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Status of light aircraft, general aviation and helicopters on Belgian register: past and present




Regi  Type Msn  Belgian operator Last regi Current status
OO-AAA Dassault Falcon 7X 57 Flying Service C-GCUL Canadian Utilities Ltd
OO-ACE Cessna 120 13872 Noordzee Vliegclub G-JOLY Robert William Marchant
OO-ACO Cessna 510 Citation Mustang 510-0260 Air Service Liège OO-ACO Air Service Liège
OO-ACT Dassault Falcon 900C 194 Flying Service PH-STB Exxaero
OO-ADJ Piper J3C-65 Cub 12193 Devleminck Air Services G-BOXJ Anthony Bendkowski
OO-ADM Agusta-Bell 206A Jet Ranger 8077 Publi-Air F-BVPV (Air Wasteels)  seen wfu EBGB 22/06/77 probable after an accident
OO-AED Piper J3C-90 Cub 12379 Devleminck Air Services OO-AED CofA expired 17/11/82 as wfu EBGB  canx 27/03/19
OO-AER Pilatus PC-6/B1-H2 Turbo-Porter 645 Aero Survey HB-FCX (Zimex Aviation)  dbr when lost control shortly after take-off 350 km SE of BEN 09/03/81 {2,0}
OO-AFM Beech C90B King Air LJ-1405 Air Service Liège N305JM JMA Jet Sales LLC
OO-AGP Cessna 172H 54976 Royal Antwerp Aviation Club OO-AGP (Namur Aviation (Publi-Air))  dbr after t/o EBNM 16/06/91 {*,*}, afterwards the fuselage was seen as eyecatcher at Dick's Outdoor Adventure in Leeuwarden (the Netherlands), l/n 12/06/03, canx 13/02/13
OO-AIA Erco Ercoupe 415CD 4834 Royal Antwerp Aviation Club F-AZOV Jerome Villard
OO-AIE Cessna 560 Citation XLS 560-5733 Flying Service N735XL Rock-Tenn XLS II LLC
OO-AJP Socata Gardan GY.80 Horizon 160 28 European Air Transport F-HIGG J.P. Gregoire
OO-ALX Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign 680-0271 Flying Service PH-CJM Jet Netherlands BV
OO-AOL Piper PA.23-160 Apache 23-1640 Sotramat Aviation G-BICY Busy Bee Aero Engineering  seen wfu as hulk EGBM 13/05/17 after been wfu (intact) EGSP 00/00/06 (l/n such 19/17/15)
OO-ASF Cessna 207A Stationair 8 II 207-00569 Aviation Sans Frontières OO-ASF dbr after t/o somewhere in Moçambique 00/07/91 {?,?}
OO-ASL Beech B200C Super King Air BL-49 Air Service Liège OO-ASL Air Service Liège
OO-ATO Beech Queen Air 65 LD-205 Air Transport Association EC-EZN (Aerofer)  dbr on crash landing after t/o Valdepeñas Castile-La Mancha (Spain) 09/01/99 {0,2}
OO-ATS Cessna 500 Citation-I 500-044 Flying Service N28AR Bill Austin (N28AR LLC)
OO-AUD Cessna 310R-II 310R-0580 Abelag Aviation C-GAWZ (Pro Aviation Inc)  dbr on forced landing after the engines stopped on a training flight CYHU 24//06/04 {0,2}
OO-AVS Piper L-4H Cub 12429 Royal Antwerp Aviation Club G-BDCD Cubby Cub Group 33
OO-AVX Piper L-4J-PI Cub 13128 Regie Der Luchtwegen OO-AVX Brussels Air Museum  wfu military depot Landen (Belgium) (date unknown) after been canx 09/06/1970 as wfu EBGB & Vissenaken
OO-AWB Cessna F.152-II F152-01443 Hawa Air G-BKFC Private
OO-BAK Enstrom F-28A 168 Abelag Aviation OO-BAK ((Publi-Air / Namur Aviation) Marketing Communication Team)  hulk seen Woodside Farm in Elkington (U.K.) 01/02/12  canx 05/12/18 as wfu
OO-BAM Enstrom F-28A 201 Abelag Aviation G-BMIU (Rotor Enterprises Ltd)  dbr when lost control and landed hard while practise spot turn CVT 09/07/86 {0,1}
OO-BAR Piper PA.23-160 Apache 23-1883 Merlin Air Trade OO-BAR canx 30/06/1981 as b/u after been wfu OST 00/00/79
OO-BBA Beech 60 Duke P-97 Belgian Business Airways OO-BBA (9Q-?) canx 10/02/82 as exported to Zaire  fate ?
OO-BBY Piper PA.23-250E Aztec 27-7305049 Devleminck Air Services N27BY Devleminck Air Services
OO-BEA Cessna F.150J F150-0506 E.M. Deom Aviation OO-BEA (Aero Club der Kempen)  b/u ANR 00/03/12 & canx 12/03/12
OO-BEM Bell 47G-2 2225 Abelag Aviation OO-BEM crashed after a defect on the main rotor blade tailskid at unknown location 02/08/79 {0,2}
OO-BIB Robin DR-315 Petit Prince 484 Devleminck Air Services SP-KBO Private
OO-BLM Morane Saulnier MS.885 Super Rallye 5360 Publi-Air OO-BLM J. Vinck  canx 09/02/84 after CofA expired
OO-BMJ SOCATA MS.893E Rallye 180GT Gaillard 12218 Sky-Service D-EKGH (Private)  dbr Nordhausen (Germany) 05/06/92 {*;*}
OO-BOB Robin DR.360/160 Chevalier 704 Devleminck Air Services F-GMJE Plaisance Diffusion
OO-BOM SOCATA Rallye 150T 2775 Sky-Service D-ECON Private
OO-BOS Cessna 425 Conquest I 425-0179 Bosal Benelux N425WL Barclay Products
OO-BWA Cessna F.172N F172-01584 Hawa Air G-OBMS Private
OO-CBL SOCATA MS.883 Rallye 115 1366 C.E.B.L.O. D-EWAH Private
OO-CBS Cessna F.150J F150-0428 Publi-Air G-BLSS Seawing Flying Club Ltd  canx as wfu 16/12/87 (location unknown)
OO-CBT Cessna F.150J F150-0469 Publi-Air OO-CBT (Northeast Aviation)  crashed after t/o EBLE 03/02/74 {3,0}
OO-CBV Cessna U.206A U206-0633 Abelag Aviation 9Q-? canx Zaire 07/02/72  fate ?
