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Pilatus PC-6 Porter (524)


Date: 03/12/1978

Location: BRU/EBBR

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this second hand Pilatus airframe was on September 6 1978 bought as "F-BKRR" by Aviation Tourisme Carolorégien (A.T.C.), established on September 1 1977 and based at Charleroi airport. Two months later, on November 21 1978, it came in the Belgian register for them. It was delivered to A.T.C. in Switzerland on November 26 and two days later after inspection by the Belgian CAA it's CofA was granted. Here it's seen shortly afterwards at Brussels Airport in a livery inhereted from its previous French operator with the wiped out French registration "F-BKRR" also still visible on the tail. Lower on the tail, in the blue flash stripe, tiny "Aéro Club de Charleroi" titles can be detected (see also upper left inset), a club which was established on May 18 1978 to which this airframe was operating for. A year later on November 29 1979 it was cancelled from the register migrating on March 20 1980 to Switzerland as "HB-FHL" for Birair AG.


Belgian register