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Piper PA.31-310C Navajo (31-7912069)


Date: 05/1983

Location: ANR/EBAW

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this factory fresh Piper was registered on August 8 1979 to Charleroi based Estorez, here seen such at Antwerp airport. In January 1985 it migrated to Transmarcom-air, an Antwerp airport based flying unit affiliated with transport company "Transmarcom" which was formed in 1979 without changing the livery nor adopting titles. In May 1986 the commercial flying activities of this company already ceased but the airframe remained on the register with several other small operators, the last one being Microtron, still retaining the same outfit but with "Microtron" titles. On June 3 1996, it left Antwerp airport for Cambridge airport and was cancelled a few weeks later on June 27 as "G-FILL" for a private user Philip Vyvian Naylor-Leyland.


Belgian register