OO-CDP Agusta-Bell 206A Jet Ranger 8046 Publi-Air OE-XLM Aerial Helicopter
OO-CEJ Cessna 560 Citation Ultra 525-0172 Air Service Liège OO-CEJ Air Service Liège
OO-CIV Cessna 525A CitationJet 2 525A-0206 Air Service Liège F-HJJV JAGV
OO-CJN Piper PA.23-250C Aztec 27-81 European Air Service N2418V Hart William Kirby
OO-CLO Cessna F.150L F150-00788 Royal Antwerp Aviation Club HA-SLA Air Patrol
OO-CLX Cessna 560 Citation V Ultra 560-0537 Sky Service SE-RLU Grafair
OO-CMT Cessna F.172F F172-0140 Abelag Aviation HA-SLF Private
OO-CNA Cessna F.150M F150-1198 Abelag Aviation OO-CNA Bluetail Flight School
OO-CNC Cessna F.172M F172-1440 Abelag Aviation PH-LDS AirBet
OO-CND Cessna F.182P F182-0018 Abelag Aviation HB-CEV (Motorfluggruppe Chur)  crashed enroute Locarno - Bad Ragaz in bad weather into a mountain near Val Vignun (Switserland) 30/07/89 {3,0}
OO-CNG Cessna F.182P F182-0007 Abelag Aviation G-ROWE (Private)  dbr when flipped over in gales from storm "Gertrude" whilst parked on ground MME 29/01/16 {0,0}
OO-CNH Cessna FR.172K Hawk XP-II FR172-0596 Abelag Aviation D-ESSL Private
OO-CNJ Cessna 210M Centurion II 210-61674 Abelag Aviation G-TOTN Quay Financial Strategies Ltd
OO-CNO Cessna F.152 F152-1472 Abelag Aviation OO-CNO (Albatros Air Academy)  dbr EBGB 21/03/85 {*,*} and later seen wfu Makelhoeve (Belgium)  canx 29/04/19 as wfu
OO-CNP Cessna F.152 F152-1497 Abelag Aviation OO-CNP (New CAG)  dbr on landing when bounced on rwy ending on its nose EBSH 05/06/12 {0,2}, fuselage stripped, rebuild and used as grounded flight simulator Nieuwerkerk (the Netherlands) 
OO-CNW Cessna FR.172N Skyhawk II FR172-2032 Abelag Aviation OO-CNW (Aéro Para Club de Spa)  dbr in fire when in maintenance KJK 09/05/11 {0,0}  canx 13/09/11
OO-COD Agusta-Bell 206A Jet Ranger 8378 Publi-Air OO-COD crashed near the church of Kobbegem (Belgium) after the tail rotor hit the lifting cable while removing the cross from the spire for restoration 14/11/88 {0,1}
OO-COK Robinson R.22 Beta 1425 Publi-Air G-BSLF (Arian Helicopters Ltd)  dbr when crashed at low altitude on a training flight during a hovering manoeuvre EGPG 05/08/95 {0,2}
OO-COM Schweizer 300C S-1384 Publi-Air PH-PHZ Prince Helicopters  stored 14/01/13 probable Zierikzee ((the Netherlands)  canx as wfu 07/11/14
OO-COP Agusta-Bell 206A Jet Ranger 8284 Publi-Air OO-COP (P. Ocula)  b/u 00/07/17 (location unknown but possible LGG where it was stored since at least 00/00/08)
OO-CPC Cessna F.150M F150-0292 Abelag Aviation OO-CPC wfu & hanging on ceiling of discotheque "le Retro" Lasne (Belgium) 00/00/12 after been wfu & preserved near an American fastfood restaurant Lasne (Belgium) (date unknown)
OO-CPP Cessna F.152 F152-1467 Abelag Aviation HA-PPL Fly-Coop
OO-CPW Cessna 182B 51584 Abelag Aviation 9XR-CS Private
OO-CTE Beech 200 Super King Air BB-399 Travair N399BM (Rodado Aviation Inc) 421-C LLC
OO-CVL Mitsubishi Mu.2B-60 Marquise 1528SA Servisair N466DC Aerotel Inc
OO-CVM Piper PA.23-160 Apache 27-4081 Ghent Air N42050 Thomas Baum
OO-CVN Beech Queen Air 65-80 LD.4 Ghent Air N72500 (Robert Korastinsky)  canx 05/12/14 after CofA expired
OO-DAM Aero Commander 500B 893-1 Aero Survey N107VC James A. Rodriguez-Colom
OO-DAS Piper PA.18-95 Super Cub 18-1558 Gedair F-HLOG Union Aérienne Lille Roubaix Tourcoing
OO-DCM Cessna 500 Citation II 500-0182 Lambda Jet N900TA (Mapleleaf Acquisitions Inc)  b/u Bates City 24/03/17 after been wfu Bates City 00/12/01
OO-DFC Piper PA.31-325 Navajo C/R 31-8012041 Air Limo SE-LTT Private
OO-DFG Dassault Falcon 2000LX Easy 140 Abelag Aviation VH-EWB Flight Options Australia
OO-DIL Cessna 201L Centurion II 60712 Hessenatie-Neptunus F-GPEQ Private
OO-DKE Cessna 340A 340A-0546 Stradavia D-IDDY Private
OO-EAB Piper J3C-65 Cub 12220 Section Sportive et de Tourisme Aérien OO-EAB (Sabena Aéro Club)  crashed after t/o EBGB 15/05/00 {0,2}  wreckage sold to a private owner in the Netherlands and wfu Midden Zeeland
OO-EAN Bell 206B JetRanger II 1595 Skytech OO-EAN Echo Alfa November nv
OO-EDB Cessna 421A Golden Eagle 421A-0138 Belgian Air Service I-NEGL (Umbria Fly)  CofA expired & wfu (date & location unknown)
OO-EDV Cessna 525B Citationjet 3 525B-0200 Air Service Liège D-CENT  Excellent Air
OO-EEC Partenavia P 68C Victor 218 Travair D-GEEK Private
OO-EEL Beagle 206C Basset Srs.1 8/B.026 Velbo OO-EEL (N3763X) (Merlin Air Trade)  b/u OST 00/00/83 after been wfu late 70's
OO-EJM Piper PA.31-310C Navajo 31-7912069 Transmarcom-air G-FILL (Private)  dbr on landing when brakes failed and had to veer to the right but left wing struck stone wall at end of private strip Wentworth Woodhouse (U.K.) 26/10/2010 {0,1}  fuselage seen EGBK 01/09/2012
OO-ELK Dassault Falcon 8X 457 Abelag Aviation OO-ELK Abelag Aviation
OO-EMS McDonnell Douglas MD-900 Explorer 900-00020 Helifly OE-XCC Heli-Austria
OO-EXP Cessna 180B 50617 Aeroclub FBA N9117T Paul K. Michaud
OO-FAE Dassault Falcon 7X 79 Abelag Aviation OO-FAE Abelag Aviation but lsd Belgian Air Force 13/08/20
OO-FBA Piper PA.18-95 Super Cub 18-3162 Gedair F-BVOZ Aero Club de Saint Dizier Robinson
OO-FBY Cessna 500 Citation II 500-0093 Hawa Air YV317T (Private)  wfu for parts TMB (l/n 30/03/16)
OO-FKT Partenavia P 68B Victor 26 L. Fenaux 9Q-CKV (Broussair)  fate ?
OO-FLA Piper PA.28-140 Cherokee Cruiser 28-7625105 Omni-Flight OO-FLA J.L. Jamotton
OO-FLC Cessna F.152 F152-1624 Sabena Aéro Club OO-FLC Sabena Aero Club
OO-FLD Piper PA.28-161 Warrior II 28-7816213 Omni-Flight G-BHJO Tayside Aviation
OO-FLE Piper PA.34-200T Seneca II 34-7770135 Omni-Flight (PH-HNM) KN Singles and Twins Aviation Consultants BV  wfu EHLE 00/11/09  (l/n EHLE 00/03/14 still as "OO-FLE")
OO-FLF Piper PA.28-161 Warrior II 28-8016090 Omni-Flight RA-01875 Private
OO-FLG Piper PA.38-112 Tomahawk 38-79A0966 Omni-Flight EI-BVK Brian Lowe
OO-FLH Piper PA.28RT-201T Arrow IV 28R-8018002 Omni-Flight OO-FLH (Flanair)  dbr when flipped over in gales from a storm whilst parked on ground LTN 16/10/87 {0,0}  later seen wfu KJK  canx 07/05/98
OO-FLI Piper PA.28-181 Archer II 28-7790326 Omni-Flight ZK-FHQ Wellington Aero Club
OO-FLM Piper PA.28-181 Archer II 28-7990544 Omni-Flight N228AM A. Moens
OO-FLN Cessna 525A Citation Jet 2 525A-0179 Z.B.G. Services N237MP Shepherd Aircraft Holdings 237
OO-FLO SOCATA MS.880B Rallye Club 2957 Omni-Flight G-BUGX (R.W.H.Watson)  canx 24/08/01after been wfu 00/04/99
OO-FLR Piper PA.28-181 Archer II 228-7890291 Omni-Flight G-BHZE Zegruppe Ltd
OO-FLS Piper PA.32-300 Cherokee Six 32-7940074 Omni-Flight N973SF Aerospace Trust Management LLC
OO-FLT Piper PA.38-112 Tomahawk 38-78A0336 Omni-Flight G-BGRR Private
OO-FLU Piper PA.28R-201 Arrow III 28R-7837026 Omni-Flight G-BHNS (Michael Dukes)  crashed just below the summit of Mount Eriksjokull (Iceland) 21/06/84 {0,2}
OO-FLW Piper PA.18-95 Super Cub 18-1562 Ghent Aviation Club OO-FLW M. Kenis
OO-FLZ SOCATA Rallye 180T 3207 Sky-Service OO-FLZ dbr KJK when engine failed at low altitude and crashed 15/07/01 {0,1}
OO-FMC Cessna F.172H F172-0614 Jeugd en Luchtvaart OO-FMC (Aero Club Hoevenen)  dbr when after t/o it went into a ditch and turned upside down EBHN 14/03/03 {0,*}
OO-FNL Cessna 525 525-0332 Z.B.G. Services N511BP Jettech Holdings LLC
OO-FPA Cessna 560 Citation V 560-5248 Flying Service XA-HTL Antair S.A.
OO-FPC Cessna 525B CitationJet CJ3 525B-0147 Flying Service N147TA Kern Global Service LLC
OO-FPE Cessna 525B CitationJet CJ3 525B-0158 Flying Service CS-DOS Valair Private Jets
OO-FST Cessna F.150H F150-0350 Royal Antwerp Aviation Club OO-FST Vlaamse Helikopter Maatschappij (VMH)  wfu Gembloux (Belgium)  CofA expired 06/01/94  canx 01/09/19
OO-FTC Cessna F.152 F152-01440 Abelag Aviation G-BXRN (The Exeter Flying Club Ltd)  dbr on exercise flight when engine failed and landed in a field Uplowman 7 km NE of Tiverton (U.K.) 28/06/00 {0,2}  canx 21/11/00
OO-FTW Piper PA.23-150 Apache 23-911 Devleminck Air Services OO-FTW crashed Bourbon-Lancy (France) 10/09/70 {*,*}  canx 10/11/76
OO-FWJ Pilatus PC-6/B2-H2 Turbo-Porter 710 Para Centrum Oud-Turnhout OO-NAC (Namur Air Promotion SA)  crashed 10 minutes after t/o Marchovelette (Belgium) after a wing broke off 19/10/13 {11,0}
OO-FYG Cessna 550 Citation Bravo 550-1027 Flying Service N299RK Gasser Llc
OO-GAC SOCATA MS.880B Rallye Club 2302 Ghent Aviation Club OO-GAC (W. De Roos)  wfu ANR 00/00/07  canx 06/03/17
OO-GAI Cessna F.182P 182-63909 Abelag Aviation D-EGAH Private
OO-GAP Cessna 150L 150-74157 Royal Antwerp Aviation Club N2024 R. Jacobse
OO-GAQ Cessna 172N 17268074 Jeugd en Luchtvaart OO-GAQ Jeugd en Luchtvaart
OO-GBL Learjet 35A 35A-284 Abelag Aviation N43MF Med Flight Air Ambulance Inc
OO-GDA Cessna 401A 401A-0029 Publi-Air N8531C Private  exported Brasil 17/04/12
OO-GEA Piper 18 L4H Cub 11768 Publi-Air OO-GEA Canx 13/12/82 as wfu  fate ?
