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Pictures of airlines & airliners at Brussels airport 2010


Below you will find 67 pictures of common and special foreign visitors which were intercepted with my Canon 7D and 50-500 mm zoom lens. They have been taken from the office or from my home at Kampenhout and are sorted by date. Date read as: day/month/year and are Skystef. Pics of other years including a dropdown list of all operators: here.

17/12/10. Czech Air Force A319-115(CJ) 2801


17/12/10. German Air Force A319-133X(CJ) 15+01


17/12/10. Romania A310-325(ET) YR-LCB


17/12/10. SAS CRJ900 OY-KFI


17/12/10. Regional Airlines ERJ135ER F-GOHE


17/12/10. French Air Force Falcon 7X F-RAFB


17/12/10. Royal Jordanian A319-132 JY-AYL


17/12/10. British Airways A320-211 G-BUSJ


17/12/10. Alitalia A321-112 EI-IXC


17/12/10. Air Portugal A320-214 CS-TNP


17/12/10. Polish Air Force ERJ 170-200LR SP-LIG


17/12/10. easyJet Switserland A319-111 HB-JZQ


17/12/10. Turkish Airlines (Cargo) A310-304(F) TC-JCT


13/12/10. Volga-Dnepr Airlines An-124-100 RA82044


04/12/10. KLM B777-206(ER) PH-BQP


04/12/10. KLM B737-7K2(WL) PH-BGH


04/12/10. American Airlines B767-323(ER)(WL) N389AA


25/11/10. Egyptair A300B4-622R(F) SU-GAS


25/11/10. EVA Air Cargo B747-45E(BDSF) B-16407


24/11/10. CSA B737-436 OK-WGX

24/11/10. Danish Air Force C-130J B-538

24/10/10. Egyptair A300B4-203(F) SU-GAC

24/10/10. Blue Panorama Airlines B767-3G5(ER) EI-CZH

03/10/10. Japan Air Force B747-17C 20-1102


03/10/10. Malaysian Government A319-115X(CJ) 9M-NAA


03/10/10. Korean Government B747-4B5 HL7465


03/10/10. Air India B747-437 VT-EVA


02/10/10. Turkish Air Force CN-235M 94-073


27/09/10. Blue Air B737-4Y0 YR-BAE


27/09/10. Sun-Air Scandinavia Do328JET OY-NCP


21/09/10. Jett8 Airlines Cargo B747-2D3B(SF) 9V-JEA


20/09/10. Neos B737-86N(WL) I-NEOU


20/09/10. Turkish Airlines A321 TC-JRK


20/09/10. MEA A321 OD-RMJ


20/09/10. Blue Air B737-4Y0 YR-BAE


17/09/10. HiFly A330-243 CS-TFZ


17/09/10. Skywings International B737-382 Z3-AAN


17/09/10. PacificFlier A310-304 CS-TEI


15/09/10. Travel Service Airlines B737-8BK(WL) YR-BIB


24/08/10. Estonian Air B737-528 ES-ABP


24/08/10. CSA A320-214 OK-GEB


14/08/10. Atlas Blue A321 CN-RNX


14/08/10. Continental Airlines B757-224(WL) N19136


14/08/10. Mint Airways B757-28A EC-LBC


14/08/10. Blue Air B737-5L9 YR-BAG


13/08/10. IZAir A320-233 TC-IZL


18/07/10. Egyptair A320-231 SU-GBG


29/06/10. TNT Airways BAe146-200(QT) G-BNPJ


27/06/10. Air Contractors A300B4-203(F) EI-EAD


24/06/10. German Air Force C160 51+15


17/06/10. Air Atlanta Icelandic B747-230(F) TF-ARP


14/06/10. AirExplore B737-4Y0 OM-AEX


08/06/10. Lufthansa A380-841 D-AIMA


02/06/10. Portuguese Air Force C130 16804


22/05/10. Sky Wings B757-29J SX-BTH


10/05/10. Volga-Dnepr Airlines IL76TD-90VD RA-76950


05/05/10. Russia Air Force IL62M RA-86539


27/04/10. Kaz Air Jet Tu154M UP-T5401


05/04/10. Royal Air Force C130J ZH884


05/04/10. Turkish Airlines A340-311 TC-JDL


25/03/10. Italian Air Force Falcon 50 MM62026


25/03/10. Afriqiyah Airways A319-111 5A-OND


25/03/10. Tarom B737-78J YR-BGG


02/03/10. Southern Air B747-228(F)(SCD) N752SA


24/02/10. Romanian Air Force An30 1105


20/02/10. Royal Air Force C130 XV305


20/02/10. Austrian B737-7Z9(WL) OE-LNO