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Airlines 1992

Taken at Antwerp in August 1991, the Metro takes a brief pause on the Deurne-Gatwick route.  (Photo: collection Skystef)


Base: Brussels
Fleet: 2x Swearingen Metro (OO-FFF, OO-GGG) + 3x Swearingen Metro never used (OO-III, OO-JJJ, OO-NNN)
History: affiliated with Transport International Aerien (TIA) and member of the European Express Aviation Group, Airlines 1992 was formed in 1990 to provide capacity for regional charter flights from Brussels with a couple of Metros leased from Frevag nv. On March 8 1991 Air Europe Express ceased operations on the London Gatwick-Antwerp Deurne route and Airlines 1992 took over this link with TIA flight numbers. At the end of the summer season poor results and financial troubles with TIA led to cease of this service and the company Airlines 1992 became history during...1992.     


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