OO-GEC Piper J3C-65 Cub 16378 Royal Antwerp Aviation Club G-BBHJ Michael Leslie Joseph (Trustee of Wellness Flying Group)
OO-GEO Dornier Do 28D-1 Skyservant 4023 Walphot OO-GEO dbr on emergency landing in field Kampenhout (Belgium) 04/05/89 {0,?} donated to Brussels Air Museum & wfu Vissenaken (Belgium) (date unknown) after been used as instructional frame OST 00/00/95 & wfu EBFN 00/00/89
OO-GFC SOCATA MS.880B Rallye Club 1796 Ghent Flying Club N880V (R. Verschaeve)  dbr on emergency landing in a field after engine problems near EBUL 14/04/12 {0,1}
OO-GFD Dassault Falcon 2000 101 Abelag Aviation VT-RVL Religare Aviation
OO-GIS Cessna 404 Titan II 404-0020 Eurosense OO-ESA Eurosense
OO-GJP Cessna F206A 206-0173 European Air Transport PH-SEB (Bob Fleumer Aerial Photography BV)  dbr in an accident EHLE 04/05/92 {0,2}
OO-GME Piper PA.38-112 Tomahawk 38-80A0081 Omni-Flight G-RVRU Ravenair Aircraft Ltd
OO-GMJ Beechcraft King Air 350 FL-460 Air Service Liège F-HBTT CAE Aviation
OO-GPN Cessna Citation 500 500-0225 Tecmid-Benelux RP-C1500 (Air Span Corp)  crashed into mountain between Cagayan and Butuan (Philippines) 01/02/97 {2,0}
OO-GPS Cessna 404 Titan II 404-0609 Eurosense OO-GPS Eurosense
OO-GUF Cessna F.150G F150-0153 Gentse Universitaire Vliegclub OO-GUF wfu KJK after CofA expired & canx 05/11/79
OO-GVA SOCATA MS.883 Rallye 115 1391 C.E.B.L.O. OO-GVA crashed shortly after t/o EBSP 21/07/89 {*,*}  canx 30/08/19
OO-GVF Beech 77 Skipper WA-173 Belgian Flight School F-HLUK Gilles Polomé Aviation
OO-HAV Piper PA.28-140 Cherokee 28-7625062 European Air Transport OO-JPF Marcel Rene Lerinckx
OO-HFA Cessna F.152-II F152-01866 Abelag Aviation OK-HFA Aviation Club
OO-HFB Cessna U.206G Stationair II U206-06173 Abelag Aviation N669DV Barry Adventure Travel
OO-HHO Dassault Falcon 8X 426 Abelag Aviation OO-HHO Abelag Aviation
OO-HIT Beechcraft C-45G AF-42 Aviation Benelux OO-HIT b/u ANR 04/06/68
OO-HJC Partenavia P 68C Victor 216 Travair ZS-LAJ Private
OO-HJD Partenavia P 68C Victor 245-08-TC Travair PH-MAS Miramap Aerial Surveys
OO-HOP Agusta-Bell 206B JetRanger II 8418 Publi-Air G-KETH DAC Leasing Ltd
OO-HPG Embraer Emb.500 Phenom 100 50000187 Capital Aircraft Group 9H-LGM Luxwing
OO-HRG Bombardier Learjet 40 45-2064 Air Service Liège OO-HRG Air Service Liège
OO-HSA Fairchild-Swearingen SA.226T Merlin IIIB T322 Aero Distributors N360LG N360LG LLC  stored LAS 16/05/21
OO-HVL Piper PA.23 Apache 160 23-576 HVL Air Service G-BFSK (A.F. Aviation Limited)  wfu & used as ground trainer OXF 14/04/78
OO-HWA Cessna F.172N F172-01584   Hawa Air G-OBMS Mike Sierra Group
OO-IAR Dassault Falcon 2000 EX 8 Flying Service N1978X Excelsis LLC
OO-IBC Sabreliner 65 465-68 I.B.I.S. N888UP Agilis Leasing LLC
OO-IBI Cessna 500 Citation Eagle 500-0238 I.B.I.S. N409S Citation Time LLC
OO-IBJ Handley Page 137 Jetstream 200 215 I.B.I.S. OO-IBJ b/u ANR 00/10/97
OO-IBK Piper PA.34-200T Seneca II 34-7770019 I.B.I.S. PT-STA Starflight
OO-IBL Handley Page 137 Jetstream 200 241 I.B.I.S. OO-IBL (AIS Airlines)  was wfu EHLE 16/04/16 after been wfu ANR 07/04/97 (was transported by road to EHLE)  was for sale 00/07/17  fate ?
OO-IBS Sabreliner 60 306-5 I.B.I.S. N161CM White Industries Inc  wfu Bates City 04/08/02 (canx 29/04/09, l/n derelict 00/06/16)
OO-JBA Learjet 31 31-009 Jet Business Airlines N38MG ELG Air
OO-JBB Dassault (Breguet Mystère) Falcon 20C 116 Jet Business Airlines N770FG Flynn-Gallagher Associates
OO-JBS Learjet 35A 35A-669 Jet Business Airlines C-GWFG West Fraser Air
OO-JCM Piper PA.28 181 Archer II 28-7990499 Belgian Flight School  OO-JCM Belgian Flight School 
OO-JDB Siai Marchetti S-205-18F 341 Royal Antwerp Aviation Club OO-JDB (G. Van Poucke)  dbr EBKT 28/01/81 {*,*}  canx 24/04/86
OO-JDV Pilatus PC.6/B2-H4 Turbo-Porter 911 Paracentrum Vlaanderen PK-RCQ Associated Mission Aviation
OO-JEL Cessna F.172M F172-01251 Jeugd en Luchtvaart OO-JEL destroyed after disorientated in low clouds and struck into yacht "Spartina" near Solent Channel, 3 miles ENE of Ryde, Isle of Wight (U.K.) 30/04/87 {3+2,0}
OO-JON Socata Gardan GY.80 Horizon 160 43 Devleminck Air Services D-EFFW Private
OO-JOY Robin HR.200/100 39 Devleminck Air Services OO-JOY dbr EBSP 14/05/89 {*,*}  canx 09/06/89
OO-JPA Piper PA.28-140 Cherokee 28-7325491 European Air Transport OO-JPA (J. Fizaine)  dbr when due to strong winds ran off rwy and wing tips collided with hangars EHMZ 28/04/84 {0,1}  canx 12/07/84
OO-JPC Piper PA.32R-301 Cherokee Six 32-7340123 European Air Transport G-IFFR Brendair
OO-JPD Piper PA.28-140 Cherokee 28-7425107 European Air Transport F-HOTO Aero Club Thouarsais
OO-JPF Piper PA.28-140 Cherokee 28-7625062 European Air Transport OO-JPF Marcel Rene Lerinckx
OO-JPG Piper Pa-28R-200 Cherokee Arrow II 28R-7435005 European Air Transport OO-JPG crashed FKB 05/09/76 {*,*}
OO-JPG (2) Mooney M.20J 24-0534 European Air Transport N100HQ Bogco Aviation  stored EHTE (at least since 31/12/11 when CofA expired)  canx 08/08/16 as wfu
OO-JPJ Piper PA.34-200 Seneca 34-7350335 European Air Transport OO-JPJ (Flanders Airlines)  b/u SEN 00/00/94 after been stored DNR 00/03/90 & wfu SEN (date unknown)
OO-JPM Piper PA.28-151 Cherokee Warrior 28-7415049 European Air Transport OO-JPM crashed into mountain side at Vauvenargues (France) 29/04/78 {*,*}
OO-JPM (2) Mooney M.20J 24-1116 European Air Transport D-EBYA (Private)  destroyed when flew into a mountain and burst into flames Malvaglia (Switserland) 03/09/03 {2,0}
OO-JPP Rockwell Commander 685 12027 European Air Transport N858LT Vindobona Aviation Ltd  seen wfu QSA 01/08/13
OO-JPR Piper PA.28-151 Cherokee Warrior 28-7415538 European Air Transport LZ-SPS Private
OO-JPS Piper PA.28-140 Cherokee 28-7225575 European Air Transport F-HCLD J-J Picard
OO-JPW Piper PA.28R-200 Cherokee Arrow II 28R-7635397 European Air Transport F-GJPS Gilles Polomé Aviation
OO-JTH Cessna F.150H F150-0384 Royal Antwerp Aviation Club OO-JTH dbr when ran off without pilot OST 03/03/78 {*,*}, later transported to ANR & wfu  canx 12/12/78
OO-JVO Cessna F.172G F172-0281 Vlaamse Luchtvaartbond OO-JVO (F. Declerck)  dbr on ground during a winter storm ANR 13/01/93 {0,0} canx 24/09/01 as sold to Hungary for spares
OO-KAI Cessna F.150J F150-0922 Ben-Air HA-SLT Merkair KFT
OO-KEA Socata Rallye 110ST 3302 Ibis Avia OO-KEA (C.E.B.L.O.)  wfu & used as instruction airframe Stedelijk Lyceum Antwerp (ANR) 25/08/95
OO-KES Piper PA.28 Cherokee 140 28-7325013 Sabena Aéro Club OO-KES dbr EBGB 26/03/89 {*,*}
