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Morane-Saulnier MS.880B Rallye Club (2857)


Date: 07/1980

Location: -/EBGT

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this factory fresh Morane-Saulnier was on March 1 1977 registered to the Ghent Flying Club, a club which was established on March 6 1971 and based at Ghent airfield. On May 4 1978 it went to a couple private users (J. & G. Semey) which based their airframe also at Ghent airfield. On May 15 1979 it migrated to the Vlaamse Luchtvaart Maatschappij (established on January 1 1977, Ghent airfield), established on June 13 1977, and here seen such in a livery without titles. On March 31 1981 it moved further to Ibis Avia (Antwerp airport). On March 3 1982 it arrived with Vliegclub Ursel (established on October 27 1978).where it's life cycle came to an end after a couple of accidents, the final one on January 1 1990 near Eeklo (Belgium) whereby it lost both wings on impact, but it was repaired with spares of OO-NAT. After an unofficial sale to West Aviation Club in December 1991 for non flying purpose, it was in September 1992 transported by road to a technical school in Veurne (Belgium) as instructional airframe. It was for years used by the school until being cut in pieces for spares (to rebuild "G-BUGX") after been sold in England on December 6 1997 and much later officially cancelled from the register, namely on February 21 2013.


Belgian register