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Piper PA.23-150 Apache (23-911)


Date: late 60's

Location: -/EBGB

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this vintage 1957 build Piper Apache came in the Belgian register on February 12 1964 for Christiane Devleminck on behalf of Devleminck Air Services (DAS), established in 1953 which was a flight school based at Grimbergen airfield. Here it's seen at its home base in a second livery with "DAS" titles behind the windows (see also upper left inset). In March 1969 it went to a private owner (R. Vandewinckel) which based its aircraft also at Grimbergen airfield. On September 10 1970 it crashed at Cronat (France) without further details and it was afterwards cancelled from the register on November 10 1976.


Belgian register