OO-KJG Learjet 35A 35A-149 Abelag Aviation N800AW (AirNet Systems)  dbr in an inadvertent stall and the subsequent hard landing UCA 19/03/04 {0,2}
OO-KRC Canadair CL-604 Challenger 5577 Flying Service N249TX Runway Express
OO-KRY Aermacchi-Lockheed AL.60-B2 6214-34 Aero Survey OO-KRY dbr on ground after collided with "OO-DAM" ANR 00/00/69 {*,0} (canx 01/10/69)
OO-LCM Cessna Citation 500 500-0036 Lambda Jet N50812 (Aero Vision International)  wfu & used for fire practise EDLV 00/00/19 after been wfu & used for fire practise BRU 27/03/06  canx 13/04/09 as wfu
OO-LES Cessna F.150G F150-0072 Sotramat Aviation OO-LES (Aéroclub des Rièzes)  dbr on ground when hangar where it was parked collapsed EBDT 28/01/94 {0,0}  canx 03/02/20
OO-LET Beech B.200 Super King Air BB-1473 Air Service Liège OO-LET Air Service Liège
OO-LFA Learjet 24D 248 Abelag Aviation 9Q-CBC (Scibe-Airlift Zaïre)  dbr when impacted the ground while on a visual approach in darkness to runway 24 FIH 18/01/94 {2,0}
OO-LFB Cessna 402B 402B-0041 Abelag Aviation C-FATW (Aero Trades (Western))  canx 03/12/84 as wfu  later possible destroyed by fire 00/00/94
OO-LFC Cessna 421A Golden Eagle 421A-0138 Abelag Aviation I-NEGL (Umbria Fly)  CofA expired & wfu (date & location unknown)
OO-LFD Cessna 421A Golden Eagle 421A-0066 Abelag Aviation F-BPPY Europe Aviation  stored (date & location unknown)
OO-LFE Cessna 340 340-0060 Abelag Aviation N567DB (United States Aircraft Insurance Group)  canx 05/04/93 as b/u
OO-LFF Cessna 421B Golden Eagle II 421B-0380 Abelag Aviation N44AT (TC-?) (Godwin Aircraft Inc)  canx to Turkey 24/12/92  fate ?
OO-LFG Cessna 421B Golden Eagle II 421B-0593 Abelag Aviation OY-BYK (Karlog Air)  canx to Haiti 16/10/00 but ntu  seen wfu PAP 15/04/10 still as OY-BYK.
OO-LFH Cessna 421C Golden Eagle II 421C-0064 Abelag Aviation N588TB Under the radar LLC
OO-LFJ Cessna 441 Conquest 441-0021 Abelag Aviation XB-GBN Private
OO-LFK Cessna 340A 340A-0497 Abelag Aviation N340DW David Scott Silver
OO-LFL Cessna 441 Conquest 441-0184 Abelag Aviation N441MN MN Designs Inc
OO-LFR Learjet 25D 25D-320 Abelag Aviation N690JC One Way Jet  CofA expired 28/02/14
OO-LFS Learjet 45 45-018 Abelag Aviation D-CDOC Jetcall GmbH
OO-LFT Dassault (Breguet Mystère) Falcon 50 42 Abelag Aviation N167BD JRB Aviarion LLC
OO-LFV Learjet 35 35-481 Abelag Aviation N99NJ National Jets Inc
OO-LFY Learjet 35 35-200 Abelag Aviation P4-TID Tiara Air-Pro Air Ambulance Services
OO-LFZ Learjet 25B 25B-118 Abelag Aviation N818CK (Kalitta Charters)  canx 08/03/18 as CofA expired 30/09/16
OO-LGR Beechcraft Queen Air 65 LC-117 Traveco F-BTQI Air Cote D'Azur
OO-LMP Dassault Falcon 2000LX 161 Abelag Aviation OO-LMP Abelag Aviation
OO-LUM Dassault Falcon 7X 4 Abelag Aviation OO-LUM Abelag Aviation but lsd Belgian Air Force 24/04/20
OO-LVM Piper PA.18-95 Super Cub 18-3205 Skyworks G-BTUR Private
OO-LWA Piper PA.18-135 Super Cub 18-4017 Skyworks D-EBZR Private
OO-LWB Piper PA.18-135 Super Cub 18-3925 Skyworks G-BMAY Private
OO-LWG Focke-Wulf Piaggio 149D 050 Skyworks OO-LWG (Merlin Air Trade)  wfu & on display in RAF camouflage c/s with fake regi "AM230" in front of staalbedrijf Siebum Apeldoorn (the Netherlands)  f/n 05/09/19, l/n 30/11/19
OO-LWM Cessna F.150L F150-01136 Skyworks G-BMBB Doncaster Sheffield Flight Training
OO-LXV Cessna 172N 17273261 Royal Antwerp Aviation Club HA-VEX CAVOK Aviation Training
OO-MAH Piper PA.28-161 Warrior III 2842167 Royal Antwerp Aviation Club OO-MAH Winters Aviation  wfu & used for spares to rebuild "OO-TMI"  canx 01/06/15
OO-MAP Cessna 404   404-0855 Aerodata OO-MAP Leeman  used as food road truck after been stored ANR since at least 00/01/15 due to corrosion in wings  canx 27/01/16 as wfu 
OO-MAS Embraer 500 Phenom 100 50000196 Sky-Service N508ML Phenom 196 LLC  stored MFR 04/08/15  canx 05/03/18 as wfu
OO-MBP Pilatus PC.24 182 European Aircraft Private Club (E.A.P.C.) OO-MBP European Aircraft Private Club (E.A.P.C.)
OO-MBV SOCATA Rallye 110ST Galopin 3210 Aeroclub Kiewit G-HENT Sean Flanagan
OO-MET Cessna 172D 172-49978 Sotramat Aviation D-EOOM Private
OO-MIX Cessna F.172G F172-0212 Sotramat Aviation OO-MIX dbr LIL 20/07/98 {*,*}  afterwards airframe was used as instructional airframe by T.I.B. ANR
OO-MLF Piper PA.34-200T Seneca II 34-7970216 Air Service Liège OO-MLF Bluetail Flight School
OO-MLG Cessna 560XL Citation Excel 560-5028 Abelag Aviation OO-MLG Abelag Aviation
OO-MMJ Cessna 172R 17280361 Royal Antwerp Aviation Club HA-WIN Private
OO-MMM Britten - Norman Islander BN.2A-21 468 Belgian North Sea Aerial Survey OO-MMM Belgian North Sea Aerial Survey
OO-MMP Cessna 551 Citation II/SP 550-0559 Sky-Service N409ST ABS Equipment Leasing LLC
OO-MPC Britten - Norman Islander BN.2A-26 461 Paraclub Moorsele ZS-OSD (Sabin Air)  destroyed when the aircraft impacted high terrain obscured by clouds 33 km NW of Barberton (South Africa) 05/10/08 {9,0}
OO-MRC Aérospatiale SN-601 Corvette 30 Hessenatie-Sotramat Aviation F-GLEC SNIAS Helicopter  stored TLS 00/00/09
OO-MRD Piper PA.60-600 Aerostar 61P-0514-214 Hessenatie-Sotramat Aviation N32RG (32 Romeo Golf Inc)  after t/o destroyed following a loss of engine power 16 km from CPE 23/11/93 {0,4}
OO-MRE Aérospatiale SN-601 Corvette 15 Hessenatie-Sotramat Aviation EC-HHZ Aerovento  stored (date & place unknown)
OO-MRF Piper PA.60-600 Aerostar 61P-0554-238 Hessenatie-Sotramat Aviation N601PC Universal Investors LLC
OO-MRT Aero Commander 690B 11357 Hessenatie-Neptunus N690GH Aircraft Guaranty Corporation
OO-MRU Aero Commander 690B 11374 Hessenatie-Sotramat Aviation N300CP (Medic Air Corporation)  broke up in flight due to severe turbulence enroute RNO-SVE over the Sierra Nevada mountains 31/12/92 {2,0}
OO-MSN Cessna T.310R-II 310R0562 Aerodata N87443 Keystone Aerial Surveys Inc
OO-MUZ Morane Saulnier MS.885 Super Rallye 427 Publi-Sky OO-MUZ (Aeroclub Aalst)  canx 01/02/83
OO-NAC Pilatus PC-6/B2-H2 Turbo-Porter 710 Namur Air Promotion SA OO-NAC crashed 10 minutes after t/o Marchovelette (Belgium) after a wing broke off 19/10/13 {11,0}
OO-NAD Dassault Falcon 7X 041 Flying Service G-SMHA Concierge U Ltd
OO-NAN Cessna 441 Conquest I 441-0182 Stradavia VH-IRS Corporate Air
OO-NEY Embraer 545 Legacy 450 55010003 Air Service Liège OO-NEY Air Service Liège
OO-NGI Embraer 190 Lineage 1000 19000611 Flying Service D-ANNI Air Hamburg
OO-NOL Cessna 182F 182-55058 Ghent Aviation Club D-EBBQ (Private)  dbr somewhere in Germany 09/09/89 {*,*}
OO-NSA SOCATA MS.893A Rallye Commodore 180 10612 Aero Club Brugge OO-NSA (RA-?) departed from OST to LED 10/06/10 & canx 24/11/10  fate ?
