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Belgian B707 & B720


The aim of this section on my website is to have a pictorial story of each individual Belgian registered aircraft, past & present, and their current whereabouts. Six web pages are filled with data in tabular form where it should be easy to find out where each airframe has ended up. The blue links on the left give a pictorial story of each aircraft in the Belgian register. The jet powered aircraft are counting over 500 different regi's, a second page contains the turboprops with just over 100 airframes and both pages are still growing due to new entries in the Belgian register. One page is dedicated to piston driven airframes, almost 200 are counted. Work in progress is a page dedicated to small sized aircraft and helicopters in the Belgian register while another page contains the so called "foreigners", saying Belgian airlines with a foreign registered aircraft which never entered the Belgian register. Finally there is also a page specially dedicated to the mother of jet aircraft, namely the Boeing 707.

Needless to say keeping up-to-date this information is hard work and without any earnings, so nothing more than a passion which might be of some value to the casual or regular visitor, I try to do this around once in a month. Pictorial stories are updated more often when new pictures become available. If someone can provide an interesting picture that is not shown yet, you are always welcome to participate by sending a mail. My main interest goes in collecting color slides mainly from the sixties & seventies, especially taken at Brussels airport or other Belgian airfields. So if you have a small or large collection, or you know someone who has, don't hesitate to contact Stef