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Sabena World Airlines

Taken at Brussels in May 1991, the F50 "OY-MMT" is wearing old Maersk Air colors with "SWA" titles and tail logo. (Photo: Skystef)


Base: Brussels
Fleet:1x F27 leased from Busy Bee (LN-AKD), 1x F50 leased from Maersk Air (OY-MMT) + the fleet of Sabena.
History: Sabena World Airlines (SWA) was formed on December 13 1988 by Sabena chairman Carlos Van Rafelghem as the final step of dividing Sabena in three separate divisions, the others were Sabena Catering Services and Sabena Technics, on which SWA would become the flying division. SWA came really into being when on December 13 1989 KLM-British Airways (both 20%) and Sabena (60%) signed an agreement to start an experimental European hub and spoke system from its Brussels base. The contract would be evaluated after one year and could be ended by one of the three players. Operations started on January 1 1990, mainly with the European fleet of Sabena but supplemented with two leased Fokkers, both wearing "SWA" titles. During its only operational year, the chairman became ill and died shortly afterwards. Its successor Pierre Godfroid evaluated the project and decided to terminate the contract on December 31 1990 due to the heavy losses and the three divisions were rejoined under the SABENA umbrella.        


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