OO-NVC Piper PA.23 Apache 150 23-576 Travair G-BFSK (AF Aviation)  wfu & used as ground trainer OXF 14/04/78
OO-NYL Piper PA 28-180D Cherokee 28-4654 Ghent Aviation Club OO-NYL V. Ghobert
OO-OCA Beech 300 Super King Air 350 FL-672 Air Service Liège OO-OCA Air Service Liège
OO-OPB Cessna 310Q 310Q0232 Publi-Air N333ES Rebus LLC
OO-OSA Cessna 500 Citation II 550-0147 Bosal International N659AS ((N659AS LLC) Dodson International Parts)  canx 14/08/21 as wfu presum b/u afterwards (location unknown)
OO-OSD Cessna 525A CitationJet 2 525A-0229 Flying Service D-IBET Quest Air Services
OO-OTO SOCATA MS.880B Rallye Club 1264 Ghent Aviation Club F-HCTO M. Moetwil
OO-PAR Cessna 525B CitationJet 3 525B-0287 Abelag Aviation OO-PAR Abelag Aviation
OO-PBL Beechcraft 77 Skipper WA-250 Belgian Flight School   OO-PCB dbr on hard landing CRL 10/01/09 {0,1}  l/n fuselage EBSG 14/04/18  canx 09/10/20
OO-PCB Sud Aviation SE.316B Alouette III 2640 Civiele Bescherming OO-PCB dbr when rotor hit canopy AZ Sint Jan Brugge (Belgium) {0,4}
OO-PCJ Pilatus PC.12/47E 1571 European Aircraft Private Club (E.A.P.C.) OO-PCJ European Aircraft Private Club (E.A.P.C.)
OO-PCL Cessna U.206G Stationair-II U206-04724 Abelag Aviation OO-PCL (Propeller bvba)  damaged beyond repair after set on fire 29/04/14 GCLB {0,0} after been impounded GCLB 00/00/06 (CofA expired 22/12/06) & canx 01/07/20
OO-PCV Pilatus PC-6/B2-H4 Turbo-Porter 882 Paracentrum Vlaanderen EC-LQH Jump Aviation SL
OO-PEG Piper PA.28-161 Warrior III 2842281 Royal Antwerp Aviation Club OO-PEG Royal Antwerp Aviation Club
OO-PEN Cessna T303 Crusader T303-00014 Transmarcom-air D-IVYA Frank Kratky
OO-PGG Cessna 560XL Citation Excel 560-5230 Abelag Aviation OK-HAR Aeropartner
OO-PHB Beechcraft 1900 UE-106 Air Service Liège HK-5340 Aerolet Panama
OO-PHI Cessna 525 Citation Jet 525-0115 Flying Service N501SM Capital Aircraft Group (Powerfever)  stored ANR 06/02/20
OO-PHS de Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk CFF.19 Royal Antwerp Aviation Club OO-PHS crashed during an inverted flight EHSE 19/09/70 {0,2}  canx 20/01/72
OO-PIP SOCATA Rallye 110ST Galopin 3258 Ibis Avia G-BKVB (Alan Bishop)  canx 03/04/09
OO-PKB Piper PA.60-600 Aerostar 61P-0593-7963263 MLP Aviation G-MOVE Private  cofa expired 00/08/05 and seen wfu without engines BOH 20/04/08
OO-PKZ Pilatus PC.6 909 Limburg Air Promotion F-OPCB Para Club de Bourbon
OO-POF Pilatus PC.6 524  Aviation Tourisme Carolégien F-GPRO Alpes Aviation
OO-PRA Piper PA.28-140D Cherokee 28-7125218 General Air Service OO-PRA Gregory Pierre Krassnikoff
OO-PRE Robinson R.22 Beta 1635 Publi-Air N6359Z (Ed Mauldin)  canx 10/08/06 as wfu
OO-PRF Cessna F.150L F150-00840 Publi-Air OO-PRF Bluetail Flight School
OO-PRG Cessna F.150M F150-01185 Publi-Air OO-PRG Bluetail Flight School
OO-PRH Cessna F.150M F150-01183 Publi-Air OO-PRH Aero Motion
OO-PRK Cessna 150M 77811 Publi-Air OO-PRK (Winters Aviation)  was sold Hungary possible for spares after been wfu EBNM 00/00/89  canx 12/05/20
OO-PRL Cessna F150K Aerobat FA150-0008 Publi-Air F-HPRE Noveru Bengemin
OO-PRM Reims-Cessna FA.150 FA150-0024 Publi-Air OO-PRM (JC Decroillier)  dbr EBZH (date unknown) and canx 09/11/76
OO-PRM (2) Cessna 510 Citation Mustang 510-0125 Air Service Liège OO-PRM (2) Air Service Liège
OO-PRN Cessna FA.150K Aerobat FA150-0031 Publi-Air HA-BEG Aero Club - Malév
OO-PRS Cessna F.172M F172-01044 Publi-Air OO-PRS Vliegclub Hoevenen
OO-PRV Enstrom F-28A 146 Publi-Air OO-PRV (DC Air Service)  crashed on landing due to gusty winds somewhere in Belgium 05/06/94 {0,*}
OO-PRY Grob G.109 6034 Publi-Air I-JANE Private
OO-PRZ Grob G.109 6035 Publi-Air PH-835 BETAV bv  CofA expired 06/05/13  canx 29/07/14
OO-PTF Piper PA.30-160B Twin Comanche 30-1586 Publi-Ciel N55JS Air Flight Enterprises
OO-PXL Partenavia P.68C-TC 245-08-TC Aerodata PH-MAS Miramap Aerial Surveys
OO-RAM Cessna 510 Citation Mustang 510-0317 Air Service Liège N850JD Skycope LLC
OO-RAQ Cessna F.172K F172-00788 Devleminck Air Services OO-RAQ Koninklijke Vliegclub De Wouw
OO-RJE Cessna 550 Citation II 550-0422 Rossair 9H-MXP Pontair
OO-RKS Cessna 510 Citation Mustang 510-0189 Air Service Liège OO-RKS Air Service Liège
OO-ROB Aero Commander 690 B 11409 Robsa International OO-ROB ABK Wevelgem
OO-ROM Cessna 150M 150-77521 Royal Antwerp Aviation Club OO-ROM dbr after the pilot hand started the propellor and ran off without pilot on board hitting two cars parked on the apron ANR 03/08/01{0,0}  canx 14/11/02
OO-RSE Sabreliner 65 465-72 RST Aviation N603AW Flight Research Inc.
OO-RST Cessna 500 Citation 500-0063 RST Aviation N70MG Ortal Investments Inc  canx 21/02/18 as wfu after cofa expired 30/06/15
OO-RVA Piper L-4H Cub 12221 Regie Der Luchtwegen OO-RVA canx 21/10/75 as wfu EBGB 
OO-RVT Partenavia P.68B Victor 156 Travair G-BMCB (Air Kilroe)  crashed shortly after t/o and destroyed by fire EMA 20/10/90 {1,0}
OO-RWG Cessna 401 401-0204 Jonathan Seagull OO-RWG (Servisair)  was wfu & used as instructional airframe Stedelijk Lyceum Antwerp (Antwerp-Linkeroever) (date unknown) after been wfu BRU (date unknown) but was seen derelict BRU 31/12/00  canx 03/07/20 as wfu
OO-SAA Hughes 269B 0176 S.A.B.C.A. PH-KAH (L.A. Gravemaker)  crashed Schimmen (the Netherlands) 15/02/72 {0,2}
OO-SBO Dassault Falcon 7X 465 Flying Service OO-SBO Flying Service
OO-SEA Cessna 310 B 35545 Sabena OO-SEA crashed after t/o BRU on test flight after been in overhaul 17/01/67 {2,0}
OO-SEB Cessna 310 B 35546 Sabena OO-SEB partly b/u BRU 00/00/89 & moved to VTR building Vilvoorde after been dmgd by a truck BRU (date unknown) & storage BRU 00/06/82
OO-SED Cessna 310 B 35611 Sabena N611CE Mrs Beverly McNealnoel  canx 18/06/13 as wfu (place unknown)
OO-SEF Cessna 310 B 35620 Sabena G-BPIL (Private)  canx 19/01/00 as wfu Bourn Cambs (U.K.)
