ci. bl 21,0 19,7
6 Quite sunny but with lots of (thick) Ci. In the evening a beautiful complex halo display with the huge colorful supralateral arc, being quite rare, the special star. gh 25,5 24,1
7 Quite sunny but before noon with a lot of thick Ci, late afternoon again increasing Ci. bl 30,0 27,7
8 Starting partly cloudy to cloudy with Ac, Ci. From noon till late afternoon tempo decreasing with a few flat Cu. bl 29,8 26,4
9 Starting cloudy to very cloudy with Sc, Ac, light shower around 1000 = <1 mm. From 1400 enlarging breaks. sz,lb 24,5 22,1
10 Light showers 0900-1100 = 1 mm with one rumble of thunder at 0850. Clearing skies from noon with few Cu. From 1700 invading Cs. Today, in morning weak thunderstorm over West-Vlaanderen, a moderate one over north Hainaut and SW-Brabant. From afternoon on moderate to severe (supercell) thunderstorm over provinces Hainaut, Namur, Luxembourg and Liège. Also a few rumbles over Limbourg.  bl 26,2 23,3
11 Partly cloudy with Sc, later a few Cu, afternoon invading Ci tempo decreasing, late afternoon Cs. Today, first part of night, still some weak thunderstorms over provinces Antwerp, Limbourg, Liège, Luxembourg and Namur bl 24,9 20,9
12 Partly cloudy to cloudy with Cu, Sc. bl 21,8 18,7
13 Starting sunny, late forenoon invading Ci and tempo some Cu, Sc. bl 21,9 19,7
14 Partly cloudy with Cu, Sc, towards midnight some lightning in the far north. Today, late evening weak thunderstorm over extreme north of province Antwerp. bl 20,3 17,4
15 Some light showers 0400-1100 = <1 mm. Afterwards Cu, Sc, alter invading Ci. Today, during first part of the night, weak thunderstorms over provinces West-& Oost-Vlaanderen. bl 21,9 19,7
16 Most of the time very cloudy with Sc, Ac, tempo St with some slight drizzle. gh 17,5 15,7
17 Very cloudy with Sc till noon, then breaking up in Cu, dissipating by sunset, but well before invading Cs. bl 20,8 19,2
18 By the morning Sc overcast, breaking from noon into a few Cu with above some Ci.  bl 23,7 22,0
19 Cloudy to very cloudy with Ac, Sc. Today, afternoon, weak to moderate thunderstorms over provinces Luxembourg & Liège. fs 20,4 16,5
20 Starting quite sunny with some Ci, Ac. Between 1000-1600 cloudy to very cloudy with Sc. Today, afternoon, moderate to isolated severe (large hail) thunderstorms over provinces Namur, Luxembourg & Liège.  bl 24,0 21,5
21 Sunny, late evening some Ci. bl 25,8 23,5
22 Around 0445 a few near by rumbles of thunder with during 15 minutes a heavy shower = 13 mm. Afterwards cloudy to partly cloudy with Cu, Sc, Ci. Today, from midnight till morning and from noon till early afternoon, over all provinces weak to moderate thunderstorms with the first wave over the west and center, second one over the east. bl 24,5 19,5
23 Quite sunny with some (thick) Ci, around noon tempo a few Cu. bl 24,2 22,7
24 Between 0300-0600 tempo very cloudy with Sc. Afterwards few Cu, Sc till sunset + some Ci. bl 21,2 18,4
25 Sunny, from late afternoon a few Ci. bl 25,0 22,9
26 Cloudy to very cloudy with Cu, Sc, a couple light showers 1800-1930 = < 1mm. bl 21,9 18,1
27 Cloudy to very cloudy with Cu, Sc. Some light showers 1000-1630 = < 1 mm. bl 19,5 14,6

Note: all times are Central European Time

Legend: TxBE (°C) = Top Tmax Belgium, TxBR (°C) = Tmax Zaventem. aw = Deurne, be = Beauvechain, bl = Kleine Brogel, br = Zaventem, bt = Beitem, ci = Charleroi, cv = Chièvres, dt = Diest, er = Ernage, fn = Koksijde, fs = Florennes, gh = Ghent, lb = Elsenborn, lg = Bièrset, mr = Mont-Rigi, os = Ostend, sh = Saint-Hubert, sp = Spa, sz = Semmerzake, uk = Ukkel.


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