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Air Exel

Taken at Brussels in November 1990, the Saab 340 has small "Air Exel" titles and is still carrying the Swiss registration of partner Alphalines, but during 1991 reregistered to OO-RXL. (Photo: Skystef)


Base: Liège
Fleet: 2x Emb-120 Brasilia (leased from Air Exel France), 2x Saab 340 (OO-RXL, OO-RXM)
History: the Belgian member of the French Exel Group was formed on December 15 1988 with assistance from TEA to operate scheduled services from its Liège-Bierset base. First revenue flight (to Paris) took off on February 13 1989, later expanded by links to Lyon, Nice, Lourdes, Biarritz and London. During 1991, the French holding withdrew from Air Exel ending their operations on December 17 1991 and long after the company was declared bankrupt on February 4 1998.


Belgian Airlines