OO-SEG Cessna 310 B 35626 Sabena N626GS (Private)  seen wfu on fire dump BGI 06/07/98 after seen wfu EGSP 31/05/85 after been stored BRU 00/06/82 (canx 12/02/14)
OO-SEH Cessna 310 B 35630 Sabena OO-SEH seen wfu Vissenaken (Belgium) without wings and tail 12/10/07 after been stored BRU 00/06/82 & dmgd 85/86  to be rebuild for display Brussels Air Museum
OO-SEI Cessna 310 B 35636 Sabena OO-SEI Belgian Aviation Preservation Association (BAPA) wfu Gembloux (Belgium) 21/01/21 after been wfu OST 00/09/18 & was before used as instructional airframe by the "Vlaams luchtvaartopleidingscentrum" (VLOC) OST 02/03/95 after been wfu BRU 00/04/81
OO-SEK Cessna 310 B 35527 Sabena D-IDIX (Air Classik)  wfu & preserved EDLM (date unknown but at least since 07/05/87 via photo proof)
OO-SEL Cessna 500 Citation II 500-0133 Air Select PT-LXH Nacional Expresso Ltda
OO-SEU Cessna 172M 172-61130 Sabena Aéro Club OO-SEU dbr when landed on nosewheel and went upside down EBGB 22/07/01 {*,0}  canx as b/u 18/04/16
OO-SEV Cessna 152 152-81644 Sabena Aéro Club PH-EBB Aeronautical Web Academy
OO-SEW Cessna F.150M F150-1172 Sabena Aéro Club F-GYAA Allouche Marc
OO-SEY Cessna F.172G F172-0214 Sabena Aéro Club YR-NHS Sergiu Habago
OO-SEZ Cessna 150E 150-61495 Sabena Aéro Club OO-SEZ Willy Uytterhaegen
OO-SFI Diamond DA.42 TWin Star 42214 Sabena Aéro Club G-CTSV L3 CTS Airline and Academy Training Ltd
OO-SHA Cessna F.152 F152-1543 Hessenatie-Sotramat Aviation OO-SHA dbr on hard landing when nosewheel broke off ANR 20/01/81 {*,*}  afterwards used for spares  canx 24/02/83
OO-SHB Cessna F.152 F151-1570 Hessenatie-Sotramat Aviation G-SHBA The Pilot Centre Denham
OO-SHC Cessna F.172N F172-1770 Hessenatie-Sotramat Aviation OO-SHC Bluetail Flight School
OO-SHD Cessna F.172N F172-1773 Hessenatie-Sotramat Aviation N246TB International Air Services (M. Fabry)
OO-SHE Cessna F.182 F182-0098 Hessenatie-Sotramat Aviation OO-SHE Private (P. Meurrens)
OO-SHL Sikorsky S-58C 58-388 Sabena D-HAUD (Air Classic)  wfu & on display Flugwelt museum Altenburg-Noblitz (Germany) 29/10/19 after been wfu FRA 09/07/84 after storage Oedheim (Germany) 14/03/82
OO-SHP Sikorsky S-58C 58-836 Sabena D-HAUG Meravo Luftreederei Flug (active on airshows)
OO-SHV Sud Aviation SE.3120 Alouette II 1099 Sabena ? (Israel Air Force)  fate ?
OO-SIC Cessna 150E 150-61490 Vlaamse Luchtvaartbond N50AV Private  was on display inside Gyrocopter and Old Aircraft Museum EHMZ (date unknown but at least since 28/11/11) after seen stored EHMZ 23/06/05  seen again outside stored EHMZ 07/09/20  for sale
OO-SID Aero Commander 680 357-46 Sotramat Aviation OO-SID wfu & preserved Technical University Delft (the Netherlands) 25/03/92 (on display since 00/06/06) after been wfu ANR 00/09/83 & Aviodrome 00/00/84 (was transported in pieces by road 00/00/84)
OO-SIH Cessna 150F 150-62054 Sotramat Aviation OO-SID wfu & preserved Technical University Delft (the Netherlands) 25/03/92 (on display since 00/06/06) after been wfu ANR 00/09/83 & Aviodrome 00/00/84 (was transported in pieces by road during 00/00/84)
OO-SII Cessna 150F 150-62208 Sotramat Aviation OO-SII Bluetail Flight School
OO-SIO Cessna 150F 150-62621 Sotramat Aviation OO-SIO (Aeroclub Herentals)  dbr when ran out of fuel and crash landed & went upside down on werkeiland Neeltje Jans Oosterschelde (Belgium) 09/10/72 {?,?}
OO-SIQ Cessna F.150G F150-0089 Sotramat Aviation F-GJHA Anthony Maine
OO-SIR Cessna F.172F F172-0116 Sotramat Aviation OO-SIR (Private) seen wfu (wings only) EGFE 02/05/09
OO-SIT Cessna F.150G F150-2018 Sotramat Aviation OO-SIT dbr on landing Boechout (Belgium) 26/08/74 {0,1}
OO-SIU Cessna F.150H F150-0226 Sotramat Aviation OO-SIU (E.M. Deom Aviation)  dbr during storm EBAL 02/07/68 {*,*}
OO-SIV Cessna 182K 182-57946 Sotramat Aviation 9A-DTD Slobodan Pad
OO-SIW Cessna F.172H F172-0479 Sotramat Aviation OO-SIW (Royal Aéro Para Club de Spa)  dbr when had a mid-air collision with Paraclub Flevo Turbo Porter "PH-MEN" EBSP 30/07/95 {0+1,3}
OO-SIY Cessna F.150H F150-0266 Sotramat Aviation OO-SIY wfu & used as instructional airframe T.I.B. school Borgerhout (Belgium) 07/09/82
OO-SKA Cessna 525A Citation Jet 2 525A-0054 Sky-Service N417MH CJ2 LLC
OO-SKB Cessna F.150J F150-0423 Sotramat Aviation OO-SKB (KDL Trucking Belgium)  seen stored CRL 10/08/12  canx 02/02/22  fate ?
OO-SKC Cessna F.172H F172-0599 Sotramat Aviation OO-SKC dbr on emergency landing in a field after an engine failure Graauw near Hulst (the Netherlands) 29/09/73 {0,4}
OO-SKD Cessna F.150K F150-0007 Sotramat Aviation PH-ZLA (MDA Aviation)  canx as expired 10/07/15 (place unknown)
OO-SKE Agusta-Bell 206A Jet Ranger 8331 Sotramat Aviation OO-SKE (Heli Service Belgium)  crashed during take-off from the d'Herbouvillekaai in Antwerp after a collision with Eurocopter AS355 F1 Ecureuil 2 'OO-HSH' 25/06/06 {0,2}
OO-SKF Aero Commander 680V 680V-1720-91 Sotramat Aviation N8042N Business Aircraft Corp
OO-SKG Cessna F.172M F172-01091 Sotramat Aviation SX-ASG Mesogeion Aeroclub
OO-SKJ British Aerospace (HS) 125 1B 25089 Sotramat Aviation TN-AGN (Air Atlantic)  private stored BZO after owner passed away (prob around  00/00/18)
OO-SKP Cessna 550 Citation II S550-0007 Sky-Service EC-LQF Clipper National Air
OO-SKS Cessna 551 Citation IISP 551-0117 Sky-Service 4X-CZD Aviation Bridge  stored TLV 31/05/17
OO-SKX Piper PA.18-150 Super Cub 18-4920 Publi-Sky N410RD Raymond Van Den Langebergh
OO-SKY Piper J.3C-65 Cub 12.893 Publi-Sky PH-GEN Stichting Vroege Vogels
OO-SKY (2) Cessna 525A CitationJet CJ2 525A0197 Sky-Service F-HMCX Tara SAS
OO-SKZ Piper J-3C-65 Cub 22.992 Publi-Sky G-BDJP Stephen Thomas Gilbert
OO-SMA SIAI-Marchetti SF.260 115 Burger Luchtvaart School N260MA William E. Crawford
OO-SMB SIAI-Marchetti SF.260 116 Burger Luchtvaart School G-NRRA G. Boot
OO-SME SIAI-Marchetti SF.260 117 Burger Luchtvaart School N260ME Bruno Van Waeyenberghe  seen stored in hangar partly dismantled KJK 25/05/12 after been ferried via a boat in a container from USA
OO-SMJ SIAI-Marchetti SF.260 2-46 Burger Luchtvaart School N126MJ (Keith D. Halsey)  crashed into carport after 360 degree turn & stalled SMO 26/11/93 {3,0}
OO-SMK SIAI-Marchetti SF.260 2-49 Burger Luchtvaart School N260MK The Aerobatic Experience Inc
OO-SML SIAI-Marchetti SF.260 2-33 Burger Luchtvaart School OY-SMA (Kent Sejerskilde)  dbr while executing a wing over manouvre after making a low pass and struck a tree SKS 24/03/12 {1,1}
OO-SMM SIAI-Marchetti SF.260 2-47 Burger Luchtvaart School F-HIUP
OO-SMN SIAI-Marchetti SF.260 121  Burger Luchtvaart School N260MN Dee Conger
OO-SMO SIAI-Marchetti SF.260 2-53 Burger Luchtvaart School OO-SMO (Sports et Loisirs)  crashed just after t/o EBSG 13/03/93 {3,0}
OO-SMP SIAI-Marchetti SF.260 2-54 Burger Luchtvaart School N260JB Aero Marine Group
OO-SMS SIAI-Marchetti SF.260 3-76 Burger Luchtvaart School N260MS (Maurice Stevens)  dbr when hit ground during a low pass on a simulated air combat mission 8 miles from Kingfisher (USA) 05/07/94 {2,0}
OO-SMT SIAI-Marchetti SF.260 3-80 Burger Luchtvaart School N260MT Shadetree Aviation Inc
OO-SOA de Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth 85922 Burger Luchtvaart School G-AOGI W.Taylor
OO-SOB de Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth 83283 Burger Luchtvaart School N113DH Ed Martin
OO-SOC Piper L4H Cub 10418 Sabena Aero Club F-AYEZ Francois Stoop
OO-SOE de Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth 3858 Burger Luchtvaart School G-AMTV K.J.Slattery
OO-SOG de Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth 83097 Burger Luchtvaart School OO-SOG Musée Royal de l'Armée et d'Histoire Militaire ?
