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Cessna 500 Citation II (500-0093)


Date: 09/1987

Location: ANR/EBAW

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this second hand Cessna of Hawa Air came in the register on September 30 1987 and was based at Antwerp airport. It was delivered at its home base two months earlier on July 3 as "PH-CTB", ex R.L.S., and was repainted in their own livery, as seen on this picture. A local test flight with Belgian regi was conducted on September 28 and it was supposed to be used for the parcel market. However after the test flight it disappeared in the hangar without making a single commercial flight and Hawa Air itself went out of business in January 1988. The airframe was ferried to Brussels Airport on March 1 1989 and it left the register the next day as "N611SW", although initially mispainted as "NG11W" and seen such at Brussels.


Belgian register