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Piper PA.28-140E Cherokee (28-7225575)


Date: 70's

Location: -/EBGB

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: this factory fresh Piper was registered to European Air Transport on March 27 1973, based at Grimbergen airfield and used by its flight school. Here it's seen in its only livery when with the operator carrying small "European Air Transport" titles above the registration (see also upper left inset). On July 20 1976 it moved on to Flight Service based at Charleroi airport, on February 16 1979 going to Royal Properties Aviation, also based at Charleroi airport and all retaining the same outfit but without titles.

Date: 02/06/1984

Location: LGG/EBLG

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: on July 31 1981 it moved on to Aspair, again based at Charleroi airport. On February 15 1982 it migrated to Publi-Mode S.C. based at Liège airport and in 1984 it was seen with tiny Air-Bierset-Travel titles above the registration (see picture), a company which was active between July 1982 and 1990 and mostly leasing large foreign registered aircraft for passenger charters from Liège airport. Its CofA expired on October 15 1986 as it was already for a while stored at Liège airport but on July 26 1988 it changed hands to a private owner (J-P Borguet) based at Namur airport. On December 10 2010 it left the register for a private owner (J-J Picard) in France as "F-HCLD" still in the same outfit without titles.


Belgian register