OO-SOT Westland Lysander IIIA 2442 Sabena Old Timers OO-SOT Sabena Old Timers  damaged during landing BRU 17/07/01 & under restoration.
OO-SOY de Havilland DH.82A Tiger Moth 83537 Burger Luchtvaart School N7110S Richard B. Russell (in RAF markings as T7110)
OO-SQA Promavia Jet Squalus 001 Promavia N112SQ Jet Recon Services Inc  canx 08/05/15 as wfu  l/n wfu in hangar CEN4 00/06/10
OO-STE Cessna 525 CitationJet 525-0495 Stephex Stables SP-AST C-Jet LDA
OO-SVD Cessna 402B 402B-1037 Flanders Airlines N112LT Northrop Grumman System Corp
OO-SXA Embraer 121 A Xingu 121038 Burger Luchtvaart School OO-SXA (De Coutere Luchtvaartmaatschappij)  wfu & used as instructional airframe Koninklijke Atheneum TA Heule (Belgium) 00/00/03 after been wfu & used for spares KJK 00/07/96
OO-SXB Embraer 121 A Xingu 121040 Burger Luchtvaart School OO-SXB wfu & to be b/u for spares Dinan (France) & dep such 09/09/09 after been wfu  ANR 22/01/05 & BRU 00/00/02
OO-SXC Embraer 121 A Xingu 121042 Burger Luchtvaart School OO-SXC (Air Venture)  wfu & to be used for spares Dinan (France) dep 10/09/09 after storage ANR 00/07/09 after company ceased ops 00/00/09
OO-SXD Embraer 121 A Xingu 121043 Burger Luchtvaart School OO-SXD (Air Service Liege)  wfu & used for spares Dinan (France) 30/11/05
OO-SXE Embraer 121 A Xingu 121045 Burger Luchtvaart School OO-SXE Sky-Service  wfu & used for spares & evacuation exercises KJK 00/08/00 (l/n 20/01/17)
OO-TAM Morane Saulnier MS.893A Commodore 180 10.621 Vlaamse Luchtvaartbond OO-TAM (Dan Aviation)  dbr on emergency landing ANR 15/11/81 {*.*} and wfu  canx 24/10/03
OO-TAT Cessna 402 402-0823 Travair G-NOSE Ordnance Survey
OO-TBW Mitsubishi MU-2B-30 526 Travair OO-TBW dbr after t/o ANG 26/08/76 {1,0}
OO-TCA Rockwell Commander 690A 11208 Transcontinental Airways N76EC North American Financial Inc
OO-TGB Piper PA.28-140E Cherokee 28-7325009 Travair D-EEGV Private
OO-TIK Cessna F406 Caravan II F406-0003 TIA (Transport International Aerien) 5Y-JJG (Tawakal Airlines)  dbr on t/o after failed to get aitrborne WIL 08/08/94 {0,3}
OO-TIR Cessna F406 Caravan II F406-0007 TIA (Transport International Aerien) D-IATE Air-Taxi Europe GmbH
OO-TIS Cessna F406 Caravan II F406-0002 TIA (Transport International Aerien) D2-ECN Iber Aviation but (was ?) lsd SAL (Sociedade de Aviaçao Ligeira)
OO-TIW Cessna F406 Caravan II F406-0018 TIA (Transport International Aerien) G-LEAF Atlantic Express
OO-TIZ Cessna F406 Caravan II F406-0012 TIA (Transport International Aerien) VH-LAA Bayswater Road Pty Ltd. (surveyer)
OO-TJG Partenavia P 68B Victor 253 Travair F-GIEV Private
OO-TJH Partenavia P 68B Victor 252 Travair 5N-AYC Private  fate ?
OO-TJI Partenavia P 68B Victor 277-19-TC Travair 9Q-CJC Private
OO-TJJ Partenavia P 68B Victor 284 Travair TF-VEN (Private)  crashed S of Lake Kleif (Iceland) on a VFR flight to Selfoss (Iceland) 30/06/95 {1,0}
OO-TJK Partenavia P 68B Victor 372-28 Travair F-HEEY Sintégra sas
OO-TKT Piper Pa38-112 Tomahawk 38-78A0526 Travair G-EMMS (Ravenair Aircraft Ltd)  canx 16/10/16 after CofA expired 24/07/16
OO-TLK Hughes 369HS 11-0280S Skytech OO-TLK canx 16/05/95 possible after an accident
OO-TLT Piper Pa38-112 Tomahawk 38-79A0801 Travair G-XALT Derek Ronald Clyde
OO-TME Learjet 60 60-255 TMME Airflite ER-LGB Nobil Air
OO-TMF Piper PA.28-161 Warrior 2842274 Ben-Air N287MK North Star Aviation
OO-TMG Piper PA 28-181 Archer II 28-8590022 Ben-Air OO-TMG Stedelijk Lyceum Paardenmarkt  wfu & used as instructional airframe ANR 00/09/10
OO-TMH Piper PA 28-161 Warrior III 2842277 Ben-Air N288MK North Star Aviation
OO-TMI Piper PA 28-161 Warrior III 2842278 Ben-Air HA-BAK Private
OO-TMK Piper PA 28-161 Warrior III 2842280 Ben-Air N289MK North Star Aviation
OO-TML Piper PA34-220T Seneca V 3449089 Ben-Air OO-TML (Aeronautical Academy of Évora)  went out of control and broke up inflight near Sete village (Portugal) 15/09/09 {3,0}
OO-TMO Piper PA 28-161 Warrior III 2842302 Ben-Air OO-TMO Styl Aviation
OO-TMR Piper PA 28-161 Warrior III 2842279 Ben-Air OO-TMR Styl Aviation
OO-TMS Piper PA.44-180 Seminole 4496268 Ben-Air OO-TMS crashed while performing touch-and-goes EBST 11/09/11 {0,3}
OO-TMT Piper PA28-161 Warrior II 28-7916112 Ben-Air OO-TMT stored ANR 00/06/09  canx 27/05/16 as wfu
OO-TMV Piper PA.44-180 Seminole 4496279 Ben-Air OO-TMV Ben-Air
OO-TNT Piper PA.34-200 Seneca 7350334 Ben-Air OY-BSI Center Flight
OO-TNY Partenavia P 68B Victor 202 Travair 9Q-CFZ operator ? fate ?
