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Transport International Aérien

One of their seven Cessna Caravan's is captured wearing "TIA" titles on the engine cowling. (Photo: collection Skystef)


Base: Charleroi, Antwerp, Brussels
Fleet: 7x Cessna Caravan (OO-TIK, OO-TIR, OO-TIS, OO-TIV, OO-TIW, OO-TIY, OO-TIZ) + 1x Cessna (OO-RWG) leased from Jonathan Seagull + 1x Cessna (OO-PEN) leased from Indulec, 1x Piper (OO-TWN) + 1x Piper (OO-EJM) leased from Transmarcom-air, 1x Piper (OO-JPJ) leased from Servisair, 2x Swearingen Metro leased from Airlines 1992 (OO-FFF, OO-GGG), short term leases were 1x Beech (OO-DEB) and 1x Mitsubishi (OO-CVL).
History: affiliated with Airlines 1992 and member of the European Express Aviation Group, TIA was formed on April 5 1982 to provide air-taxi and general charter services. In 1986 a contract was signed with Fedex to operate on their intra European parcel network from Brussels and for this purpose some small sized airframes were leased like Cessna's, Pipers and a couple Metro's. From March 11 1991 onwards they also entered briefly the scheduled pax business between Antwerp and London Gatwick after Air Europe Express who operated this route went bankrupt. For this route a couple of Metro's of Airlines 1992 were leased but due to non payment to the lessor these ops ceased by July 1991. More bad new followed as in May 1992 Fedex decided to drop its Brussels hub, resulting that the Belgian company folded later on in that year.   


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