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Pilatus PC-6/B2-H4 Turbo-Porter (710)


Date: 08/2008

Location: QNM/EBNM

Photo: collection Skystef

Description: previously this second hand Pilatus airframe (ex Zimex) was registered to Para Centrum Oud-Turnhout as OO-FWJ between February 7 1989 and August 28 2001, but had also a non fatal crash Moorsele airfield on March 12 2000. It was struck from the register when send back to the Swiss manufactor for repairs and after the work was done it re-entered the Belgian register on March 5 2003 as "OO-NAC" for Namur Air Promotion, established on February 20 1995 and based at Namur airport. Here it's seen such in a rather white livery without titles, after 2008 small "" titles were added on the righ-hand side only. On October 19 2013, it had a fatal crash at Marchovelette (Belgium) after one wing broke off during a flight killing all 11 occupants. A crash report can be found here. It was officially cancelled from the register on April 29 2020.


Belgian register