OO-TOF Partenavia P 68B Victor 30  Travair OY-CEW (North Flying)  dbr after aborted t/o when pilot saw people at the end of the runway and voluntarily veered off runway to the right EKKL 28/09/91 {0,7}
OO-TOP Britten - Norman Islander BN.2A-27 424 Eurosense (Belfotop) C-FJJR (Strait Air)  destroyed when impacted terrain in foggy conditions 5,5 km W on app YHA 07/06/09 {1,0}
OO-TOY Robin DR.400/120 Petit Prince 1042 Devleminck Air Services F-HTOY Aero Club DAuvergne Gilbert Sardier
OO-TPN Partenavia P 68B Victor 88 Hessenatie-Sotramat Aviation OO-TPN crashed Breendonk (Belgium) 18/10/82 {5,1}
OO-TPT Partenavia P 68B Victor 197  Travair 9Q-CEZ (Mission Catholique du Zaïre)  dbr after t/o in bad weather when stalled and tried to turn back to airport falling into marshes of Kinshasa basin FZAB 29/11/83 {1,0}
OO-TRA Piper Pa-23 Apache 150 23-1289 Traveco N90284 (W.L. Olivier Inc - Air Ring)  dbr on forced landing EBNM (date unknown but between 00/08/95 - 00/03/97 or during 00/00/01) (f/n derelict 17/01/02 & l/n 16/05/11)
OO-TRF Cessna FA.152-II FA152-0382 Transmarcom-air OO-TRF (Limburgse Vleugels)  dbr EBZW 18/09/91 {*,*}  canx 21/11/91
OO-TRG Cessna F.172P F172-02153 Transmarcom-air SP-CVK evAir
OO-TRH Cessna F.152 F150-01832 Transmarcom-air PH-DKE Luchtvaartbedrijf De Kempen
OO-TRL Rockwell 114 14366 Travair D-EJHM Private
OO-TRM Piper PA-34-200 Seneca 34-7970161 Transmarcom-air N82249 (Europexe)  dbr on landing 04/10/13 KJK {*,*}  canx  24/03/15
OO-TSM Rockwell Commander 114 14249 Travair N40AG PSA Managemant and Aircraft Services LLC
OO-TSS Aero Ae-45S (Super Aero 45) 51183 Travair OO-TSS (Tayemans-Schauvliege)  dbr Genk-Zwartberg 18/06/73 {0,?} canx 20/11/74 as wfu later seen on display on a garage roof on Tongeren-Maastricht road
OO-TST Rockwell Commander 114 14409 Travair OO-TST (L. Dams)  dbr when ran out of fuel and landed on paved trail of a model aircraft club Saint-Georges-sur-l'Aa (France) 03/09/04 {0,2}  wreckage used for spares ANR
OO-TVA Cessna FR.172G FR172-0189 Travair OO-TVA (Dobbels-Pollet)  crashed shortly after t/o without the pilot in command after engine starting trouble and the pilot prop-swung the engine starting it successfully but with a rather high power throttle setting and incorrectly set handbrake ANR 16/08/80 {0,0}
OO-TVO Piper PA.28-140F Cherokee 28-7325008 Travair OO-TVO Peter De Ridder
OO-TWN Piper PA.23-250 Aztec C 27-2671 TIA (Transport International Aerien) N2308R Aviation Service Center Inc
OO-TZT Partenavia P 68B Victor 205 Travair 9Q-CZV operator ? fate ?
OO-VAB SOCATA MS.880B Rallye Club 879 Vlaamse Luchtvaartbond OO-VAB V. Melotte  Cofa expired 03/06/77  was wfu & disassembled ANR  later possible transported & wfu Kiewit (Belgium)  canx 06/08/20
OO-VAG Tipsy T.66H Nipper Mk.I 15 Dan Aviation G-OVAG Laurence David Johnston  canx 11/04/11
OO-VCI Agusta-Bell 206B Jet Ranger III 8732 Publi-Air G-TOPM Private
OO-VDB Cessna 210F 210-58726 Delta Air Transport RA-67339 Private
OO-VDC Cessna 206A U206-0575 Delta Air Transport OO-VDC M. Hanquier  canx as wfu EBDT 19/01/82, later fuselage seen stored at private house of owner Paal (Belgium)
OO-VDR SOCATA MS.893A Rallye Commodore 180 11504 Aeroclub Aalst OO-VDR crashed Wambeek (Belgium) 05/08/79 {0,1}
OO-VJI Cessna T303 Crusader T303-00080 Transmarcom-air D-ITPJ Private
OO-VLA Cessna 150F 150-64094 Vlaamse Luchtvaartbond HA-VEN Private
OO-VLD SOCATA MS.880B Rallye Club 1778 Vlaamse Luchtvaartbond OO-VLD dbr after t/o when stalled ANR 17/05/71 {0,1}
OO-VLI Piper PA.31-310 Navajo 31-7812073 Flanair G-CBTN Durban Aviation Services Ltd  stored BQH 29/12/18
OO-VMI Dassault Falcon 900EX 603 Flying Service OE-IYY Salzburg Jet Aviation
OO-VPE Robin DR.400/140 2598 Royal Antwerp Aviation Club OO-VPE Royal Aviation Antwerp Club
OO-VPJ Dornier 27A-4 446 Libost Group OO-VPJ dbr on emergency landing Bonheiden (Belgium) 12/05/94 {*,*}  canx 11/08/20
OO-VRM Cessna 152-II 81478 Royal Antwerp Aviation Club EC-KIY AeroFan Escuela de Pilotos
OO-VTB Cessna F.150F F150-0004 Vlaamse Luchtvaartbond OO-VTB (Vital Lemotte)  crashed Oostmalle (Belgium) 10/10/75 {*,*}
OO-WAB Sportavia-Putzer/Fournier RF.4D 4/004 Sotramat Aviation OO-WAB dbr when on cruise EBSH 09/07/67 {*,*}
OO-WAD Cessna F.150M F172-01342 Aeroclub Cessna Ghent SX-AWD Aeroclub of Athens
OO-WAL Cessna 182R 182-68083 Walair D-EOES Private
OO-WAS Agusta-Bell 47G-2 1496 Brussels Airways OO-WAS b/u & canx 24/09/79 (location unknown) after been wfu & used for spares after an incident & not repaired 03/02/76 (location unknown)
OO-WAT Aero Turbo Commander 690C 11125 Western Air Taxi PR-GES Geoex Construtora E Mineradora Ltda
OO-WEG Bombardier BD.100-1A10 Challenger 350 20763 Abelag Aviation OO-WEG Abelag Aviation
OO-WEO Cessna FA.150K Aerobat FA150-0002 Devleminck Air Services OO-WEO Aéroclub Mons-Borinage
OO-WIF Grumman American AA.1B Yankee AA1B-0264 C.E.B.L.O. OO-WIF dbr on landing when went out of ballance just before touchdown due to strong winds and its nosewheel broke off EHTX 24/07/83 {*,*}  was afterwards used as instruction airframe SITO-4 school ANR, later sold F. De Boelpaep and was due to be build as private flight simulator  canx 10/09/20 
OO-WNG Piper PA.31P-425 Pressurised Navajo 31P-48 Wings Airlines SX-BNB Electra Airlines
OO-XCY MBB/Bolköw-Kawasaki BK.117A-3 7056 Heli Samu EC-MKK Private
OO-XJE Partenavia P 68B Victor 255-13TC Travair 9Q-CKT Kafekit  fate ?
OO-XJF Partenavia P 68B Victor 244  Travair 5N-ATE (Astro Surveys Ltd)  crashed into a tree while attempting a forced landing on the school field at the Zummuratul Islammiyyah Grammar School in the Lagos Suburb of Igbogbo (Nigeria) after turning back following failure of one engine on flight to Calabar 16/06/01 {2,1}
OO-XJI Cessna T303 Crusader T303-00080 Transmarcom-air D-ITPJ Private
OO-YAK Yakovlev YAK-11 172624 Bap-Air OK-KII Private
OO-YAN Piper PA.12 Super Cruiser 12-2174 Publi-Sky OO-YAN (D. Cabooter)  dbr on landing EBHN 15/01/77 {*,*}
OO-YAP Fuji FA.200-160 Aero Subaru 150 General Flying Corp HA-VEI Private




A selection of small sized airframes is listed coming from the images available in my collection. Arbitrary choosen, they have a link with a well known Belgian airline, business operators and aviation schools, but some exceptions were added as well. The rate that the new pictures will be added depends solely on my free time, so please have some patience.

Some abbreviations used: app=approach, arr=arrived, a/w= all white, b/u=broken up, canx = cancelled, c/s=color scheme, dbr=damaged beyond repair, f/c=full colors, i/s= in service, l/n=last noted,  lsd=leased, msn=manufactory serial number, n/t=no titles,  opf=operating for, presum=presumable, reg=registration, rwy=runway, s/t=small titles, wfu=withdrawn from use. IATA codes are used for airports (see link-page on this web). Date is read as day/month/year. Numbers between {  } read as left=fatalities, right=survivers, +=fatalities on ground.  

Credit: Aviation Letter, Scramble, Belgian Civil Aircraft since 1920 (MC Pub), various info to be found on the internet with special thanks to André Dillien and Pascal Brugier extensive data of the Belgian register, and last but not least Boudewijn Ceulemans for helping to fill in some gaps.

Photos are shown for non commercial purpose and were only put online to illustrate the rich and colorfull history of the Belgian register.
They were taken by:
- myself and credited as "Skystef",
- shared by otherone's (collection) credited with their name,
- scanned from my slide or photo collection. If these slides / photo's contain the name of the photographer, it's credited such. In case of no name "collection Skystef" is used. However, if you recognize some picture(s) as yours, don't hesitate to contact me so I can give the proper credit.

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